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I Fight Dragons funded their first post-major-label album via Kickstarter and proceeded to make a crazy rock opera that hit #5 on the Billboard Vinyl Charts upon its release
I Fight Dragons funded their first post-major-label album via Kickstarter and proceeded to make a crazy rock opera that hit #5 on the Billboard Vinyl Charts upon its release
3,423 backers pledged $115,052 to help bring this project to life.

We just hit 2 more stretch goals before noon???

Posted by Brian Mazzaferri (Creator)

I don't want to spam anyone with these updates, but I felt the need to point out that not only will your Epic Vinyl now come in a triple-gatefold sleeve with a foldout poster, 


This is seriously crazy - my guy at the record plant says people almost never do audiophile-weight colored vinyl, let alone flourescent blue which is one of the most expensive colors available, but we're going to do it BECAUSE WE CAN thanks to you.

If this keeps up I'm going to have to add more stretch goals - and believe me I've got a few zingers in mind :)

This.  Is.  Bananas.



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    1. Zack Bonchack on

      Awesome job guys, you definitely deserve it!

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Carroll on

      oh man.
      I've been waiting for IFD music for forever, and now i get to HELP MAKE IT-ish
      You guys rock!! So excited. Fingers crossed for a tour soon!?!?!!

    3. Missing avatar

      MindlessDude on

      DANG! i tried to fund it from my phone in the first 2 hours but it had issues :/ but DAMN! this is insane im so happy to be a part of this! cant wait :)

    4. Ben McLean on

      Have you considered shooting a full budget film of the epic story of the graphic novel or at least producing a motion comic? That would be a good stretch goal.

    5. Jørgen Weinwick Førde on

      I threw money at the screen as soon as I saw IFD and kickstarter.
      Now, maybe 12 hours later, I finally watched the kickstarter video :P

    6. Quinn Humlicek on

      You have already reached all the stretch goals!! You really need to add some more now :D
      Like more vinyl. You can never have enough vinyl.

    7. Case Marsteller on

      I want to see "It's Not Me, it's You" on one of the records, either the main one or the 7", since this all came about from the record label sucking and so did that song. It's one of my favorite IFD songs, and belongs on vinyl.

      I'd also love to see stickers or an obsolete CD as a future stretch goal. That or more vinyl. Always gotta have more vinyl.

    8. Bruce Walters on

      You guys are one of my favorite bands. Your songs Give It Up and Disaster Hearts along with the rest of your music, was my comfort music when my mom died of cancer. So I well gladly support orignal artists such as you! :)

    9. SlyBlue on

      Glad to see its going to be on 180g, and that this kickstarter exploding, awesome music and work every penny.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gina on

      This is awesome, I respect you guys so much for doing what you do, and now can't wait for Christmas :D

    11. tyler dominguez on

      Trust me, We would support you all through anything you endeavoured! I agree with Sieg hoping that maybe there could be something to put on my car! That'd be awesome! :D Once again you guys are worth every penny! Keep doing what you're doing cuz your fans are behind you 100%!!!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason Purdy on

      I can't wait for this guys. I've been a massive fan since the Overcool E.P and you've just gotten better and better. I hope you get enough pledges to buy yourselves Iron man suits or something.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Coleman on

      Awesome:) Have just upped my pledge amount by $20:)

    14. Joey Smith on

      More instrumental pieces! The Kaboom! overture is my all time favorite chiptune ANYTHING.

    15. Missing avatar

      Becca Brooks on

      I am so excited for you guys! This album is going to be incredibly epic. I'm looking forward to more update emails! :D

    16. Dane on

      This is going to be great. I agree with the "Something for my car" stretch goal post, as a cd copy would get the most mileage out of me... pun.
      Extremely bummed that I didn't wake up in time to get in on the Theme Song pledge, but glad I can help all the same! Cheers, guys.

    17. Lynn Dixon on

      Congrats guys. I don't mind the emails at all either!
      I am happy to have backed at the $100 level because I am a big fan of your music. Your remake of "Power Of Love" is probably my all time favorite, right behind "The Geeks will Inherit the Earth".
      Keep making awesome music, and I hope this Kickstarter hits mega-funding!

    18. Chris Medico on

      I feel like I'm going to own a little piece of nerd history!

    19. Missing avatar

      David Funke on

      I kinda hope you do keep spamming us with updates. Any media from IFD is awesome, be it records, videos, or my-gosh-you-guys-are-awesome-for-thinking-we-are-worth-it e-mails.

    20. Carl Nelson on

      You deserve it! *crosses fingers for a stretch goal that includes something to put on my car*

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt Snyder on

      I signed up for Kickstarter just so I could support Project Altma, can't wait to hear how everything turns out!