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We create customizable children's books about the life and legacy of your loved ones.
We create customizable children's books about the life and legacy of your loved ones.
We create customizable children's books about the life and legacy of your loved ones.
355 backers pledged $22,033 to help bring this project to life.

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      Thank you, Juliette. It looks great

    2. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Hi Francisco. I just sent an email your way with the preview of your book! They will be on their way shortly to the printers and then to you!

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      Hi Juliette - can you please give an update?

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      Hi Juliette - can you please give an update?

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      Thanks @Juliette

    6. Dylan Soo on

      Hi Juliette. The emails seemed to be bouncing. Are you able to provide another email I can send so you could check to see if the survey went through? Thanks!

    7. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Hi Francisco! Book pages have all been generated and tonight we are compiling books. It shouldn't be long until they are being printed but I won't know an exact date at which they'll arrive to you until we're a little bit farther along in our print - production process. I'll send an update as soon as they've been sent to the printer. Thanks for checking in, and my apologies for the delay!

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      Hi Juliette - can you please give an update on the status of these books?

    9. Dylan Soo on

      Thanks Juliette! I've sent an email. It bounced back to me the first time a couple days ago so am resending!

    10. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Hi Dylan, if you could let me know which email was used I can quickly check and confirm for you. Please email me at, that would be excellent. Or you can just leave it here in a comment and I'll find it!

    11. Dylan Soo on

      I filled out my survey in March when they came out. I did not use my email address but my partners. When we uploaded the pictures it said we were complete but how do I know that the information I submitted went through? Is there a way to double check that? Thanks

    12. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Hey Francisco! Our second batch will be sent to the printers at the end of April / Early May and then the printers send them as soon as they're ready for shipment!

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      Hi - when will these books be shipped out?

    14. Missing avatar

      Katie Hicks on

      There were typos in my book. Any way to fix that?

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      Greg Mineau

      It should have been to an address in Deerfield, IL, PM me if it went elsewhere and I'll give you the full address.

    16. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Hi Greg could you let me know where the order was to be sent to. I can check and see if they were sent accidentally to an incorrect location. If you'd prefer you can message me at Our apologies!

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      Greg Mineau

      Dec. 28th and still no book for the "christmas" delivery

    18. Missing avatar

      Brigham Shipley on

      How do we know if we’re in the first or second group of shipments?

    19. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Today! They're expected to arrive Friday or Saturday. They all have priority 2-3 day shipping.

    20. Missing avatar

      Heidi Farnworth on

      When will the books be shipped? Just anxiously waiting to see what you guys have put together!

    21. Juliette Eames Creator on

      My pleasure!

    22. Jamie Littlefield on

      Thank you, Juliette! Really appreciate the quick response!

    23. Juliette Eames Creator on

      @JamieLittlefield we received your answers, AND we have your photos! Everything should be good to go for Christmas! Thanks for checking in.

    24. Jamie Littlefield on

      I needed to call my mom a second time to get the answers that were asked again in the new survey. I'm hoping that my photos went through from the first survey because I didn't set them aside after uploading them originally. Is there a way that I can confirm this? I'm anxious about the books not being right for Christmas presents. Thank you!

    25. Juliette Eames Creator on

      @Stephanie Lynn: here you are!! Can you try and complete this in the next 24 hours? We compiled and organized our Christmas orders this week!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Lynn on

      hey there! I might be a little late to the party but i saw that one slot was still open for receiving the book before christmas and i jumped at it. i am not sure where to fill out the survey though or create the avatar or anything like. Will the link come in an email? Just trying to fill in out as quickly as possible for you. Thanks

    27. Juliette Eames Creator on

      No worries, Kim! I received your email. We're you able to submit the survey okay? So sorry that it froze when it got to the photo portion. A few people have mentioned they were having trouble using google chrome. Were you using Chrome by chance?

    28. Missing avatar

      Kim McIntosh on

      Hello... I had trouble with survey 2 freezing up and could not load photos. I forwarded an email to you with photos that I would like in the book. I requested my book by Christmas and I’m so excited to receive it! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. Thank you!! KIM

    29. Juliette Eames Creator on

      @AshelyWilkes, please submit your photos to my email and I'll be sure to upload them.

    30. Juliette Eames Creator on

      @brighamshipley - we have our pages in a set order based on what we believe is the natural progression of an individual's life. However, if there is something specific you want to communicate to us about the order of the pages we will do our best to re-arrange for that specific event. Let me know what specific questions you have via the messaging tool or you can email me directly, Thanks so much!

    31. Juliette Eames Creator on

      @whitneyJensen - it appears that you did choose a background. He was involved in financial services, so you chose the big business page. As far as him as a river guide we do not have a page for that profession as we have only done the most popular pages demanded. We will be sure to include the second profession you submitted though. And yes, your survey was successfully submitted :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Brigham Shipley on

      How do we ensure the pages are in the correct order of the person's life?

    33. Missing avatar

      Ashley Wilkes on

      Hello! I tried to upload photos to the second survey, but I keep getting error messages. Is there another way I can submit them?

    34. Missing avatar

      Whitney Jensen on

      Hi! I completed my survey and then the page froze when it was sending - Is there a way to make sure it was submitted successfully?
      Also, for one of the careers I chose, none of the pictures matched. Do you have more pictures to choose from? Or if it's left blank will you create one that matches it?

    35. Juliette Eames Creator on

      @Brigham Shipley: unfortunately not. But we're creating a new survey for you and will send it soon! Sorry this one is taking longer than the first. We want to make sure we get it right!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Brigham Shipley on

      Is there any way to edit your survey once you've completed it?

    37. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Hi Lynsey! Our next survey will allow you to customize the skin, color, hair color, and hair style!

    38. Lynsey Ayers on

      When am I able to customize skin tone and hair for my book? I was able to input other information, but the video indicates we are able to do this too. I just want to make sure that my book turns out perfectly!

    39. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Thanks Gravel!! We appreciate your support! Make sure to share this project with any friends or family you think may be interested in this product!!

    40. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Hi Heidi! We will reach out to you within the next 7-10 days to collect the information about the individual the book will be about!! We will contact all of our backers via email.

    41. Missing avatar

      Heidi Farnworth on

      Once we've made our pledge, how do we start making our book?

    42. Gravel on

      I love this project so much! Congrats & we are rooting you on for success during your campaign!

    43. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Thanks Andrea! We totally agree! These are timeless treasures you can share with your kids and future generations! We’re so glad you’ve caught the vision!

    44. Missing avatar

      J. on

      Wonderful idea!

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrea Wright Zaugg on

      I'm so excited about this book project, What an affordable gift idea that is meaningful. So much better than all the cheap junk we spend money on at Christmastime.

    46. Juliette Eames Creator on

      Hi Shereesa! Yes, this is possible but there isn't a pledge option specifically for this use case. Please contact us directly with how many ancestors and how many copies for each ancestor you would like and we'll give you an amount to pledge that will reserve your books!

    47. Missing avatar

      Shereesa on

      Is it possible to buy multiple books for the early bird pledge? Such as for 4 different ancestors?