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Fighting Man Frying Pans! Epic kitchenware to make your meals legendary!
Fighting Man Frying Pans! Epic kitchenware to make your meals legendary!
651 backers pledged $46,261 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Nancy Kuefler 3 days ago

      I have not given up hope. I really want my pan....still. Please let us know what is happening. It seemed so close.

    2. Creator Paddy Fotovich 3 days ago

      Has anyone gotten _anything_ from this ks? Anything? Even an email from James?

    3. Creator Drew Newman 6 days ago

      It's been almost 2 months without an update...come on man, let us know what's going on!

    4. Creator Drew Newman on January 22 were on a good roll with keeping us up to date. You're slipping,'s been almost 2 months. Please just drop us a line, let us know you're still there, and let us know what's going on.

    5. Creator Christopher Christensen on January 17

      Three years. Half Life 3's coming out before this. Dead project.

    6. Creator Stefan on January 10

      Well, it turns out the pans weren't shipped during Christmas, so the missing update didn't affect my vacation plans.

      James, any news?

    7. Creator john flagg on January 9

      Happy New Years Everyone,

      I feel like we have all been pretty patient with this project. At this point we are going on 3 years, can we get an honest assessment on if this will be completed and if so, what time table are we looking at? I'm starting to have serious doubts that this will ever because a reality.


    8. Creator Brad Dancer on December 29

      waiting for that update on the 14th or 15th - its the 29th!

    9. Creator Stefan on December 19

      Hi James,
      In your November 24th update, you said there was a problem with the Rogue, but you were hoping for it to be solved in the following two weeks so that "all the cast iron rewards can ship". I'm wondering if the setback you've had has affected this, or if we can still expect the rewards to be shipped during December.
      I'm away on vacation, and my post office wouldn't like me very much if I had a big package of cast iron laying around for a month or so...

    10. Creator Adam Robertson on November 25

      I'm seriously impressed with how you've turned this project around and kept going. Keep it up, mate!

    11. Creator Stefan on November 22

      Curious about what happened to yesterday's update, so I'll put it out as questions instead:
      - How is the webpage coming along?
      - More importantly, how is the timeline doing? Do you have any (inaccurate is acceptable here) guess when we will actually get our pans?

    12. Creator L. V. on November 19

      Happy Anniversary everyone! We have now been together in this for 3 years!

    13. Creator L. V. on October 28

      Honestly I just don't care any more.

    14. Creator Joe Cardillo on October 25

      Toss some pictures in your next update. We'd all really like to see how the operation is coming along.

    15. Creator Sindy Sinn on October 24

      I want my stupid pan.

    16. Creator Stefan on October 21

      Quote from last update, on October 4:
      "As for posting – I am going to step things back to an every other week update schedule. I will also return to a bullet point update list. The first update in this format and update schedule will be next Saturday (October 10th)."

      The promised update is currently 11 days late. James, why won't the updates come regularly as promised? Has there been any progress at all since October 4? Since September? Or August, when we last saw pictures?

    17. Creator Larissa Johnston on September 30

      Really looking forward to the next update!

    18. Creator Ryan Hutson on September 25

      What happened to weekly updates? It's been over a month since the last one.

      Regardless, cheers! Fingers crossed for Christmas this year. Would be a nice surprise, and that means shopping for my brother and his girlfriend is done.

    19. Creator GBAllison on September 1

      After all of my complaining, I owe James his well-deserved kudos.

      True, the project is still wildly behind the original projections, but as I said many times, it wasn't about the delay, it was about the lack of communications. The new James Brown has turned this project around completely. It is now a model of timely communications, and it demonstrates, yet again, that frequent communication with the backers makes all the difference in the world.

      I don't know what your epiphany moment was, but whatever the source, congratulations! This is extraordinary, and as just one backer (albeit an occasionally vocal one), I could not be happier with what you're doing.

      This is terrific, and thank you.

      Well done.

    20. Creator Henry Henwy on July 20, 2015

      You know, it's been two and a half years since this kickstarter was supposed to deliver and yet, I'm actually feeling optomistic at this point it will carry through eventually. I ordered a full set of the cast iron pans which were supposed to be a wedding gift for two close friends and while they might not have gotten their gift in anything like a timely manner, I can at least say that they're still married. It might have been ironically awkward if they had gotten divorced right as the pans finally arrived. At this point, all I can think is that miracles can happen and like a phoenix from the ashes, all this waiting might finally pay off.

    21. Creator Damon English on July 17, 2015

      Yay! My trivet is coming!

    22. Creator Mike Gail on July 3, 2015

      Mike Flynn? Any joy?

    23. Creator Mike Flynn on July 1, 2015

      Well there were apparently some delays in getting the pans shipped, but I do have my tracking number now. They are supposed to arrive on 07/02/2015.

    24. Creator Mike Flynn on June 10, 2015

      I finally received a response (from Nelly) to my various requests over the years... They offered to fulfill my request for a refund, or to ship the pans to me as-is, unfinished, as I had also requested (I can finish them myself). After a little bit of back and forth with Nelly via email, I decided to go with the unfinished pans to get this all over with. She told me she would be able to ship them shortly after 06/17/2015. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will post again when I hear something else.

    25. Creator Mike Gail on June 1, 2015

      There's been... An update.

    26. Creator Matthew Flashner on May 30, 2015

      His Instagram has a picture of the pans in the back of his car. Posted 26 minutes ago. Hopefully some progress...

    27. Creator estrus on May 29, 2015

      Seriously dude?!?

    28. Creator L. V. on May 26, 2015

      Wonder what the karma is for screwing 651 people out of their money?

    29. Creator Christopher Christensen on May 24, 2015

      I've given up on this project. My money has been spent on God knows what. I feel like a fool taken on a ride... I really hoped to get this delivered as my brothers birthday gift years ago. He thinks I was just lying about my gift to him in an attempt to be cheap now.

    30. Creator Stafford Brunk on May 21, 2015

      Someone, somewhere has one:

    31. Creator Justin Avery on May 20, 2015

      Starting to check daily at this point to see if an update has been made. It has been a quarter of a year since the last update - which I believe is the longest break in the history of this campaign. Please provide us with some sort of news soon. Your last update had me pretty stoked.

    32. Creator Stefan on May 12, 2015

      "Pans are happening", anyone?

    33. Creator GBAllison on May 2, 2015

      What a great article Ryan. And that project was for a whole heck of a lot more money than this project's $46K. The author did a good job of explaining the human side of both the backer and project creator perspectives. There's a part of me that has sympathy for the project creator who is simply naïve and inexperienced, well intentioned but clumsy, and overwhelmed by his accidental success. I've backed many projects that went through that ... some that were extremely delayed and some that never delivered. Fortunately, in most of those the project creator was open and transparent about what was going on, and the backers supported them despite the disappointment. But another part of me is frankly livid about the stunning arrogance, hubris, intentional disrespect and unmitigated gall of someone (@James) who has decided, deliberately, not to communicate with backers. That's flat out unacceptable.

      BTW, I am stunned and disappointed that there are so many in the cosplay/game convention community who are willing to give this guy a free ride. In *my* professional community, if someone pulls a stunt like this, they would be out.

    34. Creator Ryan Hutson on May 1, 2015

      Good article in the nytimes made me think of y'all. Personally I'm still on this side of positive, although I agree with most of you that regular communication would be appreciated. It's just better business and common courtesy.

    35. Creator Jim T. on April 30, 2015

      Two questions. 1) How do I update my address? 2) Any SWAG about when there will be news about the stainless steel (not non-stick) pans?

    36. Creator estrus on April 27, 2015

      Dude! Anybody home!?

    37. Creator GBAllison on April 14, 2015

      Well, maybe we're back to the County prosecutors office. Or maybe Commonwealth of Virginia? Like I said before, the home address and phone number just aren't that hard to find.

      But really, GEEZ. How hard is it to just tell people what you're doing? This isn't laziness. 2 minutes once a month is nothing. This is arrogance, guilt and "not my job" combining in a horrible perfect storm of avoiding your responsibilities.

    38. Creator Stefan on April 12, 2015

      Last login April 11. How about an update? It has been a while...
      (Nope, pans aren't happening)

    39. Creator Brad Dancer on April 10, 2015

      Nope, not believing that pans are happening

    40. Creator Northernism on March 21, 2015

      3 years later.
      Pans are happening.
      The pans are indeed happening.
      I've always been a believer, it's like waiting for the rapture to happen.

    41. Creator Northernism on March 21, 2015

      3 years later.
      Pans are happening.
      The pans are indeed happening.
      I've always been a believer, it's like waiting for the rapture to happen.

    42. Creator Andrew Kirk on March 11, 2015

      Excellent to hear some positive news of pans happening. Still sad that there will be no villain hilt, but the normal one is still cool enough.

    43. Creator Brad Dancer on March 9, 2015

      Really, are pans happening?

    44. Creator Mike Gail on February 20, 2015

      New update up, with explanation.

      Things are moving along. If you're still here, this is nothing but a good thing. If you don't care, you don't care. If you're still mad about this, then you SERIOUSLY need to switch to decaf and reevaluate your life.

      It's happening. Pans are happening. This is a good thing.

    45. Creator GBAllison on February 16, 2015

      I wonder if there's a better way to get a conversation started with @Nelly or @James?

    46. Creator Mike Gail on February 14, 2015

      Be polite, don't be aggressive, try to have a conversation rather than outright attacking them. If I had enough money to go up and talk to him and see how the process is going in person, I would, but that's just me and I tend to be politely high energy.

      I agree that somebody needs to provide some on site information about what's happening, but a lynch mob will accomplish nothing of value.

    47. Creator GBAllison on February 14, 2015

      Jeez Louise. I guess the only way to get a response is to post personal information. Well maybe not exactly, because that's not allowed. Of course it's *really* easy to find that information (especially for ... let's see ... what does it say at the top of the KickStarter screen? ... Ahh there it is, James Brown and, so maybe it's OK to spell out the *methods* for finding that personal information? I don't know ... what do you think?

      I wonder if there's a better way to get a conversation started with @Nelly or @James?

    48. Creator L. V. on February 13, 2015

      This is why I don't loose faith in Kickstarters.

      My rolling pin with an inlaid infinity symbol arrived today. Exactly as promised, on time, no problems. It can be and is being done.

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