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A visually beautiful 3D castle building game that requires smart purchasing decisions, good planning of structure and stable hands.
A visually beautiful 3D castle building game that requires smart purchasing decisions, good planning of structure and stable hands.
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Day 13~! The Final 10 Days Countdown!!

Posted by Medieval Lords (Creator)

So yesterday our office's Internet totally collapsed on us. I blame Kenneth for his poor dexterity in stacking the modem over the new shelf. No worries, he did take that '-2 VP' Crumble Token and I won. But long story short, we were unable to do the Backer Room update due to technicality issues and we apologize deeply for that.

Here we are now! And we are excited to announce a REALLY COOL room - The Baby Dragon Cell. This awesome Room will feature a deadly power. It will likely have NO attribute bonus, and can only contain 1 Knight. During turn 9 of a game, there is a very small chance that the dragon will attack a 3rd and final time. However with this room built, that attack becomes guaranteed! I can already see how this room will be very powerful as a strategy if played in the right scenario - when your dragon damage taken is much lower than other players for instance, or if another player totally disregarded placing spare fodders in his superior castle (this room would likely tilt his advantage back down to your level!) Similarly, if you were on the other end of the spectrum as a Comfort-heavy castle, you could just buy that room off the track and keep it unbuilt in your inventory just to deny other players from pulling this off.

Since we are revealing a room power, we might as well officially also announce the room power of the Mad King's Room, which was revealed in our AMA video. The Mad King's room will only provide1 King space, and 1 Offence attribute. It's power allows its owner to always draw 6 Dragon Damage Chits instead of 5 (during dragon attacks). This allows the owner more chances of getting Chits that favor his/her situation. However, it is still subtle enough that it isn't game breaking. It is just a possible advantage. We have tested this quite a number of times already - it's all good ;)

Lastly, you might wonder what we were doing if our office internet was down yesterday... Here's what we do when we're not designing games: PLAYING GAMES!

Don't blame us for letting off some steam! We are strong believers in having high amounts of happiness around the team, which in turn churns out great passion and creativity!





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    1. sien on

      super likes Vincent's comments! \o/

    2. Vincent DiCello

      So who got tagged the most by those darts? ;)

      Bummer about the room, I was hoping for some of the other great ideas to win. Treasure room, library, Jasmine's room, tea party in the garden, etc. Basically hope that you create an Expansion down the road that contains some of these great ideas to make the game even more entertaining for children, especially for the girls. We need more girl gamers.