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Fighting Man Frying Pans! Epic kitchenware to make your meals legendary!
Fighting Man Frying Pans! Epic kitchenware to make your meals legendary!
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Stardate ????

So update gaps are never any fun. The backers have access to my lengthy gut wrenching diatribe. For the rest of you a listing of what I currently have on hand. Ah the smell of cold hard facts, unyielding emotionless data.  

Alright so maybe not as spreadsheet driven as I would like but here goes. Currently I have scores of parts that will with a bit of coaxing transform into Combat Kitchenware! So by item here goes. 

Quest Cards – Laminates and related materials procured, graphics done. Printing Required. 

Trivets - Done. Seriously, woot woot indeed. 

Kits – Going through about the 227th redesign. 

 Teflon Pans – I now know what about 800 teflon pans without handles look like, as well as that they do not stack for squat. Currently need to finish designing the tooling for the modified handles for these. The original ones were too heavy and I could not modify tooling. 

Cast Iron Pans – I have quite literally over a ton of these things in the shop. Aside from the screws for the wood grips and an insulator for the rogues they have all of the parts needed. They just need the man hours to finish them up. 

Stainless Steel, All-Clad, Executioners, and Custom – The base pans are on hand, as well as the metal for the grips 

I know this is a rough accounting of everything but I will be expanding on this as we move forward. I am not going to try and make a timeline at this point, but I will keep updating the list of things left to do as I encounter things. Also it may take me a while but I am responding to all the messages stacking up for me. Even the ones that are mostly expletives! So feel free to fire any questions or queries you may have my way. 


Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends


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Happy December 6th?

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I am sorry this is vague but a lot of stuff has happened all on top of itself (one of which is my worker needed to reschedule for next weekend) and I am a bit overwhelmed.  I need to take the week off.  So that is what I am doing.

I will post an update on the 14th or 15th.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.  Victory will be ours!

Happy November 24th!

I am going to change up the update a bit: 

10” single handed and 12” double handed cast iron pans:

So we will begin training our new shop minion on the 5th of December. My shop Minion will be learning all about grinding the pans that have marks on them, drilling holes in the pan handles and grips for the screws to fit through, and cutting down the wooden grips. We have been assured that he does in fact know how screws work so we are going to leave that out of training and wing it. Once he has had some time to actually do the work we will know how long it will take to finish, and we can start prepping for shipment (send out surveys and the like). 


The other cool thing about my temp Minion is that he has experience with the Bridgeport. So he can help feed the machine when I am unavailable and keep the rouges moving forward (as you will recall the pans used for the Rogue needs to be shaped so our hilts fit over them and holes need to be added to attach everything together). The adventure sets cannot ship without the Rogue, so this is fabulous news for us all. The Rogues are still missing a grip, so I hope to solve that problem in the next two weeks so that all the cast iron rewards can ship at once!

The current goal is to have the surveys go live around the 12 so that shipping can begin no later than the 20th (yes, those are dates!). Here is to meeting goals! 

Speaking of goals – the new website is live! Woo – a goal was met!  Positive thinking people!

Happy November 7th!


What has happened with the shop (October 25th – November 7th):

  • We have a solution for the cast iron single and double handed pans! Quick recap – the cast iron pans had some weld and grind marks on them. These imperfections needed to be corrected. After much talk, research, and trial and error we have a solution. The foundry sent us out a grinder and grinding discs. This takes the work load off the Bridgeport (hooray!) but I cannot operate the Bridgeport and the grinder at the same time (boo!). I am working out a work schedule with someone who is going to help me out with the grinding and drilling (and maybe assembly).
  • Bridgeport was not tested. Logistics took over. Boo to me.
  • The inventory was dug out and Nelly will finish this up the website this week. How exciting!

On deck for the next two weeks (November 8th – November 21st):

  • Pick up the remaining pans from storage.
  • Nail down availability for new shop person.
  • Train new person to grind and drill single and double handed cast iron pans.
  • Start writing up survey for the single and double handed cast iron pans (after the availability of the new shop person is nailed down we will have a better idea of a shipping timeframe. If he can come into the shop before the next update on the 21st we will send out the survey so we can prepare for shipping). 
  • Begin Bridgeport testing (take 2) – first I must check that all the oiler and pneumatic assist to the knee (Z Axis) are sealed and working properly. If all looks well the first test cuts can begin. If not, seal and hose replacement will need to happen (with the way things have been going, I feel like if I go into any more details everything will explode, so I am going to leave this part of the update like this and tell you how awesome everything went in my next update – the power of positive thinking?)
  • Nelly finish website for reals.
Super smooth pan bottom - no divots here!  Stay tuned for an updated image sans rust later this week!
Super smooth pan bottom - no divots here! Stay tuned for an updated image sans rust later this week!