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pledged of $17,833 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $17,833 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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Theme of the Game


Hello Designers,

So we were having some really interesting discussions with some backers who messaged us - about the theme! 

Here's what we have at the moment:

Black Souls is the name of a really tough video game, and players are actually game designers making a level for that very game. The characters in the video game are heroes with varying classes such as Fighters and Mages etc. They can be killed, and they are fighting to the end of the dungeon crawler to simply survive. Shrines are used to resurrect any dead hero back to life to continue the fight for survival.

Here's a new creative entry we can use thanks to changing the colors used in the game to become colorblind friendly:

Black Souls is the name of a really tough video game, and players are actually game designers making a level for that very game. The characters in the video game are 'souls' in the underworld with varying class specs such as Fighters and Mages etc. They risk becoming Lost Souls if they are killed in their soul form, and they are fighting to the end of the dungeon crawler for a chance to return to the world of the living. Shrines light the way for Lost Souls, and can lead stray ones back to the fighting path.

Your Call:

As you can see, almost both of the themes are exactly the same, except for the fact that one uses souls as the video game theme more, and the other just uses souls purely as the title of the video game. Which of these two lores would you prefer? Again as always, your vote MATTERS! We will officially tweak the lore a little to adjust to the 'new' souls version if majority agrees that it makes the game more relevant to the title and better on the whole. Or if you prefer it simply being just heroes dying etc, we can just stick to the old theme. 

The cool part about the new theme is that the Black Souls can actually now refer to the champions (black cubes now instead of yellow), which as you already know, are wild colors in the game.

As very real impacters of developing Black Souls, we leave this completely in your hands to decide! Here's the link to vote: CLICK HERE! (As usual, you can vote in the comments below if you prefer not to travel over to BGG's website)

Reminder: We have less than 24 hours to finalize the new layout of the Asset tiles! If you haven't already voted for your choice, now is your chance to be a part of it and decide the direction of that too. CLICK HERE for Asset tiles' layout voting.


Colorblind Friendly & Tile Design


You have spoken, and we have listened!

The results were pretty one-sided, and I must admit I was a little disappointed that my personal choice (the Feedback form style under C) was not a hot favorite:

  • A - User Acceptance Test Form A (as of this post, 6 votes on BGG + 2 on here)
  • B - User Acceptance Test Form B (as of this post, 31 votes on BGG) 
  • C - Feedback Form (as of this post, 17 votes on BGG)

Still~ your votes matter! And so here is the result of the community's choice (it has been modified a little through further backer discussions on BGG too)

In case you were wondering, the size of each scoreboard is a good size at 20cm x 12cm (7.9inch x 4.7inch) and thickness of 1.5mm hard cardboard!

Up next is the NEW layout promised for the Asset tiles! Like before, please head over to this link (CLICK HERE) to vote for it, or you can just view it there and vote over here in the comments if you do not wish to create a BGG account. 

We also changed the colors of the cubes to become colorblind friendly! And more excitingly - we linked the lore of the game to the title~ The characters in the game are all Souls, and they are fighting for a chance to be returned to 'life'. When they are 'killed' they become Lost Souls. Shrines can lead them back to being normal souls again (resurrect) And the champions are known as Black Souls, the strongest type of souls - hence the title of the game! This solves the title link, as well as the colorblind problem and we are really happy about it!

Please vote your choice, your vote MATTERS! (because we really will listen!)


Score Board Development


Greetings Designers!

Today we will be zooming in on the new components we are throwing into the game. Yes, 6 high quality thick-board 'score sheets' to aid in counting points at the end of the game. Please visit this link to see the 3 options and cast your vote: CLICK HERE!

As promised, if you do NOT have a Boardgamegeek account, you can simply click over to view the 3 options and come back here to vote in the Comments. It would also be great if you could add a supporting reason for your choice :)

We will tally the results after 48 hours! Any votes after 48 hours will not be considered~


Day 2


So we are done with Day 2!

And hurrah~ We have crossed the previous campaign's amount today!

In the next update, we will start focusing more on the journey itself. And yes, you can expect to be a very real part of it. That's why you signed up with us, right? 

We are improving some of the game's looks with a few choices, and we will be needing your help to choose how they will eventually be like. If you already have an account on, great! Because that's the best place we can think of to create an easy poll and provide fast communications via the forum threads of Black Souls' page.

Don't worry if you have no BGG account, because making one is as easy as designing a game - well, maybe easier by a little bit. And if you don't intend to create one, no worries again - we will definitely be more than happy to cast your vote if you tell us from this campaign's Comments section itself. 

For now, sit tight while we prepare the choices~

While waiting, why don't you go ahead and check out this funny video that the Pink Meeple folks created? 


Relaunch-ED! Transition successful Sir!


Dear Designers,

We are safely migrated over to the new campaign now! And what a great first day, we are well over 50%~ (yeah we cheated with an existing audience, but let's chalk that up to using our Hack card!)

There are still some backers from the original campaign who have yet to transition over, so we should see our brethren in the coming days as not everyone has the time to do so yet.

On a more serious note, we did mess up our golden opportunity for the period when all the reviewers upload their videos and send out their tweets etc. Why? Because during that time, a LARGE amount of folks came to look at the original campaign after watching the videos, got turned off by the high shipping cost, and many never looked back. So even now, many of them are not even aware of the relaunch with much lower shipping. We assure every one of you that we are doing our utmost to push the campaign via social media, paid ads and banners in many places. We will continue to do so of course, but NOTHING beats the power of the backer's word of mouth. We are all on this journey together to realize this awesome game! You can easily help us by sharing with your friends that we have relaunched at 2.0 with much better shipping and a better campaign overall. If you are okay to help us, here's a really short link you can use to share:

It feels GREAT to be on a campaign that does not confuse our backers. We are so glad we relaunched! While we still look like we are at the same funding speed as the first campaign, do remember that this time we are on MUCH lower shipping on average. That we are still at the same funding amount despite the much lower shipping would only mean one thing - we have gotten many more backers joining our merry bandwagon!! Let's welcome everyone with a round of cheers! (cheerrrio~)