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STEALTHO Office Storage Accessory includes- Pen & Phone & Post-it & Copy holder, Writing board, Headphone & Sticky notes stand, Coaster
STEALTHO Office Storage Accessory includes- Pen & Phone & Post-it & Copy holder, Writing board, Headphone & Sticky notes stand, Coaster
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STEALTHO MISSION - Together we can change the world's office!

Posted by Tanny (Collaborator)

Dear backers,

Our team never stop pushing. We are now in the process of upgrading the design according to your preferences, which we receive through our surveys. 

And we carry out our mission to reduce the consumption and utilization of low-quality goods that have a harsh environmental footprint. The durability of the organizer means it stays useful for a significantly longer amount of time, and the multifunctionality of the modules enables users to replace more than a half a dozen wasteful individual office products. This focus on innovative, heavy-duty construction that can improve organization, efficiency and overall work quality is visible in our previous product.

We have been working so far for 2 years and continue to work on the Transformer Organizer. And we would be grateful if you could upvote and support it on Product Hunt. Together we can change the world's office! 

 With love,



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