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A 15cm Interactive Binary Ruler with Seven Logic Gates, Four Flip Flops and a Four Bit Binary Counter.
A 15cm Interactive Binary Ruler with Seven Logic Gates, Four Flip Flops and a Four Bit Binary Counter.
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Uploading software update, User Manual and My Apologies.

Posted by Bradley Slattery (Creator)

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Hi everyone. Well this video has been a long time coming but I have been finally able to make it due to me receiving the left over DigiRules. Please take the time to have a look at the video, especially if you are looking to re-program the DigiRule.

I have uploaded the latest software update to the DigiRule page (just scroll down to the bottom, before the comments section). I have also made a simple PDF user manual which is included in the zip file.

Once again I do apologise for the end result of the DigiRule. I had great plans to get them sent out in record time, however this resulted in me skipping checks along the way and as such, button bounce problems have occured as everyone I am sure has seen. I try and explain further in the video above. I also extend my apologies in the video.

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    1. Mike Kasprzak on

      Cool cool. My PICkit 2 finally showed up too. Also discovered that these devices come with a 6 pin connector, where the DigiRule only has 5 exposed pins. I had a larger ribbon cable, so I used 5 header pins wires from that instead of what came with the DigiRule.

      After doing some reading, I learned that the 6th pin is the Auxilary pin, which doesn't seem to be used by many PIC devices. Borrowing the pin header from included cable, I would probably snip that 6th pin if I was to do it again.

      I programmed mine from Ubuntu Linux using PK2CMD. I had to build it from sources, copy the binary alongside the dat file, and run PK2CMD as root for it to work. i.e.

      sudo ./pk2cmd -PPIC18F43K20 -M -F file.hex

    2. Bradley Slattery 7-time creator on

      It's fantastic to hear about how you guys are getting your DigiRules reprogrammed! And encouraging to see that people are actually having a bit of fun with the process :)

      I must admit that the silkscreen printing on the board is not the fault of the PCB company, but rather my fault. They could only print what they were given and my tables obviously could have been done better.

      @Robert - Great to see you've been working on the code! In fact, it seems that you've made quite a few improvements :) And great to hear that the receivers enjoyed their gifts.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      Thanks Bradley for releasing the DigiRule as open source.

      I gave 4 rulers as Christmas presents. Each ruler had 7 POV messages, the names of everyone in that family. I also added an auto counter mode with 4 selectable speeds from .1 second to 2 seconds. And a mode for cylon eyes, where you could select which bank (or all of them). And made the lights test like a beacon (on for 60 ms, off from 1.5 sec).

      Also revised the mode selection so that the kids could more quickly get to the flashing, sparkling stuff (1 = sparkling, 2 = auto counter, 3 = cylon, 4 = POV, 5 = pair of dice, ...)

      The people getting the presents were ** extremely pleased **. Great project !!

    4. Steve Farrage on

      My Pickit2 arrived today and within minutes had both my Digirules working correctly. Very happy with the end result. And, perhaps ironically, had you not included the bug I would never had needed to learn about the Pickit method of programming the chips. So, I'm even happier now than I would have been by simply putting the battery in and turning the Digirule on. So, no apology needed. It's a shame the manufacturing folk didn't apply some of their own quality control for the printing on the back, but this is a minor detail for me. Thanks for a great project!

    5. Missing avatar

      Freddi on

      My Aliexpress Pickit arrived today, reprogrammed my DigiRules thanks to the excellent video, all is good.

      Btw, my pickit came with a 6-pin connector, so I removed one in order to fit it on the DigiRule.
      And Win 10 refused to recognize the usb device at first, but after plugging it in and out a few times all went well.

      Now Ill start modifying the sourcecode and customize my presents :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jack Colletta on


      First my kids love the ruler.

      Second, I am a bit bummed by the graphics and the need to reprogram the ruler.

      Third, I just ordered the Pickit2 you recommended and will use it to teach my kids some programming. They loved the POV section so now to show them how to print their names.

      All is good and your response to issues has been outstanding!

      Have a great Christmas.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Linhardt on

      Hi Brad,
      Digirules have been surprisingly popular.
      Would love to order a few more.....let me know when I can order...

    9. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      Jaap, thank you for those code revisions, especially the POV.

      I was having a lot of trouble getting letters to look OK in the POV messages and still do not know how to optimize them (blocky versus thinner, more or less space between letters).

      Now I have two rulers with "MOM", "DAD" and "KID" which display fairly well (MOM works the best as would be expected with no horizontal directionality to the letters).

    10. Marco Van Den Hout on

      Same as Jaap Scherphuis, received a PicKit2 clone and it was quite easy to reprogram the rulers I have and they work fine now!

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Jaap Scherphuis on

      My PICkit arrived, and updating the digirules was a piece of cake. The only slight worry was that the connector had 6 pins but the digirule had 5 holes, but you can just remove the sixth pin, the one furthest away from the triangle marker.
      OK, now the fun begins....

    13. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      @Lafazar It runs on a PIC, not an AVR.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sean donnellan on

      I love the digirule and the "problem" aren't real ones. Shit happens and this is all fixable. The digirule is cool full stop. Got mine and am more than happy. Great video and thanks for giving us the ruler AND updates with source code etc etc etc. Extremely happy. Good work and many thanks.

    15. Lafazar

      Thankfully it's all fixable except for the poor silkscreening. I too welcome the opportunity to get out of my Arduino comfort zone and get a first taste of "real" AVR programming.

    16. Tom Johnson on

      Thank you for all the hard work you put into this project! I just finished reprogramming my son's DigiRule with my PICkit 3. I used your latest build but replaced the smiley face POV message with my son's name. I can't wait to see his face when he waves it in the air and sees his floating name! Thanks again...

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      Thank you for the software update and for the pdf manual.

      I'm giving out 4 of my 5 DigiRules to kids in our family; having the SW update and the manual makes this much much better since these kids live far away and it would be difficult to reprogram later.

      I'm not seeing any more software problems. Thanks for fixing.

    18. Brian Sargent on

      Thanks for the manual! I'm delighted to see the generally positive tone of the comments online and I'm excited to go on my PIC adventure once the pickit arrives.

    19. Jaap Scherphuis on

      I'm still awaiting my PicKit, but thanks for the very clear walk through, the links to all the software, and the manual. I'm looking forward to messing about with it all. I think my first software change will be to make the RNG range selectable in mode 7. Then I'll see if I can think up some other modes to add...