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The KeySquare: a better way to carry your keys, open bottles, and look good doing it.
The KeySquare: a better way to carry your keys, open bottles, and look good doing it.
The KeySquare: a better way to carry your keys, open bottles, and look good doing it.
2,065 backers pledged $83,414 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping out

Hello Everyone,

We're happy to say that we have 1000 keysquares packaged and shipped! We have another batch of 500 going out next week. They will soon be in your hands. We're knocking these out as fast as we can. Special thanks to Brad, our shipping manager for all his help. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Trevor Vieweg on

      Adam - please advise on when these KeySquares will be getting to backers. I have yet to see this arrive and see that many other people have not as well. Please send out an update with dates for these to arrive.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Rodriguez on

      I originally ordered a KeySquare in November, and the original estimated delivery date was in February. I understand there are a lot of orders and you don't want to sacrifice quality-I get that. But as of today, delivery is two months behind schedule. I've essentially waited 5 months for a product I haven't received. If KeySquares are being sent on April 4th, how is it that they aren't being received three weeks later? Also, it's disconcerting hearing that people ordering from your website are receiving their products before backers, who were first to place their orders. If I knew I would have received the KeySquare earlier by ordering directly from your website, I would have done just that.

    3. Missing avatar

      dan the man on

      dude this is turning to bullshit. very slowly.

    4. Johnlshea on

      The better business bureau. Yelp? Facebook? Good luck with that.

    5. MJ Reynolds on

      So, Adam, is this how you treat your backers who helped fund this project from the get-go? This is totally uncool. I am asking you for a third time for a refund. I am done expecting anything else from you. I emailed Kickstarter and they basically said there's nothing they can do- it's in the hands of the artist? That's BS. I want a full refund before the end of the week, or I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, and blogging and Yelping and Facebooking. Thanks!

    6. MJ Reynolds on

      Dude, I ordered this 11/21/12 for my son. He was the one who sent me the link in the first place and really wanted one. Normally I don't purchase from unknown entities, but he really wanted it. So, like many others, multiple emails and a completed survey later, nothing. Zip. Except a charge to my credit card. You said on April 4: "We're happy to say that we have 1000 keysquares packaged and shipped! We have another batch of 500 going out next week. They will soon be in your hands." I asked for a refund once, and that was completely ignored. Even my son, who is more patient than I, has lost faith in you. I ask again for a full refund, and a personal email with specifics regarding my order, not a general, vague one!

    7. Jodi Gernon on

      We haven't gotten ours either. That would be terrible if they are selling and delivering on their website and not sending to the backers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Linda Belcastro on

      I also ordered a key square before Christmas and have still not received it. I have also sent a few emails and received no response. This is now a past due gift and would be nice to finally receive.
      I have however received updates but still no product.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dawn Varava on

      I haven't received mine, yet, either and ordered early on in process. What's up with that?!

    10. jenny scott on

      Yes, I agree with Vince. I keep getting emails that the project has been fully funded but I have yet to get the keychain that I ordered/backed project in November. Please advise!!

    11. Jon Perry on

      I've purchased stuff from NY & NJ to AZ after the 5th of April and they have arrived here before the 2 keysquare I pledged for. I did not order Coasters, any update on when my reward will make it too me?

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Chung on

      I noticed that I can buy a key square from your website and receive it next week. Any idea when all backers will receive there units? For it seems if I had gone with the website, I would not be still waiting.


    13. Thy Leds on

      @vince damn that's not cool!

    14. Vince on

      Just saw a picture of my friend with his new KeySquare. The only problem is he ordered from your website and I backed the Kickstarter project and still haven't received mine.

    15. Missing avatar

      Benin Badyal on

      Was Brad drinking a Yuengling? Dang I'm in the northwest now and I miss those…

    16. Charlie Gibson on

      If our keysquare is shipped, will we get a notification?

    17. stanteate on

      may I suggest shipping another method in the future.

    18. Barret Caligiuri on

      Looks like Brad needs a bigger desk...

    19. Missing avatar

      jeremy chan on

      Perfect timing. The spring in my carabiner has been failing sort of.

      As someone who stuffed thousands of envelopes for fundraisers, I feel your pain, Brad.

    20. Thomas Lazur on

      Thanks for the update, my keys will be able to look good soon enough. I wish you a lot of luck on future projects or continuing with the keysquare. Thanks, Tom

    21. Missing avatar

      Brandon Torres on

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to receiving and using the KeySquare!

    22. Vince on

      Good job everyone. I'm glad this product is on its way.

    23. Lee Kreindel on

      That”s great. I am looking forward to using my KeySquare. I am wondering what product you are dreaming up to Kickstart next?

    24. Glenn Mills on

      Great job and thanks. Looking forward to it.

    25. Bobby Robertson on

      Awesome! Can't wait to throw out my carabiner!!!

    26. harrison petit on

      that's awesome! nice touch with the yuengling too! is there any way i can adjust my address still or is it too late?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      Yuengling: for strength!

    28. Amit Pahwa on

      Awesome! Can't wait, thanks for the update!