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Never-told story of the innovative mega-concert that proved it could be done right; AMAZING music, big crowds; cool subplots & ... Woz.
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Posted by Glenn Aveni (Creator)

Hello friends, backers and US Festival-ers. Glenn here with an Update.

1. BOOKLET - this is an awesome FREE bonus! Some who booked thru our Facebook page(s) know about this, but now I am telling EVERYONE WHO BACKED because I have decided that EVERY BACKER gets a booklet! What is the booklet? It is a 96 page (minimum) 4-color 8 1/2 x 11 keepsake of The US Festival like no other - because it is full of stories and photos FROM YOU - the people who were there! This is free, it is a bonus Reward, no cost to you, no extra shipping. 


If you want to submit for inclusion in the booklet, I set up an email account at For stories - 100 words maximum (unless the story is so awesome you need more words).  For photos - jpg or pdf format only. Please include 10 words with each photo so we know for sure what we are looking at. I realize some of you may have sent stories and/or images to Kickstarter or Facebook months ago - sorry, you need to re-send them to the website I just mentioned. I cannot guaranty that what you send will be included, some of it is luck as to who sends us something similar, but I can tell you that Backers take first priority. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A HUNDRED PHOTOS - pick the best (up to 6) and limit it to that. Anyone who pledged at the $40 level and above will get a physical booklet, and anyone who pledged at $28 or less - downloads - will get an e-booklet via download. Any questions, feel free to ask here or at the website. But please please - only submit materials through the website and don't forget 10 words on each photo.

artist's early rendering of the booklet
artist's early rendering of the booklet

IMPORTANT NOTE: even though the artist's rendering above says '82, and even though the film is about '82 - the booklet will cover BOTH years, so stories and photos from '83 are very much welcome. 

2. FOOTAGE - very happy to announce we have secured a great flat-rate deal with a major footage house which will allow us to have about 15% more footage from the show than I expected and more bonus footage. This is what we call BRoll, it's everything except the music - crowd shots, crowd interviews, talent interviews, pan shots ... very happy about this.

3. MUSIC - it's easiest to strike deals for music once the first deal is done, so it is best to strike the first deal with the top artist. There are several we could call the top artist, I went with The Police. I don't want to give away too much info, but you will see - in the film - their famous medley of Message in a Bottle into Can't Stand Losing You into Reggatta De Blanc and back to Can't Stand Losing You. More Updates on music and bonus footage soon.

IS THERE A DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR THE BOOKLET? Yes. May 31st. You have the month of May. Again - any questions - hit me here or on the website. Submissions only via the website. Web address again ...

- Glenn

Here I am celebrating the clearance deal w The Police
Here I am celebrating the clearance deal w The Police



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    1. Missing avatar

      Kash Sen Productions on

      Glenn, congrats on the deal with "The Police" -- that's just fantastic! Hope all the other deals and discussions go well... looking forward to receiving and viewing the final finished documentary. All the best. BTW, great idea about the Booklet and that's mighty kind of you to send one to every backer. Good karma ;-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Brenda Harper Schuck on

      What is the progress on this project so far? I am so looking forward to receiving the finished product.

    3. Glenn Aveni Creator on

      Jack - some people have sent photos in the past attached to Messages on Facebook; for those people - they need to re-send to the email address. yes, you are correct - they need to be attachments to the email, the use of the word website by me - my bad, sorry for the confusion. send as attachments to the email. thanks for pointing it out, Jack.

    4. Jack Koning on

      I am seeking a little clarification.
      You say to send photos to,, But then you say, " need to re-send them to the website I just mentioned." I think you mean to send them as attachments to the email address, Is this correct?