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A 15cm Interactive Binary Ruler with Seven Logic Gates, Four Flip Flops and a Four Bit Binary Counter.
A 15cm Interactive Binary Ruler with Seven Logic Gates, Four Flip Flops and a Four Bit Binary Counter.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Freddi on

      Jupp, me too, using the B button selects the mode.

    2. Clive Saunders

      Just a quickie, in the video on mode 6: POV, you showed that the three settings are changed by pressing the 4bit up key.
      On my one, the settings are not changed using this key. I have to press the logic gate B button to switch between them.

    3. Missing avatar

      jakez on

      Thanks - a - lot! - what a nice old man toy :)

    4. Ian White on

      Sadly, I'm struggling to think of friends/colleagues who will appreciate how truly rule the DigiRule is. But I don't care, I'm going to rule everything I own. Twice. And then teach my kids how to rule in binary... whether they like it or not.

    5. Nolz on

      Really nice! Can't wait to play the game :P

    6. Lafazar

      @Bradley: Awesome, thanks a lot.

    7. Bradley Slattery 7-time creator on

      @Lafazar - have just programmed in your suggestion :) Great idea!

    8. Bradley Slattery 7-time creator on

      @James - I checked my array where the gray code was stored and everything matched up with the one we had discussed. Then I found an error in my code that was grabbing the data from the array and sending to the LED's, I had bit 1 and 2 swapped around. Thanks for picking it up - it's all fixed now!

    9. James Mapp on

      is that the final greycode you are going to be using? it's different to the one we were discussing previously.

      also, for those of use that regularly use 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sided dice you could have a dice select button (and the gate array could indicate which dice is being used at the time).

    10. Hellspark

      This is really cool, well done :)

    11. Missing avatar

      A Martin on

      Brilliant! I like the way you do mode selection

      Seems like a rev2 wouldn't need the 4 counter LEDs-- you could use the logic gate LEDs like you do with the shift register. (Increase that to 8 bits and you can do stuff like ASCII code.). More ideas to ponder....

      Looking forward to getting this soon!

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Ralston on

      Very very nice, and gray code to boot.

    13. Lafazar

      If you do what I described below with the numbers 0101 and 0011 you would get the result column of the truth tables of each logic gate/operation. That would be really neat.

    14. Lafazar

      That's really neat. I have an idea for an additional mode:

      1. Select a logic gate/operation on the right
      2. Enter a number on the binary counter with up/down
      3. Confirm the number with one of the unused keys
      4. Enter a second number on the binary counter with up/down
      5. Again confirm the number with one of the unused keys
      6. The DigiRule displays the result of the logic gate operation on the two numbers on the binary counter
      7. Optional: Select a different logic gate/operation and the DigiRule displays the result for the last two numbers entered

      That way you could visualize how the logic operations work on many bits at once.

    15. Missing avatar

      [CH] Jimmy Caille on

      Gray code, awesome man

    16. Missing avatar

      Martin Schmidt on

      The idea of ​​the software is super, POV display would be much better if you could enter 10 characters!

    17. Missing avatar

      Louis on

      Awesome ! I love it ! For the POV which is pretty difficult to see maybe you can do it on the 4 leds of the counter. It seems to be easier to shake the rule in this direction (but less details for the message)

    18. Missing avatar

      wayne millard on

      Great job love to see it on a standard 300mm rule length.

    19. Dr. Mathias Wilhelm

      Great update!

    20. Leticia on

      Wow! This looks awesome! Just one question, when you ship the digirules, will you include a sheet of paper or something explaining the modes?

    21. Shubhro De