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A 15cm Interactive Binary Ruler with Seven Logic Gates, Four Flip Flops and a Four Bit Binary Counter.
A 15cm Interactive Binary Ruler with Seven Logic Gates, Four Flip Flops and a Four Bit Binary Counter.
1,124 backers pledged AU$ 38,163 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kaj Beuter on

      5 Digirules @ Darmstadt, Germany arrived! Thank you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Marcel Petrulat on

      YESSSS, I'm the first!!!! :-)
      10 Digirules arrived today in the south of germany.
      Premium quality Bradley. Thank you very much, indeed.

    3. Bradley Slattery 7-time creator on

      @Freddi. Yes I'm in Australia, When making my prototype I order my boards through iteadstudio. I then assemble, program and test everything here myself. However when I get them massed produced (for kickstarter backers) I have a company in Shenzhen, China that I deal with. I send them my PCB design files, microcontroller code, bill of materials and a video of how to test them once manufactured.

      They then take care of making and assembling the boards, programming the microcontroller, testing each board one by one and then finally packaging and shipping them to each backer. I have not received any for my personal testing.

    4. Missing avatar


      Great! Looking forward to this :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Freddi on

      I'm curiuios about the logistics ... you are in australia, correct? And the boards were manufactured in malaysia?

      So a few have been sent to you for testing, and the rest gets shipped from malaysia to the world?

    6. Missing avatar

      Joe Andrews on

      I was just going to say, you have no reason to be sorry about any delay. I've backed quite a few projects on here on Kickstarter and this is probably the fastest notice I've received that the product was on hand and soon to be shipped. Kudos for a job well done and I will keep an eye out for any other projects you need backing for in the future. Very professional, compared to most here on Kickstarter!

    7. Aselwyn1

      Can't wait for mine to come in

    8. pclabtech on

      See, a Kickstarter that starts, promotes and finishes with shipping on the way, even after minor changes to the design. Unlike a few projects I am still waiting on for years, this one delivered on time as promised. Good job!

    9. Tom Stevens on

      So hyped. Can't wait to show it off at the office :)