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a double-sided hand-crafted fortune-telling board game for one.
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as an avid thing-maker, i have wanted to participate in MAKE/100 since its inception, and this year, divine inspiration finally struck.

i’ve been having a lot of fun with linocuts, blockprinting, and various methods of relief printing in general. it’s enormous fun to cut away at something, slather it in paint, and then smush it onto something else. (seriously, everybody should try it.) so OBVIOUSLY i wanted the project to be something i could create via this method.

my most recent linocut project: “moon prism power mixtape” prints
my most recent linocut project: “moon prism power mixtape” prints

i’ve also been enjoying my recreational adventures with friends as a (largely tabletop) game-player. i am NOT, however, much of a game-designer. luckily, i AM very competitive, and realized quite early on that the easiest games to win are games you can play alone (heh). hence the idea for a single-player game.

the rest, hilariously, was determined by aesthetic. i decided i wanted to go for the look of a classic spirit board. lovely stained wood with simple black artwork. as i researched spirit boards and other fortune-telling accoutrements, i was intrigued to discover that many use them as a means of connecting with their own intuition, rather than supernatural forces. as such, i thought it would be interesting and fun to create a “game” that allowed one to roll for their fortune; each square providing a potential answer to any yes/no question asked of it.

then it occurred to me that one isn’t always looking for answers. sometimes, one simply needs a push in the right direction, so they can create their own potential. so i decided to utilize the reverse side of the board to create another version that suggests things one can do.

as such, the fortune-maker was born. one side, “fate”, will let you roll for the answers you seek. the other side, “destiny”, will let you roll for actions to take.

process: designing the boards
process: designing the boards

each fortune-maker is created on a wood base that is approximately 4x6 inches. each one will be stained to a lovely walnut finish, be hand-pressed on each side with the “fate” and “destiny” blocks that i personally carved, have the squares individually lettered by hand, and be sealed with a glossy clear-coat to protect the finish so that you can ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAMES. (untouchable art pieces they are not.) one six-sided die and one player token will be included as well.

process: the carved blocks
process: the carved blocks

as i will be creating each game individually and by hand, there will be slight differences, ensuring each is unique and entirely one-of-a-kind.

process: first test prints
process: first test prints

the game pictured below is my very first prototype and, excepting the messy lettering (it was very late and very dark when i blearily finished - actual lettering will be very nice and will match the aesthetic of the game much better), is a fair representation of what each piece will resemble.

process: the prototype (first side: “fate”)
process: the prototype (first side: “fate”)

i love playing games, and i love making things for others, so i hope you will consider backing this project so that i can make you a game that you can enjoy for years to come! (and if not, that’s okay too. we can still be friends.)

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Risks and challenges

i have budgeted my materials and time very carefully to eliminate as many risks as possible. i already have most of the required materials, and i have budgeted my time to ensure that i can meet the expected deadline. the only risk i can foresee is that my hand might get wicked tired from all the hand-lettering, but i think it’ll be worth it (and my hand will only be stronger for it).

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