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STEALTHO Office Storage Accessory includes- Pen & Phone & Post-it & Copy holder, Writing board, Headphone & Sticky notes stand, Coaster
STEALTHO Office Storage Accessory includes- Pen & Phone & Post-it & Copy holder, Writing board, Headphone & Sticky notes stand, Coaster
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Choose the best Headphone stands option !

Posted by STEALTHO (Creator)

 Dear backers,

Every day we improve the design of the Transformer Organizer to your request. We’ve increased the length of the Headphone stand on 3 cm to fit various headphone models. Also, we’ve added the possibility to fix the cable and ask you to choose the best option. 

We are looking forward to a favorable reply from your end in the comments below. 

 New photos of your Transformer Organizer below:

With love,



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    1. FuChuen Moritz Chow on

      Option #1
      Neat look fits the whole organiser

    2. Dejan Ilic

      Option #3 i believe is the best option :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Tamer Amara

      No. 2.

    4. STEALTHO 2-time creator on

      @ceci gomez,
      Before the mass production launch, we'll test your chosen option necessarily.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sean David Baker on

      I like the look of #3 but #2 is more pratical, #1 I really unusable day to day.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Goh on

      Option #1 is my preference.

    7. ceci gomez on

      Option 1!

      Have you tested these? Are they long/deep enough?

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Wagner on

      I do prefer option 1 but how about this - with little effort it should be possible to kinda cover multiple options adding to the customizeability.

      Make the cutout piece slideable, slid in you have the plain stand, slide out, you got option 3, take it out entirely, option 1.

    9. Brian Smith

      Option 3 is the most pleasing to look at, and seems like it work the best.

    10. Grant Worsfold on

      1 is definitely cleaner and less likely to snag anything

    11. Missing avatar

      Julie K.

      I like #2 !

    12. Missing avatar

      James L. on

      1 is a cleaner, more modern design. It allows the cord to be held without adding extra material that could snag wires.

    13. Oliver Schnürer on

      Variation one is my favourite.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Lauer on

      I would say option 1, it looks cleaner, but if you were going to add a few more i would go with option 3 (make it look like a tree)

    15. Missing avatar

      Charles P-m on

      Love option #3, but could also use option #2. #1 is a nogo for me.

    16. STEALTHO 2-time creator on

      Hello friends! We are at that stage when together we can add some changes to the design of the Organizer, if most of you want them. We are closely following your comments and also want to make the Oganizer even more perfect.

    17. Wally on

      I like design #3 aesthetically, but I think design #2 would work better for wire management.

    18. Missing avatar

      Peter-Kyle Jackson

      Option 1

    19. Josh Chin on

      No. 3 looks nice. Looks like a branch of a tree.