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Introducing HIGH SOCIETY to a new generation of readers while offering something new and exciting for those already familiar with it!
Introducing HIGH SOCIETY to a new generation of readers while offering something new and exciting for those already familiar with it!
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Hi Everyone,

My name is John Funk (with John Scrudders permission and at Dave Sims direction) I'm going to post an update here regarding the CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER ONE Kickstarter project that had been announced in April by Dave. The reason I'm interrupting your peaceful day/evening/night is that I'm managing the logistical and communications part of the new campaign on behalf of Dave.

It was recently brought to my attention that there haven't been any updates on this, the original project page, and its possible that some people may not even be aware that the new project is currently live. In fact, there are about 8 days left on it.

I'll keep this relatively short, but just wanted to invite anyone who hasn't checked out the new project to take a look at it and at least watch the 'C-Minus Kid' video (over 1,100 views already, so it must have something that's appealing).

Link to the new project:

In short there are a number of different pledge items including:

  • the main feature, a folio of the ten earliest pages in the Cerebus Archvie with commentary by Dave; limited edition, signed and numbered (at this stage of the project, I'll contact you upon receiving notification of your pledge, so there's no need to pre-reserve anymore)
  • discounts for multiple portfolio orders
  • a 35% discount for 'brick and mortar' retail comic stores and free shipping (Canada & USA)
  • sets of 4, 8, 12 or 16 Cerebus Trade Paperback Adhesive Bookplates (option of unsigned, signed or personalised with your name and signed)
  • two options for a headsketch (blue ball point ink or black speedball superblack ink) hand drawn by Dave on the front of the folio envelope
  • a birthday card and phone call from Dave on your birthday
  • a day, or two or three, touring the 'OFF-White House' and time spent visiting with Dave and seeing how he spends his day
  • rewards range in price beginning at $13 for a set of 4 unsigned bookplates

I also want to remind the folks who signed up for the reservation numbers during the pre-project week in late April that in order to HOLD your number, you must make a pledge for the 10 print portfolio. After 8:00 pm EDT on May 31st it will be too late.

Finally, we want you to know that there are rewards mentioned in the list above that do not require you to participate in each future project to hold a reservation number or to continue in a series of sequential reward items. For example the birthday card or the book plates are stand-alone, one time rewards not requiring continuous participation, so keep that in mind.

I'll just close with another link to a great place to get more information and weekly updates directly from Dave (yes, he does drink a cup'o java now and again, usually when he makes the short 'road' trip down to the coffee shop with the Wi-Fi. The site is the 'A Moment of Cerebus' blog and here's the (correct - LOL, sorry Dave, it's not what you posted in your updates) link:

Thanks for letting me take up a few minutes of your time. If you have any questions about the current project that haven't been answered in the project description, the FAQ, the updates or the responses to the posted comments and questions please don't be shy about e-mailing me at this address: cerebusarchive [at] geps [dot] ca (this is also the same address to send your reservation request number to (more info on that on the project page noted earlier).

Thanks and take care.

John Funk (on behalf of Dave Sim)


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    1. Sordel on May 23, 2014

      Almost missed this new campaign. Thanks for the (much-needed) heads-up!