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An interactive storytelling website documenting a year of revolution in Egypt through compelling personal stories and social media.
325 backers pledged $20,142 to help bring this project to life.

43 hours to go! New reward - Original graffiti art from Cairo!

Posted by Jigar Mehta & Yasmin Elayat (Creator)

We are in the final 2 days! So much generosity by our community. We now have 284 backers supporting us for nearly 19k! Each 1k is another fellow we can support for 3 months!

I'll be spending the final 48 hours letting everyone know about our amazing new reward.

This is a truly unique reward, only available here.

We have been donated 3 original pieces of graffiti art by the artist Zeftawi.

Graffiti has become a huge part of the post-Jan25 scene. Here is a story from our site about it. Checkout "The Graffiti Revolution" on #18DaysInEgypt 

Please help continue to spread the word, you all are our best resource!

Cheers, Jigar

Sample of Zeftawi's work below

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We did it! Now let's smash it!

Posted by Jigar Mehta & Yasmin Elayat (Creator)

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Meet the fellows of 18 Days in Egypt (VIDEO)

Posted by Jigar Mehta & Yasmin Elayat (Creator)

Thanks for all your support of 18 Days in Egypt.  It’s a real honor that you have supported us, and the work of our team. With 8 days to go we are $3800 away from our minimum goal with over 215 supporters!

You rock! Who else rocks? Our fellows!

We have six young Egyptian “fellows” who are so talented, and they are doing a great job collecting and crafting stories about the Revolution, built around social media elements like video, photos and tweets.  The streams cover a huge range of stories: current events like the Port Said soccer match tragedy, reflective takes on the original 18 days of the Revolution, and lighter riffs on its music and graffiti art. 

We’d love to introduce you to some of our fellows: Be sure to check out the video as well and hear from them directly!

18 Days in Egypt fellows and tech team. ( IΛ is 18 in Arabic )

Nesma El Shazly graduated from American University of Cairo with a B.A. in Political Science.  After the atrocities of January 28th, she and her family took to the streets in protest.  She has created incredible streams about the women of Revolution’s frontlines, the rise of the V mask and Wael Ghonim’s impact one year ago

Mostafa Sheshtawy is an engineer and citizen journalist, and he can’t stop photographing his country’s dramatic new history.  Mostafaa has created crucial streams on the Motorcycle Ambulances, a look back at the Battle of the Camels, and a hilarious riff on “the man behind Omar Soliman”.

Carmel Delshad is a multimedia journalist based in Cairo and New York, and studied international reporting at The City University of New York.  She has created superb streams on “panda graffiti”, the anniversary of the day Mubarak resigned, and a man who literally lost his fingers in the Revolution.  

Mohamed Abd El-Hamid is a student and full-time revolutionary.  He says his tear gas mask “is my best friend”, and his bag is now a first-aid kit.  Mohamed has created extraordinary streams on tear gas, the soccer massacre, and contemporary revolution art. 

There’s Sara Elkamel, an Egyptian journalist living in Cairo.  She contributes to several local papers, including Daily News Egypt and Al Masry Al Youm English, and previously worked at the Guardian in London.  She has created fantastic streams on the contemporary and cartoon art of the revolution.

Finally, there’s Dina Fergani…  Dina has created singular streams on the youngest victim of the Port Said massacre, the women's march, and shopowners on the frontlines.

The money you are pledging will allow us to hire 20 fellows from around Egypt to produce stories and help thousands of Egyptians around the country tell their story of the ongoing revolution.

Thank You, Jigar & Yasmin

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Our coverage of the ongoing unrest in Egypt - reported by our fellows!

Posted by Jigar Mehta & Yasmin Elayat (Creator)

Thank you so much to our supporters who have helped 18 Days in Egypt document stories, like the Port Said tragedy that occurred in Egypt yesterday.

We have six Journalism Fellows on the ground at this moment, covering the events which began when a soccer match turned violent. Our 18 Days in Egypt website now features a very informative and moving stream shedding light on some of those killed in the violent clashes in Port Said today. We invite you to watch it: My Heroes of Revolution

Below are streams that we have produced in the last 12 hours!

Please help spread the word about 18 Days in Egypt so we can continue to get these stories from on the ground!!! We are at 38% of our goal and we have 16 days to go!

From Cairo, Jigar & Yasmin

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18 Days Team Tells the Story of Port Said

Posted by Jigar Mehta & Yasmin Elayat (Creator)

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