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Never-told story of the innovative mega-concert that proved it could be done right; AMAZING music, big crowds; cool subplots & ... Woz.
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Posted by Glenn Aveni (Creator)

Well,  4 days left and can't say for sure what the end result will be, but I know these two things - it's gonna be crazy, and I am feeling pretty good that with focus and hard work, we will get there. (Although I have an EMT on stand-by, LOL.) 

Today I made a post on Facebook asking everybody who has pledged to make a comment about what the show meant and why they want to see this film. So I am encouraging all to go to one of our 2 FB pages and comment. The page about the documentary is and the page covering both festivals is - love to see a massive barrage of comments. :)

I also added a $7500 reward (you never know, and it could be the difference), that includes an Exec Producer credit, PLUS a hand-painted and hand-signed unique US Fest guitar, and an opportunity to join me for an interview with talent (including air and hotel if needed, from Cont US).

Lots of local radio stations and TV stations picking up the press release. In general, working it hard, because this is it, and this film needs to happen. I wouldn't be within this close a reach without you, so my gratitude is substantial.  Let's spread the word these final days, and bring this baby home!! 



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