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Pilot a jumping tank through a series of 2D/3D platforming levels and explore in first person while searching for new abilities!

Pilot a jumping tank through a series of 2D/3D platforming levels and explore in first person while searching for new abilities! Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 14, 2011.

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What We'd Like to Do

I am working on an action platforming game for PC and Linux, in which players pilot a jumping tank through a series of vast levels, shooting down mutant enemies along the way. The gameplay is focused on action oriented old school platforming with fluid controls.

One notable addition is that the game will change perspective and game style while you play. The gameplay will change from 2D platforming, to 3D platforming, to first person shooting, depending on the theme of the room you are in.

We've already developed the project so it's at a very playable stage and is quite fun, but we would like to bring it to a much more polished level. In addition to completing the rest of the planned worlds, we would like to add visual enhancements such as animations, special effects, and a storyline which just aren't possible without your help! Things like that will bring the game from a fun prototype, to a full featured indie game where we'd like it to be.

How We'll Do It

Our team consists of 3 core members, a programmer (me!), a 3D artist, and a level designer. We already have all the tools and expertise needed to complete the game. All we need is time, and a little encouragement in knowing there are other people out there that would like to see a game like this come to light.

How The Money Will Help Us

This money will allow me to pay my small team of people working on the project, and will allow us to dedicate the extra time and effort needed to get the game where we want it to be.

We have about another couple of months left of solid work left to get this project to a truly completed state, and we just need a little push to help get us there!

Video Credits:

The song in the background is "Happy Happy Helen" by David Saulesco


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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    This will get you a special exclusive pre-order to the game which includes a built in level editor. This is the same editor that was used to create the levels for the game, and will be disabled in the standard version.

    1 backer
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    In addition to Helena the 3rd, you also will get an early beta access to another game we are working on, called Ensign 1. We haven't announced much about this one yet, other than that it will be a multiplayer space combat game with a twist. All I have is a little teaser screenshot right now.
    (this beta access also includes the full game when it's released)

    2 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $30 or more About $30 USD

    Including the previous rewards, this gets you the code to Helena The 3rd, along with a commercial license to use the engine. This could be good for anyone looking to make a platformer on Windows or Linux (fair warning though, code is a little messy!)
    You'll also get a nice high quality digital copy of the soundtrack, in mp3 format.

    0 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Want your name in the credits? This will get it to you! Along with a link to a website of your choosing, so long as it's appropriate (check with me if worried!). I'll try to make it flashy.
    This also includes the previous rewards.

    Limited 1 backer

Funding period

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