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Bosavi: Headlamp's video poster

Bosavi® is a blindingly bright, lightweight, ultra-compact headlamp built around a custom Lithium-polymer battery. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 15, 2012.

Bosavi® is a blindingly bright, lightweight, ultra-compact headlamp built around a custom Lithium-polymer battery.

About this project


Though we have been victorious, Bosavi is far from having spare cash. Please help us continue our success on Kickstarter to cover more of the start-up costs. Read on...

What is the money for?

Through Kickstarter you have already helped us to raise enough money to pay for the expensive tooling for injection molding.  But we still have a minimum of 1000 units that we need to purchase as well as some fixtures and continuing development costs.  These costs will add up to 10s of thousands of dollars and we need your help!

Early Press

Gear Junkie: "stop wasteful battery usage"

Carabiner Development: "It is smaller and lighter than the Tikka XP2 with a Core battery"

Inhabitat: "a tribute to what is achievable in the realm of DIY manufacturing"

Touchstone: "saving you tons of money on batteries"

Solio: " All of us at Solio were blown away by the overall awesomeness"

GearHungry: "built more like a cell phone than a flashlight"

Gizmag: "...multifunctional gear is such a godsend to campers"

SlingFin: "Every geeky thing I ever wanted is pumped into this tiny package of love and desgin."

Hike It. Like It. : "you’ll be proud to say that you were a backer"

Bosavi on boost is bright
Bosavi on boost is bright

What is Bosavi?

Bosavi® is a blindingly bright, lightweight, ultra-compact headlamp designed by Dan Freschl. Dan has years of experience developing batteries for pacemakers, defibrillators and electric vehicles, and he drew on this to make a pretty awesome headlamp.

What makes Bosavi different from other lights on the market?

  • Its custom Lithium polymer battery can be charged from almost any power supply (solar, kinetic, USB)
  • Its machined aluminum heat-sink doubles as a reflector to keep the 110 lumen LED super-bright, cool and focused.
  • It can be mounted to a bike to be used as a bike light
  • It is modular and can be attached to many accessories that are under development including AAA battery backup, hip-belt, pull-cord generator...
  • Its packaging converts into an amazing origami lantern
  • It is crazy bright!!!
Photos by Joseph Schell
Photos by Joseph Schell

Is it true that there are other rechargeable headlamps on the market now?

When the Bosavi project was first conceived there were no lithium-ion rechargeable headlamps on the market.  It is true that since then some of the big names in the industry have developed rechargeable headlamps.  This isn't upsetting to us at all because it only proves that it is a good idea.  And when you hold Bosavi in your hands you will find the differences to be blatantly obvious.  Bosavi is truly a labor of love and it shows.

How does the packaging work?

Bosavi is based on the idea that making a product more environmentally friendly can also make it better. To this end, Bosavi’s patent-pending packaging easily transforms into a beautiful origami lantern that connects to the headlamp, reducing waste.

The box is the lantern
The box is the lantern

Where can I get a solar charger that works with Bosavi?

Bosavi has found that the Solio Bolt is the best battery pack + solar charger to use with our headlamp. Solio is a Bay Area company that designs incredible hand-held solar chargers and lighting systems. Their products are reliable, portable, rugged, and work perfectly with the Bosavi headlamp as well as other electronic devices recharged via USB. We offer Solio chargers as part of the rewards for some pledges.

The Solio Bolt has its own on-board battery, so you can leave the charger in the sun during the day and charge your Bosavi headlamp whenever you think of it. A full day of solar charging provides roughly three full charges to the Bosavi headlamp.  

Visit to learn more about the Solio Bolt and this great company.

What's with give one get one?

If you pledge at the give one get one reward level you will get a Bosavi rechargeable headlamp and we will donate one to a Northwest Outward Bound scholarship student or instructor. Bosavi will almost certainly not make any money on these units, but we couldn't be happier about this exciting new reward.

Why are we doing it if we aren't going to be making money on them? First of all, I took an Outward Bound course and it was truly one of the most formative experiences of my life. Secondly, our first run will consist of 1000 units, and I would much rather see them be put to use by deserving people than sitting in a warehouse somewhere while we try to develop our sales channels.

If I pledge at a level that includes T-Shirts what will I get?

If your pledge level includes a t-shirt we will contact you via e-mail to ask what size, color, and style power animal t-shirt you would like.  Our t-shirts are printed on super soft, form-fitting, American Apparel shirts using premium inks that actually dye the fibers of the garments as opposed to sitting on top.  The result is a super soft, breathable print.

Is it geeky and techy?

Oh is it ever!  If you just like the outdoors and want a headlamp that works Bosavi is for you and you can stop reading. If you are a geek, read on!

PWM: Bosavi's LED is regulated with pulse width modulation (PWM). What that means is that instead of having a resistor slow down the current that runs through the LED, Bosavi turns the high-brigthness LED "on" and "off" 400 times per second. The brightness is controlled by modulating the percentage of time that the LED is left on. Regulating the LED using PWM is significantly more efficient than other methods. This is all done far too fast for the human eye to perceive.

Voltage Monitor: Bosavi's integrated circuit constantly monitors the battery voltage using an analog to digital conversion (A2D). The chip uses the battery voltage to change the "duty cycle" of the PWM to maintain a constant brightness. It can also be used to give you feedback on how much battery life is left.

Battery Charging: The battery is charged using a constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) scheme that is very fast, efficient, and preserves battery health. This means that the battery is charged at a constant current until it reaches its optimal voltage, the battery is then held at that voltage until no more current can be passed.

Memory: The chip has on board memory (EEPROM) that is stored even when power is removed. Bosavi made use of this feature to make it possible for you to tell Bosavi what lighting modes you don't use and program them out. Bosavi will also turn on to the last mode you were using so you don't have to constantly scroll through modes you don't use.


  • We are trying not to bog down the Kickstarter campaign with all of the numbers. That isn't really what this project is about, but our numbers are still really good. Go to our website and see the "Product Details" and "Specifications" pages to learn more.

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  • It is crazy bright. We are using a 110 Cree LED which is absolutely the best brand on the market. Also, when it is paired with the Lithium-polymer battery it stays brighter for longer than a AAA powered light. That is because AAA batteries slowly decay in voltage over time, Lithium stays almost constant. Last time I took it out people were amazed how much brighter Bosavi was.

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  • That is the best part of the lantern. It is enterprisingly easy. The hardest part is peeling the sticker off and I am working on making that easier. All of the fold lines are laser marked and scored so they fold really easy. Go to to see the whole process. And after you make it the first time, it folds flat to take it with you.

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  • Right now the headlamp is incredibly water-resistant but not water-proof. We have tested the headlamp by spraying it with a hose for several minutes with no ill effects; however, they do not function when submerged.

    This is currently one of our top priorities with our manufacturer. We are working on a process of filling the headlamp with a silicone coating to make it submersible. Please like us on facebook or follow our blog to get updates of our waterproofing progress.

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  • The light lasts almost 70 hours on the low beam setting and as little as 3 hours if you are using the boost mode to bring it to the full 110 Lumens all the time. That's why we programmed the boost mode to go up to full brightness for 1 minute and then slowly fade back to the last mode you were on. It works pretty well. You often don't even realize your not on boost anymore because your eyes adjust with the fade.

    We have yet to test how long the battery lasts on strobe. We do know that it is longer than our Lumenometer (fancy for light tester) will stay on.

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  • This is still up for debate as we are finalizing our design but would love feedback from you. Bosavi can set how fast the battery is charged when we manufacture them. The battery is rated to be charged in as little as one hour. However, the faster you charge the battery the faster it loses its ability to retain charge. Have you ever noticed that cell phones die at exactly two years (right when your contract runs out). Yeah, that's on purpose. We are thinking about regulating the charge time to two hours which will give the battery about 500 charge cycles before you notice it decaying. So this headlamp will replace 500 sets of AAA batteries. Let us know what you think.

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  • The short answer is yes! I heard a lot of feedback from friends that they hated having to cycle through all of the modes on their headlamp to get to the one they want. With Bosavi you can program any mode that you don't use out of the cycle by holding both buttons for three seconds. If you want to use the headlamp for stargazing and are worried about your night vision, program out all of the modes except for the red LED. To reset you can hold both buttons from the off position and everything comes back.

    There has been some interest in USB programability and I too think it would be awesome. That is very high on my list for the second generation. If that is what you are looking for send me a message and I will give you an update as we make progress on that.

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  • I have been a member and instructor at TechShop throughout most of this project. They have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment available to help you “Build Your Dreams.”

    At TechShop I made extensive use of Autodesk Inventor Software, MakerBot 3D printers, the Injection Molding machine, CNC mills, and Laser Cutters. Bosavi’s success owes much to this amazing resource. Check it out at

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  • Here’s the game plan: Our engineering plans are at a manufacturing facility, ready to go. When we reach our funding goal, we will instruct the factory to make the tools required to produce the first 1000 units. We expect to receive the first units as soon as 100 days after the date they start cutting tools. We hope to ship rewards with headlamps by September of this year. Other rewards like t-shirts and lanterns will ship in July, so you can wear them all summer. If your reward includes both t-shirts and headlamps, we can ship your shirt early, but may charge extra for shipping costs. We will strive to deliver rewards early. You will be able to watch our progress throughout the process so you know when to expect them.

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  • Of course! Bosavi was designed with a proprietary strap connection system that will enable future products to power and charge the headlamp when attached.

    Products under development include the following:

    AAA strap. This strap contains a compartment for AAA batteries that can power the headlamp when the rechargeable battery is low. This will be a great accessory for anyone worried about running low on light during an extended trip. Bike Mount. If you need a bike light and a headlamp, save the Earth some resources and get the bike mount. Available now! Kinetic Strap. This patent-pending accessory functions as a regular strap, but generates electricity when pulled to top off the battery. Currently under development, we hope to have it available by summer 2013.

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  • Bosavi is named after Mt. Bosavi, a place where countless undiscovered species were recently documented. Representing a new species of headlamp, Bosavi t-shirts pay tribute to these elusive creatures.

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  • Outward Bound is a non-profit outdoor leadership school that provides life changing experiences to youth and adult students. Outward Bound courses inspire self discovery, self reliance, compassion for others, and care for our environment. As a former student and the husband of a former instructor, I believe whole-heartedly in the positive impact Outward Bound courses can have on the lives of people of all ages.

    Bosavi is teaming up with the Northwest Outward Bound School to provide headlamps to scholarship students embarking on one of these amazing experiences. We want to make sure that all of them have the best equipment available.

    If you would like to support Bosavi, but don’t need a headlamp or Solio charger, consider donating your reward to Outward Bound. Your donation will be tax-deductable. If you’d like, we will include a write-up about your donation on our Web site.

    You can go to to learn more about them. And sign up for a course, they are amazing!

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  • Bosavi has one patent issued and four pending. The patents cover both the design and functionality of the headlamp and the revolutionary packaging. Thank you R'Sue Caron from Caron IP—the best patent agent in the world. Bosavi is a registered trademark. Bosavi reserves the rights to the Bosavi name and the Bosavi logo. Thank you Marina Caron for designing the Bosavi logo.

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    The Origami Supporter: We have developed a new process for making the Origami Lanterns!!! Same exact lantern, just a whole lot cheaper. Contribute $5 and we will send you a beautiful origami lantern that fits on almost any headlamp.
    (International Backers please add $2 for shipping)

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    The Origami Maker:
    As a thank you for supporting Bosavi, we will send you a beautiful laser-cut origami lantern. Though this lantern is not a product we ever intend sell individually it fits on almost all headlamps on the market today.

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    The Power Animal:
    Your support for Bosavi will be rewarded with a t-shirt featuring a choice of power animals: Owl or 3 Wolf Bosavi. These shirts are printed in Oakland, CA on soft, form fitting American Apparel. **We'll send you a survey to get your size and color preference. (International backers please add $5 for shipping).

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    The Bosavi Explorer:
    Be one of the first people in the world to own a Bosavi headlamp at a reduced price (MSRP $79.99). Each headlamp will ship in the convertible origami packaging and include a micro-USB cable. (International backers please add $15 for shipping).

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    Give One Get One: Get a rechargeable Bosavi headlamp and donate another Bosavi headlamp to a scholarship student or staff member of the Northwest Outward Bound School. Each headlamp will ship in the convertible origami packaging and include a micro-USB cable. (International backers please add $15 for shipping).

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    The Bike Commuter:
    Get a Bosavi headlamp, and one Bosavi bike mount. This headlamp will be shipped in the convertible package, and will include a micro-USB wall charger. You will also get an extra origami lantern.
    (International backers please add $20 for shipping)

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    The Fashionista/Fashionisto:
    Ride your bike in style wearing a Bosavi t-shirt! This package includes: one headlamp supplied in the convertible origami packaging, one micro-USB cable/wall charger, a bike mount, and a Bosavi t-shirt of your choice.
    (International backers please add $20 for shipping)

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    The Sun Lover:
    Charge your headlamp anywhere with the Solio Bolt (a $70 value). This package includes: one headlamp in its convertible origami packaging, a bike mount, and the amazing Solio Bolt and its accessories.
    (International backers please add $20 for shipping)

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    The Power Couple:
    Adventure together in style. This package includes two Bosavi headlamps, two bike mounts, one Solio Bolt, and 2 Bosavi t-shirts of your choice.
    (International backers please add $30 for shipping)

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    The Adventure Team:
    Get five Bosavi headlamps (complete with lantern packaging) with your team logo or family name laser-engraved on each. This reward will also include five bike mounts, two Solio Bolt solar chargers, and five Bosavi t-shirts.

    (International backers please add $35 for shipping)

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    The Angel Contributor:
    Do you support the Bosavi mission but don’t need 10 headlamps. With this package we will send one headlamp to you and a combination headlamps and Solio chargers to Outward Bound Scholarship students equal in value to your contribution. This pledge will be tax deductable. If you choose, we will display your name on our website and include a story about who got the headlamps.

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