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I Fight Dragons funded their first post-major-label album via Kickstarter and proceeded to make a crazy rock opera that hit #5 on the Billboard Vinyl Charts upon its release
I Fight Dragons funded their first post-major-label album via Kickstarter and proceeded to make a crazy rock opera that hit #5 on the Billboard Vinyl Charts upon its release
3,423 backers pledged $115,052 to help bring this project to life.

$50,000 in 36 hours - Your Project Atma Flexi-Record (and beyond!)

Posted by Brian Mazzaferri (Creator)

This.  is.  insane.

I don't know how else to put it.

I'm going to tell you a secret.  Even in the most basic version, this album was always going to cost us at least $40,000 to make.

I wanted to make it no matter what though, so I set our basic goal at $20,000, knowing that if we could raise that much, I'd have to go into personal debt to fund the rest of the album budget.

If that's what had happened, I would have done it with a smile, knowing that I was making an album I believed in, and that our amazing fans had pitched in just as much as I had personally.

But that was 36 hours ago.  

Now, as we've hit stretch goals and upgraded the album the costs obviously go up as well, everything from increased shipping to specialty vinyl upgrades to picture disc manufacturing to the fact that we're going to have to make MORE of these babies, and ultimately in the current maxed-out configuration our production costs are going to be more like $50,000.

Which you just took us past.

In 36 hours.

Holy. Crap.

This means a couple of things:

First of all, I'm announcing our $50,000 stretch reward:

Everyone the $20 Voltron level and above will receive a special Project Atma flexi-disc in the mail soon after the campaign ends - these are amazingly cool little artifacts and they'll have an audio thank you message from us as well as a secret piece of music.  

Second of all, we've begun some next-level scheming about where we can go from here.  At this point you've made it so that we can do everything we dreamed of doing with this album, and we're going to make sure that every dollar you have donated is spent wisely, effectively, and epically.  More announcements on this front soon.

Third of all, this whole thing just started!  There's still WEEKS of kickstarter exclusives coming your way, and believe you me we've got some awesome stuff planned.

(On that note, if you didn't already download "Burnadette" be sure to get it here:

GUYS.  This is so fun :)



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    1. Missing avatar

      Kyle Hatfield on

      Maybe, an extra stretch goal (75 or 80 k) could be the downloads for all of your previous music. It won't (to my knowledge) cost you any extra, and it would be greatly appreciated by all you fans who don't have your pre-Kaboom stuff. Any way, I am more than happy to donate. You guys are one of the greatest bands I have ever had the privilege to support. Thank you for all that you do for your fans.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gina on

      I second Tanner Morris, I need to show my extreme love for this band in t-shirt form :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Joe Han on

      IFD + Fans = Awesome album + the sound of your ex label, facepalming.
      Come on fellow Dragon Fighters, LET'S PUSH THIS PAST 100,000!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Joe Han on

      IFD + Fans = Awesome album + the found of your ex label, facepalming.
      Come on fellow Dragon Fighters, LET'S PUSH THIS PAST 100,000!!!

    5. Tyler Feldhege on

      woops. I meant to comment on the Tell Em Steve Dave kickstarter. Sorry

    6. Tyler Feldhege on

      I would also rather wait. The reason I'm excited to get the DVD is to watch it with the commentary.

    7. Tanner Morris on

      What if for a stretch goal you guys gave away T-shirts or other merchandise or something? Everybody loves a free T-shirt.

    8. David Hough on

      It's really nice to see a band able to make an album they really love, in the way that they want to make it. It is even more impressive when they do that without a record company backing them. This is a huge step for the music industry; you guys are being funded by your fans because you treat us so well, and because your music is just so darn good! I'm super glad to see the amount of money pledged just soar and soar, and I cannot wait until I'm able to get my hands on that vinyl and listen the heck out of it. I wish you guys the best from the great white north, Canada itself. -David

    9. Missing avatar

      Cale Singleton on

      Pretty soon you'll have to change the jingle to "cause now I Fight Dragons HAS taken over the world... Yeah!" So happy to see success come to those who truly deserve it! You guys are blorfing awesome! So proud to be a member of Dragon Nation!! Love you guys!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gabe McDonald on

      Congratulations, guys! I've listened to your songs on YouTube, and there hasn't been one that I haven't liked, which is a first. The demo sounds great, and I'm excited to hear what you come up with. Good job and good luck! Rock long and prosper.

    11. Aaron J. Amendola on

      I'm crossing my fingers that your version of "Chicago" will make it an appearance. The Wells Track video was crazy to watch, and us Red/Brown line CTA riders need something to listen to when we're traveling...

    12. Stephen M. Pomeroy on

      Brian, Packy, Bill, Chris, and Hari: You guys rock. Literally and figuratively. Your concert I went to in Gainesville, FL was one of the best I've been to. Meeting all of you was awesome, and seeing how you genuinely appreciated and valued your fans won me over for life. THANK YOU for continuing to make music for us to enjoy. I want to echo what a few others have said, you're already giving us a TON of cool stuff even at the low pledge levels, PLEASE don't go into debt just to get us awesome stuff. Profit is NOT a bad word, especially when it means my favorite band will live on for more awesome tour adventures and albums! Not that a tour as a stretch goal would be a bad idea if it came back to FL. :-D

    13. Thomas Schratwieser on

      I'll be honest: I was wondering how on Earth you guys were going to do it for $20000 alone; glad to know you guys were thinking about it. Congrats! I can't wait to see how far you get.

    14. Missing avatar

      Matthew Bahr on

      would love a great tab/chord chart for the songs (all songs really). Even on normal stapled printer paper, would be glorious. Add it at 65k :)

    15. Tony Scimeca on

      i just started listening to you guys and i love your other albums so much that kickstarting this was a no brainer. I hope with this kickstarter you guys can actually break truly evenin dollars.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ross Leiser on

      I got a Kickstarter account just to support this project. I love the new song, I can't wait for the rest of the album, you guys are my favorite band, Kaboom! is my favorite album, and I look forward to seeing if Project Atma can top it. Then again, I love concept albums and that seems to be the place you guys are going with this, so I cannot even explain how proud and excited I am to be a part of this project.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Abrams on

      Ian Millington, I could second that happily :)

    18. Jason Danger Rankin on

      Awesome band + dedicated fan base = Anything is possible.

    19. Ian Millington on

      I'm really hoping one of the rewards will be stems and acapellas for Cool is Not a Number (I realise Kaboom is probably out of the question).

    20. Eddie Li on

      Free international shipping would be nice actually :D I'd up it to $20 if it was free shipping.

    21. Missing avatar

      Stephen Doud on

      This is awesome! Cannot wait to get the message in the mail just like the holiday cards!

    22. Missing avatar

      Matt Seevers on

      Can't wait to see how far this gets by June. I'm predicting $80,000 at least

    23. Mathew Cheesman on

      From this deployment*

    24. Mathew Cheesman on

      Fuck.....yes! Ad it's only going to continue! :D I'm so excited to see how much is raised at the end of this! Plus watching this kickstarter has become a new distraction for me to keep my mind off when I come home from hits deployment! :D

    25. Alexandre Mattenet on

      I'd love to see free worldwide shipping for the next stretch award. I'd get the 20$ reward if i didn't have to pay so much shipping.
      Keep rocking!

    26. Nicholas Wilson on

      I just figured if someone is going to take over the world before me, I might as well be in their good graces.... and get good music too...

    27. Missing avatar

      Steven Di Tommaso on

      SO HAPPY TO HELP!!! You guys rock!!!! Can't wait to see the final product. And if you ever need help saving a planet let me know.

    28. Erinn Manack on

      I completely agree with James Earl Hilty III and Brad May. All albums should be made like this. Hands down.
      But you really don't need to go crazy with the upgrades. We're HAPPY to give you our money. Geeks will gladly hand over their cash for excellent content. I'm betting most of us are just happy to be a part of it. Spend the extra money on food, rent, video games and maybe planning a UK tour since that's what lots of people seem to want. You've done an amazing thing here.

    29. Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo on

      so happy you guys got so much support so fast! I got to see you guys this summer (after being a long time fan) and it was awesome!

    30. David Brunelle on

      Well, now you won't have take any loan and you'll be able to make it happen. Plus we'll get epic stuff so it's a win/win. No load means you'll have more money for the next album too :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Brad May on

      This is how records should be made from now on. The freedom you have to make the music the way you want and the fanbase that wants to hear exactly that. I feel good to have contributed to allow this to happen. The actually rewards and prizes are just icing on the cake.

      Congrats you guys, I'm really proud of this whole thing for you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Helmishgen on

      I know it's too early to really see a trend but according to Kicktraq the project is trending towards $880,668. It's doubtful we'll hit that number but it's still pretty cool to see.

    33. James Earl Hilty III on

      First of all, I am glad to put money down. When I saw this Kickstarter I did not even think twice, and this was before I even saw the Upgrades You guys rock, and I have been seriously wanting a new Album from you guys for a bit.

      But I feel I have to say this. Don't go TOO crazy. As cool as the blue record and the 8-bit fireball picture disc are(and they are really freaking cool). I hate to think that you guys went 100% broke to make this happen.

    34. Missing avatar

      Charlie Hill on

      All i wanted was a better copy of the Zelda theme you guys so awesomely made! So i donated some dinero to my favorite band. I wish you guys the best and i can't wait to listen to the new album!

    35. Chris Medico on

      WOW. Brian, It's amazing that you were willing to put your own money on the line to do what you love, all for us! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to help you make this album! I can't wait to see and hear what you guys make with this project!

    36. Ryan Butcher on

      Really happy your album is going to be fully funded! Best donation money I ever spent. :)

    37. Kimberley Pilkington on

      Glad to be a part of this.

    38. Michael Krukowski on

      So excited for you guys! This is going to be so epic.

    39. Missing avatar

      David Funke on

      Upped my pledge to a c-note a few minutes ago. I figure it's like buying a box set, which I would do for a favorite band.

    40. Ben McLean on

      Make the graphic novel into a motion comic! :D