Project Atma - I Fight Dragons Creates An Epic New Album

by Brian Mazzaferri

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    1. David Cintron on

      So tonight the 30th of Nov? Or do you mean tomorrow the 1st

    2. Brian Mazzaferri Creator on

      Yep, I'm a dope. Just edited the update, I meant midnight tonight the 30th. There is no 31st. Learn to read a friggin calendar, brian

    3. Emily Rubik's Vernon on

      According to the video they are shipping them tomorrow @David Cintron

    4. John on

      how/where do I change my address?

    5. David Brunelle on

      So we don't get the fireball... I say it's no big deal at all. It's the album that really counts and we'll get it so everything is perfect. I do have questions : What was the song that was supposed to be on it? Can we see what it was supposed to look like and will there be a digital version?

    6. Damien Hill on

      This is freaking exciting!

    7. Marco A. Zamora A on


    8. Brian Mazzaferri Creator on

      @John, just shoot us a Kickstarter message or an email at

      @David, thank you man, I really appreciate that. It was going to be "Burnadette" with "Hero" as the b-side. Both of those songs will be part of "The Future Imperfect" which is the collection of demos that didn't make the album (which is included in your digital version)

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Mesa on

      Yay that it comes out this week! And Friday is an important day for me - now more important because of the digital release.

      Also boo for jerks who lie about their ability to do picture discs. I hope we can get them one day.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric Mesa on

      Where can I double-check the address I gave? I haven't moved or anything, but want to check.

    11. Brian Mazzaferri Creator on

      @Eric just drop us a Kickstarter message or an email at!

    12. Evan S Pringle on

      I shall do my part to ease your mind: my address has not changed since I set up my donation.
      Thanks for all the updates over the months. It's great to get such a full picture in the production of an album. That, in itself, is a treat.

    13. tyler dominguez on

      It's been crazy, it's been intense. Thank you for allowing us to experience this with you :) I wouldn't have changed any decision I've made in supporting you guys. Can't wait to hear your art. Keep it up.

    14. Arika on

      Cannot wait, super excited!

    15. Mel Mah on

      Gonna listen to Chicago on repeat in anticipation now.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alex Pelletier on

      Whoo I can't wait! I'm so excited to finally have it in my hand.

      One question though, will we recieve tracking information once it's all shipped? I've had instances of stuff getting stolen from my complex so I like to know what day something is arriving so I can try to have my girlfriend or someone move it inside (since I work all day). Thanks guys!

    17. Brian Mazzaferri Creator on

      Hi Alex! Sadly there won't be tracking info for these, as with many Kickstarters we have to use Media Mail to keep things affordable (otherwise shipping would be literally 4x as expensive and it's already costing us $20-30,000).

      However, we're sending them with Address Service Requested, which means that if they're not deliverable for any reason they should come back to us so we can resend them.

    18. Felipe Gonçalves on

      hahahahahaha This is why I love you so much! By the way, what kind of shipping is being used for international backers? I hope it gets here as soon as possible, such a shame though that the holiday season is usually really crazy

    19. Brian Mazzaferri Creator on

      @Felipe they went out via USPS First Class International yesterday, so hopefully they arrive before the holiday season gets in full swing!