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Chicago's premiere Chiptune Rock band embarks on a bold musical quest to take over the world, or at least the tri-county area.
I Fight Dragons funded their first post-major-label album via Kickstarter and proceeded to make a crazy rock opera that hit #5 on the Billboard Vinyl Charts upon its release
I Fight Dragons funded their first post-major-label album via Kickstarter and proceeded to make a crazy rock opera that hit #5 on the Billboard Vinyl Charts upon its release
3,423 backers pledged $115,052 to help bring this project to life.

"Chicago" exclusive for Kickstarter Backers


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A Video Update / Important News About The Near Future's Release Date


Greetings all, Brian here.

You may have noticed I haven't been posting to the Project Atma blog in the past week or so, and it's because I've been trying to digest some very frustrating news we got last week and decide how we will move forward.  I thought it best to fully explain in a video:

 The long and short of it is, because of these manufacturing delays, we have to move the release date back from September 16th to December 9th.  This was a very hard decision, as I know you have been waiting a very long time for this album, and I absolutely hate making you wait longer after you've been so patient thus far.

I hope you'll watch the video since I walk through exactly what happened and why.  As you can see in the video, I can't help but feel like when you hold this beautiful slice of history in your hands that you helped to create, it will all be worthwhile.  That said, I know this is very frustrating, and I hope you know that I too am incredibly frustrated.  

Additionally, there will be a followup backers-only update with the link to let you download another song from the album ("Chicago") coming right after this one.

Thank you again for the ridiculous amount of support and patience you have shown with us, when we launched this whole quest 18 months ago I had no idea where it would take us or what a crazy journey it would be, and holy hell if it hasn't proven insane beyond my wildest reckonings.

Even after all that has happened, I still hold out hope that when you hold this magical glowing artifact in your hands and you get to finally listen and experience it for yourself this December, all of this will make sense and we will be redeemed.




Hi guys! Sorry for not being clearer about this in the video, but the big decision was whether or not to release the digital first and just wait 3 months on the physical, and I want to explain further as to why we decided to wait on the digital as well: 

We started this whole project trying to make a crazy physical item. Approximately 3000 of the 3500 backers are at the physical level, and additionally the 22-minute song cycle really really needs the graphic novel to go with it for the whole thing to make sense. The project itself is really all about the physical item, and while I do think the digital version can be enjoyed, it would make me incredibly sad to have the digital version out in the world for months, for people to be forming their impressions of the album based on something that was really just a digital reflection of a physical incarnation that didn't exist yet. 

I obviously understand the need and desire for the digital version, in fact all the physical copies will come with a digital copy as well, but to have waited this long only to have the album's main reception be judged 100% on that digital reflection of an item that doesn't yet exist was something we just couldn't do. 

For the folks that have only ordered the digital version, this may seem unfair, and I'm incredibly sorry, but I also think it would be unfair to the folks that ordered the physical version if we did it the other way around, which is what made this decision so difficult for us to make.

The Near Future is Complete! Release Date Set + Warped Tour + First Track


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Recording Studio Update! Still On Track For Summer Release!


Well hello there, loyal and steadfast Project Atma backer!

It's been 3 months since our last large-scale kickstarter update, and for that I heartily apologize.  There have of course been the near-daily updates on the Project Atma blog, but I still think those of you who aren't into the whole "blog" scene deserve regular updates, and so I'm here to report that we're in the home stretch with this recording process, and things are coming out AWESOMELY this second time around. I don't mean that in the colloquial sense either, I mean that I'm literally filled with awe at how well this process is going.

We started pre-production tracking in January and have been in the actual studio itself since February (Rax Trax in Chicago with complete badass Noam Wallenberg at the controls).  Every step of the way, this process has felt RIGHT in a way that I can honestly say I've never fully experienced in the studio before.  Usually being in the studio for me is a heady mix of excitement and dread, as I start to second-guess and doubt and think about where we could be doing things differently, but this time the whole band knows exactly where we want to go with this, we've done the homework, we've put in the hours before we even stepped foot back in the studio, and Noam has been a huge asset, diving right in with us 100%.

I remember the first day when we were importing scratch/demo tracks and talking about songs, and I told Noam about "Jimmy and Sally," the 7-part 6.5-minute-long song that ends the whole album, and I confessed that I had no idea of the best way to attack it recording-wise.  He just smiled and we got to work, and it's been 6 weeks of complete recording joy since then.

We're almost done with tracking, just a few more guitars, a few more vocal tracks, and some finishing touches left to get in there, and then we'll be mixing (all backers at the $50 level and above make sure you look at yesterday's update to submit your vocal tracks!).

We should still be on schedule to have the final masters done by the end of April, meaning that we'll have the June or July physical release that we've been aiming for (we may get you backers the digital version a bit earlier, cuz, you know, you've been pretty damn amazing over this past year).

Also, just for funzies, I've been bringing my camera into the studio and getting some footage of the whole process, which I'll probably cut into a 10 or 20-minute-long giant videoblog once the recording process is done.  For now I'll leave you with some clips of how it's been going, as well as some chiptune sneak peek videos!  

PS - for those of you that might have missed any of the other pretty huge announcements these past few months, a reminder that we will be playing the entire Vans Warped Tour this summer, and that Bill has decided to pursue his solo project Will Post full time, having just released his debut album "Panthenon" (which is awesome, if you haven't heard it go pick up a copy right now, and attend his live webcast show tonight on StageIt).

And now, videos!

Chad Drumming:

Packy Ripping a Solo:

Brian pounding out some rhythm guitar:

Hari Stealing Packy's Chocolate:

Chiptune Sneak Peek video:

Chiptune Sneak Peek video #2:

Chiptune Sneak Peek video #3:

It's Time To Record Your Vocals For The Album! ($50 and above backers only)


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