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Fighting Man Frying Pans! Epic kitchenware to make your meals legendary!
Fighting Man Frying Pans! Epic kitchenware to make your meals legendary!
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Hello Again!

Hello again kickstarter! It’s been hectic and there is a lot going on so I’m here to bring you up to date on the current craziness of the project. 

First off our shop is now fully manned and fully operational. We are at fabulous Frank’s Kitchens in Philadelphia. All of the machines are installed and set up. Even our latest addition, the six thousand pound monster Series II Bridgeport! She is the most devastating engine of manufacturing that 1972 has to offer! Chrome box ways, full CNC controlled ballscrews, quickchange 40 taper tool holder, and a mighty 4HP motor. All those things are very impressive when you see that our next largest CNC machines are just gantry routers.

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts.
She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts.

This mill will primarily be machining down any of the rough patches on the cast iron from the freight shipping and milling the executioner and stainless hilts.

We will make these ugly SOB's pretty!
We will make these ugly SOB's pretty!

Onto exciting pan news, we’ve got wood! All of the blanks came in and look good. I’ll have these routed and set up on the pans very soon. We have the screws all set up to make these easily removable and serviceable for all your seasoning needs. If all goes well we will begin shipping the cast iron pans this month.

It's a lot of wood.
It's a lot of wood.

That’s all for right now.



We have some good news and bad news.

Good news, last week the sample for our pan grips came in. The bad news is they just are not going to work. After playing round with it for a week with the sample pans, the grips are not easy to put on or take off and it just does not look good. 

Non-Epic Grip
Non-Epic Grip

The more good news is: after going back to the drawing board a new solution was found! The grips are being upgraded to wood. The new grips are going to be made from maple and will be easier to use and to remove if necessary. Plus they will look a lot nicer in my opinion. I have already sourced the supplier and placed the order for the hardwood. So things are looking up on the grip front. 

Cast Iron Summary: 

On site: Rogue: 120 pans, 120 hilts (two part hilt, 240 parts) 

Single Handed Hero: 200 pans (hilt built in!) 

Double Handed: 120 pans (hilt build in!) 

Left to do: 

Modify all cast iron pans (estimated start February 20, 2015) 

Cut down grips 


Waiting on: 

Cutting the grips will start once the pans are done AND the wood is in 

Assembly will start once the wood is cut and oiled AND the screws are in 

Attention will turn back to the kits, and the 8” and 10” Teflon pans once we get a quote back from the foundry. All the vendors have already been sourced and manufacturing methods have been proven, so we should be able to move along quickly once production gets the go ahead.

Forward Progress!


We have 3000lbs of cast iron ready from the foundry! Next is getting them set for freight shipping out to me. They should arrive sometime this week with any luck. I have a timeline coming for the grips then it’s just season and assemble for the single and double handed cast iron.

Huzzah forward motion! 


Summer seemed to finish off with a bit more chaos than expected. I had a blast seeing a lot of you fine backers at Dragon-Con. I was glad to finally be able to meet some of you in person, as well as get your reaction to the prototype pans I had on hand. The overwhelming consensus was that the two handed cast iron is indeed a monster of a pan. Guaranteed to either bulk up or break any who dare flip flapjacks with it!

But enough about that, on to the pans and their building!

The cast iron pans are currently in production at the foundry. I should see almost a ton of pans (literally around 2000lbs) in about a month from now. From there they will need grips and final packaging before they are ready to go out. 

The Teflon pans will be a bit more delayed. The tooling needs to be redone as the castings came out a bit too heavy for the Teflon pans. The pans I had spec’d out went through a redesign between when the kickstarter began and when the order was placed. Nothing too crazy, they just shaved a few ounces off of the pan. Thus throwing off the delicate balance inherent in the design. What this means is that I have to send out a redesign and purchase an additional set of tooling. For those of you interested in seeing how the sausage, er pans, are made. This amounts to about a $7k fix for a mid-production changeup. 

Next the rogue pans are still chugging along. I had some issues with anodize getting a nice surface finish. As shown below. But they tell me that they have it sorted and I can see the results in about a week from Monday. Fingers crossed. Then the rogues will be ready for grip production and assembly! 

Lastly we are finally within the frenzied chaos that is production! A lot is happening now and I will be sure to keep you guys in the loop as the project chugs along.


PS - here is a pics of the rejected surface finish, when I get the fixed ones in hand we can compare and contrast. Should be exciting!
Odd Surface Finish
Odd Surface Finish

Big Damn Pans!

The Prototype pans have arrived from casting and they look pretty darn good. The cast iron pans are monsters, and rightfully so. The double handed 12” pan weighs in at a colossal 12lbs. So it’s a good thing it has the extra grip. You can also see the aluminum hilts for the non-stick pans. 

Overall the foundry has done some really nice work, and now I say to the pans, in the immortal words of Ivan Drago before me “I must break you.” I am now testing these pans to find their limits. So far the cast iron show none. The aluminum hilts need some rework on the tooling. What this means is that we are getting the numbers back and going over some options with the casting guys. Worst case I have to buy all new tooling which will just mean another round of prototypes for the Teflon pans. 

Now as for the villain hilts we are unfortunately going to have to pull them from production. I tried to work it as best I could but there was just not enough interest in them. When given the choice almost every one of you fine backers chose the path of the hero. If anyone has any questions or concerns about a world without villains, feel free to message me either through kickstarter or via my email 

 So keep your eyes peeled for updates. I will be finalizing the order for the cast iron and should have a timeline on new prototype aluminum hilts this week. 

 Stay tuned.