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A social justice themed ABC book that you can read to your kids ages 0-3+. Over and over and over... Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 29, 2012.

A social justice themed ABC book that you can read to your kids ages 0-3+. Over and over and over...

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UPDATE 2: Sample pages are now up at:

UPDATE 1: We met our goal! Thanks everyone who has pledged and helped spread the word. I'm now deep into working on completing the book. HOWEVER, the $3000 goal was just the bare minimum needed to get this off the ground. I will still need to raise significantly more to get this properly printed. My plan is to do that through a second kickstarter campaign, presales and perhaps a personal loan. So the more we're able to raise through this push (goes to July 29th!), the better. Please keep pledging and keep spreading the word!


It's a familiar story. Dad reads the same books to 2 yr old over and over and over again every night. The ones his toddler loves are the are catchy, with big, funny, silly sounding words. And the ones that have a cat in them.

Those books are great. And some even have an interesting story and promote good values. But this isn't just your average liberal family. This family goes on anti-war marches together. They have an "I Support Marriage Equality" sign in their window. They may even have tattoos.

But what don't they have? They don't have an honest to goodness pro-activist, pro-social justice, pro-gay, pro-labor, pro-diversity, pro-gressive ABC book. With beautiful kid centric art. And writing that is fun to read. This family understands that even a 2 year old can appreciate a word like "camaraderie" long as there's also a cat in the picture.

This is still in rough draft form, but here's a sample of where we're going with this:


A is for Activist.
Actively Acting Against Atrocities.
Allies. Abolitionists.

Are you an Activist?


C is for Coops
Collectively Cultivating a Cooperating Culture
Comrades Countering the Corporate Vulture
Oh, and Cat.


Healthy Food is a Human Right.
Honeydew, Jicama, Havarti Cheese
Hummus,  Hot Dogs...
Hot Dogs?! Yes! Healthy Hot Dogs Please! (and pizza?)


Lesbian and Gay. We’re here to stay.
Love who you choose, cuz it’s Okay.
Some Like to Label and to Limit
But it’s up to you, to whom you commit


Megaphones Marching. Movimiento Music
Might I say, it Must be May Day!

You get the idea, and you can hear more in the video clip above.

Now here's the deal. Printing board books is expensive. And the writing and illustration work will take some time. A first draft of the writing is about 80% done, and I'm starting to do the illustrations. But for me and my comrades at Design Action Collective to keep this moving, we need funding to get this to "galley proof" stage. We need to complete the writing and illustration work, and get a handful printed so that we can put them in the hands of other parents with kids to test out, and see if what is and isn't working. We're kid-testing this as we go, but this kickstarter push is an effort to really do this right. Once we've tested the full book with a broader group, then we'll be fundraising for a full first run. So this is a true "kickstarter" effort--to see if there is even interest in having something like this see the light of day. So any donation towards our goal is welcome. Consider it a vote, as well as a contribution!

You in?


  • YES! The kickstarter campaign covers getting the book completed, but only dips into the actual printing costs. I will be begging and borrowing again to cover those costs. Send me an email if you're interested in donating--or have other financing ideas.

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  • Not yet. I'm going to set up a secure site to take pre-orders in a few weeks. But do send an email to <> if you plan to place an order. It will help me get a sense of how many to print, as well as make sure you are notified when the pre-order/ordering sites are set up.

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