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Fighting Man Frying Pans! Epic kitchenware to make your meals legendary!
Fighting Man Frying Pans! Epic kitchenware to make your meals legendary!
651 backers pledged $46,261 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Debnam about 1 hour ago

      Combat Vaporware
      Not sure how he can look at himself in the mirror knowing he lied, cheated, and defrauded 651 people.

    2. Brad Dancer
      3 days ago

      He logged in march 20, 2017!!!!!

    3. Brad Dancer
      3 days ago

      There is no good

    4. Jon Perry 7 days ago

      Good or bad we deserve an update by now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tom Heizer on March 30

      This was my first (and last) kickstarter campaign to support. With zero ramifications for someone to steal your money, it seems like a hotspot for scammers like James. I was so excited about this because it was a gift for someone, which I actually gave as a christmas present. (printed out the kickerstarter page.) I guess this is an easy way to con your way into $46k!

    6. Missing avatar

      Drew Newman on March 23 already bet money on it by backing this project lol

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt on March 18

      I would be very happy to learn that someone has brutally murdered James.
      Burn in a tire fire you lying thief.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jim on March 17

      Lol *not* going to bet on it...

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim on March 17

      I don't know, Drew. I guess I hope for the best in people. Just dropping us is a pretty shit thing to do though, I'll grant you that. It's still possible that James could come back and finish this thing. I'm just gonna bet any money on it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Yuriy Smirnov on March 15

      This dude killed my trust to Kickstarter completely.

    11. Justin Avery on March 15

      Had to do a quick search to see if he was still doing stuff and came across his LinkedIn (he hasn't logged onto kickstarter since September 2016). He last updated his LinkedIn in February 2017 saying his tenure at his last job ended, so he is still alive - whether he is working on the project or not is yet to be seen. Would love to see an update James.

    12. Missing avatar

      Drew Newman on March 12

      @Jim ...what through this entire process would you give you the impression that he's "better than this"? Ever since this project started he's pretty much been AWOL. It's 4 years now and only 62 updates!

    13. L. V. on March 7

      8 months without a!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jim on February 26

      James, you're one month late. Oh wait, you're 4 years and one month late. These pans could have gotten a college degree by now. I saw the pictures of the unfinished pans in one of your latest updates. Can you just send me one of those? I'll take it. It'll at least be a conversation piece that I can talk to people about before I DROP DEAD OF OLD AGE. Come on buddy, you're better than this.

    15. Missing avatar

      Drew Newman on February 1

      This is a story about Morlock and James Brown
      A big fat grifter who raised some money then skipped town
      Than sit around the house, ignored the emails and our pleas
      4 years later we still got no pans, just our money seized
      They headed down, to Dragon Co-on
      A bunch of us backers warned that they were just scu-um
      Kickstarter helped a man acheive his dream
      None of us knew it was just a big scheme
      Hoo-hoo-hoo, he took the money and run
      That thief, he took the money and run
      Hoo-hoo-hoo, he took the money and ran
      And we still don't have our pans

    16. Toni Kerschner McGovern on January 27

      Update please. I still want my pan, thank you.

    17. Natalie Slaughter on January 25

      FYI, if you file a complaint with the BBB it gives you the physical address you can serve legal papers to.

    18. GBAllison on January 23

      So June 24 is coming up. I know it seems like a long way off, but in the world of fighting pans and alternative facts, five short months is but the blink of an eye. Whaddya think? Can he go an entire year without making an appearance? Even a meaningless bungee jump Whoa I'm Here Whoa I'm Gone kind of thing?

    19. Missing avatar

      Mirian Herold on January 12

      I'm sure others have done this and I have no expectation of receiving my money back, but I did report Morlock Enterprises to the BBB.

    20. Brad Dancer
      on January 6

      Yea, mag fest is going on now, no morlock there this year. I'm sure its because he's busy making these pans

    21. Michael C. Stettes on December 28

      @Mike Gail aaaaand I'm an idiot, thank you. I don't know why my brain saw "2016" as next year.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike Gail on December 27

      Those dates have already passed.

    23. Michael C. Stettes on December 27

      I've emailed directly and got absolutely nowhere. No response.

      But apparently they're going to make appearances at

      Magfest - February 18-21, 2016

      Dragon*Con - September 2-5, 2016

      Magfest is in National Harbor, MD. And that's near me. I'm going to do what I can to bug them there. I suggest you do the same.

    24. Missing avatar

      Stefan on December 27

      Merry Christmas everybody!

      James, can we get our 6-month-update now?

    25. Cody Gabel on December 19

      4 years ago. So much has changed. Still no regular updates.

    26. Isabella Reed on December 15

      Today's XKCD comic is on topic.

    27. Sybil Collas
      on December 13

      I'm starting a daily routine of reports.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nick Roberts on December 12

      I kickstarted this scam as a birthday gift for a girlfriend who dumped me almost THREE YEARS AGO, and we still don't even have a vague ETA of when this is a'coming. I've reported you, and will continue to report you, to the Attorney General for Fraud. This is ludicrous.

    29. L. V. on December 10

      "Happy Anniversary"...remember how excited we all were 4 years ago? Remember how cool we thought this would be?

    30. Missing avatar

      Lucas Baer on December 9

      I would suggest that all backers use the report this project to kickstarter button at the bottom of the page.

      What a scam project.

    31. Sebastian Diederich on November 24

      I want a refund now. I think waiting 4 years is long enough. you dont deserve the money you got.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pierre Albisser on November 22

      Well. It's been long enough for me to forget my Kickstarter password. x)
      i wonder if someone in the US could actually start a lawsuit against him...? Because i've been told that trying to sue him from my country is kinda pointless.

    33. Natasha Hart on November 21

      What's up with this??? STATUS??? It's been almost 4 years since I paid and NOTHING has been produced. I wish I did more research on this. Kickstarter says it does not issue refunds. It kind of makes me sick to see $46,261 was given to this guy and no one has received anything, much less communication!

    34. Isabella Reed on November 16

      James! HEY JAMES!! I want my money back.

    35. GBAllison on November 15

      ... Polo :-)

    36. L. V. on October 20, 2016

      So many life lessons for my $70.

      No pan but a lot of things to think about and consider then reconsider.

    37. estrus on October 5, 2016

      Checking in to see if maybe there was another woe-is-me sob story. Not even that much....

    38. Missing avatar

      Lars Hoffmann on October 3, 2016

      i get the fealing, if i had startet when this Projekt startet, i would have learned how to operate a CNC and build my own pan by now. i still hope this gets made, i'm just sad james stoppt talking again.

    39. Ivan Karmanov on October 1, 2016

      I still hope to get my handle kit sometime...

    40. L. V. on September 26, 2016

      Are we still the title holder of "Longest time since project funded without receiving project"?

    41. Phil Leese on September 20, 2016

      It may come to nothing but I'd suggest anyone who hasn't already reported this project to Kickstarter should do this as soon as possible (it's at the very bottom of the main campaign page).

      A surge in reports might make Kickstarter take notice again and take some sort of action.

    42. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 17, 2016

      Usually James gives us an update when we start speaking about filing lawsuits or seeking him up on a convention. Maybe it's our fault? Maybe we've been too quiet lately?

    43. Toni Kerschner McGovern on September 13, 2016

      James, for the sake of all things metal ... send us our pans already!

    44. Missing avatar

      Tom Heizer on September 11, 2016

      Any update???? This was my first Kickstarter project and it was a present for a friend. Haven't had the desire to fund anything else since there is no way to file a complaint or get your money back if some one steals it from you. Like this kickstarter project did to me.

    45. Missing avatar

      Lucas Baer on September 8, 2016

      Yeah this guy totally ripped us all off. I am most pissed about this project totally destroying my wife's interest in kickstarter.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matt on August 23, 2016

      In the 3 years and 8 months that have passed since this project was funded, I have grown rather hateful of this whole thing. It's like having giving money to someone with a dream snd aspirations only to have them come back from time to time to remind you that they have done absolutely nothing of merit with the money you gave them. No, I take that back. It's not like that, it's EXACTLY what has happened.
      I would actually accept an admission that the money was used on hookers and blow at this point. I might be able to live with that over this dragged out b.s.

    47. L. V. on August 21, 2016

      You know what would go a long way to restoring faith in this project?

      If the Epic cards had been mailed out to all of the backers by now. Just starting with the smallest of the promises would have been a great place to start.

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