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$16,333 pledged of $22,000 goal
By Michele Boyd
$16,333 pledged of $22,000 goal

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Not dead yet...


Oof! We got so close! I do have to say, I'm pretty impressed and so appreciative that we managed to raise over $16,000 in less than a month!! You guys are amazing, and I can't begin to say how thankful I am for everyone's support, even if we didn't reach our goal. You make me so happy!!

HOWEVER! Goonies never say die.  Like a Romero zombie shuffling towards the nearest shopping mall, PENNY HORRORS shall live on. LIVE ON, I SAY! The outpouring of support and awareness that the Kickstarter campaign raised was enough to catch the interest of a few well known horror sites who are now interested in investing in the project and co-producing alongside me.  If it's possible, I'm even happier about this than if the Kickstarter had actually been funded, because it means I'll be working with even more professionals who have had horror in their blood longer than I've been alive.  

More than anything, it means that this little pet idea has grown into a full fledged Hydra monster, and I can't wait to see what it spawns next. 

THANK YOU again for your support, it really means the world to me!  For me personally, I'm also going to be working on an upcoming web series called "GEEK CRED" (in a purely actor capacity; it'll be nice to get back to that!). Can't wait to share more news about that and about PENNY HORRORS with everyone soon! 

THANK YOU for helping us reach $11k!


Well, we promised when we hit the halfway mark of $11,000 that we'd finally allow Michele to show off her 90s boy band dance moves.  

Incidentally, this is actually how she typically spends a day. We just usually don't let her film it.

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THANK YOU AGAIN for helping us to reach $11k, we only have 4 MORE DAYS LEFT to try and reach our goal!  These last few days are the most crucial, so feel free to repost, retweet and continue to show support! 

Can YOU think of a short scary story? Is this boy band song now stuck in your head forevermore? Let us know in the comments!



We hit the $11k mark and we're SO EXCITED! 

As promised, the video of god-awful dance moves was recorded today and will be uploaded bright and early tomorrow morning to enhance your post-Turkey coma experience. 

IN THE MEANTIME! Another lovely article came out talking about Penny Horrors. This one's from 'A-Game Magazine', give it a read!

The Kickstart is due to end THIS TUESDAY! DECEMBER 5TH! 5 MORE DAYS! Get the word out; if you haven't liked the Facebook page yet, whatcha waiting for?

We're also trying to get the attention of more horror blogs in this last week, so if anyone's browsing below, feel free to remind 'em that this little horror project would be right up their fan base's alley!

Hope all our American backers had a lovely Thanksgiving and have an awesome weekend! 

NEW REWARD LEVEL for PENNY HORRORS Poster! Now only at $100!


Hey gang! We are SO CLOSE to the halfway mark of $11,000! If we make it, I promise an update video of ridiculous proportions (there may be dancing. Scary, scary dancing). 

HOWEVER! This update is for our fantastical PENNY HORRORS 18x24" Poster that is now being offered at the $100 reward level!!

We've LOWERED the reward level for the 18x24" to $100 and gotten rid of the item limit!! So now ANYONE who pledges $100 or higher will get this lovely creepifying poster to adorn the walls of their murder lair---I mean, house. 

And don't worry, if you've already pledged $100 with the 'postcard' reward level, we'll send you the poster as well.  We just couldn't change the description since a few of you have hit that mark already! 

Thank you again to all our backers so far!! Let's hit $11k! 

A THANK YOU video for our backers!!


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