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1-4 Heroes battle the Witch Master in this miniatures based board game set in a magic infused Middle Ages realm.
1-4 Heroes battle the Witch Master in this miniatures based board game set in a magic infused Middle Ages realm.
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Demons Revealed

Posted by Dark Gate Games (Creator)

Hello Heroes!

Demons keep their true names secret to preserve their power. But the Heroes have discovered the name of the Demon Lord in the core box, Haborym.  Today we are going to reveal some lore and game play for the Demons, the largest and most powerful Characters in the game.

Pekka was in a foul mood. Her breakfast, a thin Ravenous, was too fresh and only a little stringy. She wandered through the puffball forest, smashing fungus and skulls alike, but she could not find joy or distraction in the task. 

From behind, she heard the shuffle and rustle of the Scarecrow, loose from its post. “Hey, who let you down? Shouldn’t there be a stick up your ...”

“Haborym is looking for you!” the 'crow interrupted.

“Haborym sent you?”

“No, I came on my own. I thought you would want to know...” the Scarecrow paused. “So you can hide.”

“Hide! How dare you!” Pekka gestured and a throbbing ball of green goo shot towards the Scarecrow, knocking half its stuffing loose, leaving it stunned. “Okay,” Pekka thought to herself, “now would be a good time to hide.”

Witches dominate the Legion of Darkness on Earth, but on Neemoss, they are not at the top of the food chain (literally). Demons are all powerful and make life miserable for everything around them, including the Witches. 

Haborym cast in resin.
Haborym cast in resin.

We are really pleased with the resin Haborym. It’s more like a work of art than a game component. You can see the detail in this photo, but you don’t really get a sense of scale. This image will help, showing two Demons beside the Warden. They are suitably imposing when they are on the table top. 

There is one Demon in the core game and we have two more in the Stretch Goals. Leiurus was unlocked a long time ago and we hope Chalcosoma will unlock soon.  

All Demons come with:

· 1 Oversized Mini

· Demon ID Card

· 6 Activation Cards

Our campaigns culminate with an Encounter where the Witches perform a Dark Ritual to summon a Demon. We’re not telling you our campaign stories, but you can imagine the situation. The Witches think they can curry favor by bringing a Demon to such a soft land. Or they are losing the battle with the Heroes and the support of a Demon is worth the risk. Perhaps they just revert to their submissive nature and want to be whipped! 

Although we are keeping the Campaign stories close to our chest, you need to know how the Demons affect the game. By now, you should understand the ID card, including Haborym’s soul eating Reaction. Here’s a surprise: Demons are not fully under the control of the Witch Master! Crazed, confused and spiteful, a Demon thrown into battle directly after passage through the Conjunction is a force of nature, wreaking havoc and spreading chaos.  Think of Demons as NPCs that enter the game, mainly working with the Witch Master, but sometimes acting on their own desires, desires that are not always aligned with those of the Witch Master.

Once the Demon has spawned, the Witch Master must draw a Demon Activation card at the start of their turn. This card will dictate how the Demon is controlled this turn. As an introduction to the concept, we have created some simplified cards that are easy to understand without the full rules. 

For example, the simplest card might be: 

On the turn this card is played, the Demon is fully under the Witch Master’s control. They can choose to activate it like a normal Character and take one or two Actions. Demons are powerful, so the chances are they will use it, but they are free to use another Character. 

This should be clear too. The Demon is dazed, or considering its next meal; there is flavor text on the real cards, but we want to focus on the rules at the moment. The Witch Master still gets a turn, but they cannot activate the Demon. Other cards are more interesting! 

The Demon goes crazy!!! The Witch Master makes Attack after Attack, ignoring the normal two Actions rule. Not only will this burn up the Witch Master’s Stamina, but the Witch Master must use the Demon to Attack Characters from the Legion of Darkness too. Worse, there may be an objective in the Area, for example “Heroes must destroy the Blood Altar, Resistance 4, Health 5”. If the objective can be targeted, the Demon must Attack it too. Demons are jerks. 

The Demon is angry and turns on the Witches. This card allows the Hero Players to choose the Demon’s Action. The Stamina is still spent from the Witch Master’s Stamina Pool and all rules must be followed, but the Heroes can make the Demon Attack the Legion of Darkness Characters (or even attack an objective, if the Heroes’ objective is to destroy something). Or Move it somewhere, etc.

Some cards have more than one instruction, for example: 

When these cards come into play, the first instruction is followed as described above. The card is left in play and the next instruction is followed on the Witch Master’s next turn. These cards represent the Characters on the board being able to read the Demon’s intentions. In game terms, they let the players mitigate the chaos caused by these powerful beings. Once all the instructions have been resolved, the card is discarded as a reminder that a new card should be drawn.

This is not as chaotic as it sounds. Players will know the cards and since the decks are small there is some expectation of what will happen. A Witch Master that puts all the Witches and Creatures in the same Area as the Demon is taking a risk if the “Attack all Targets” card is still in the deck; in fact this card can work well for the Witch Master if there are only Heroes in the Demon’s Area. Further, there are more double, and even some triple, turn cards in the deck than we show on these simplified cards. You will get a chance to duck away from the Demon before it starts to rampage. Both sides need to be wary of the Demon and play with the Activation Deck in Mind. 

The Demon section in the rule book will explain the rules for interpreting the cards and exactly which players make which decisions, although we believe it is simple and clear. You may create Demon Decks by combining the Demon Activation Cards from different Demons and this will be explained too. Some cards are specific to different Demons and should only be used when that Demon is in play. This gives each Demon their own nature. At first glance, these decks may seem small, but don’t forget, they are not AI decks and the cards rarely take direct control of the Demon. They simply select which players control the Demon. 

We have focused on the final appearance of the Demons, but they do appear in early Encounters. We are not revealing all their secrets, so you will have more surprises when the box arrives. We hope you like this unusual change in the game play and that you look forwards to playing some suitably cinematic climaxes to your campaigns.  

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