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Introducing HIGH SOCIETY to a new generation of readers while offering something new and exciting for those already familiar with it!
Introducing HIGH SOCIETY to a new generation of readers while offering something new and exciting for those already familiar with it!
1,140 backers pledged $63,634 to help bring this project to life.

Dave Sim 7/11/12

Carma Chan:  Thanks, Carma! (significant other of Oliver Simonsen, the guy behind the CEREBUS 3D MOVIE -- which I haven't approved but which I'm keeping an open mind about -- which they will be debuting in LA somewhere at a comics convention in November). Always I appreciate your kind words and wise counsel. And, of course, your book! (PSST Carma: plug your BOOK!)

 Michael Lucas: The Gainesville Hilton! where Gerhard and I had adjoining rooms for two months back in...1985?...working on CHURCH & STATE.  They gave us an amazing rate. Those were the days.  We were there longer than the house band that roomed down the hall from us.

Anyway:  we're still making our way from Point A to Point B which consists of 

a) getting all the goodies signed and out to all of you 

[see what I HOPE are embedded photos by Sandeep of some of the loot -- 8 cartons arrived yesterday -- he's coming over later today with the glamourpuss No.26 proofs]

b) figuring out what the PRIMARY expenses are (we're defining PRIMARY expenses as the cost of moving everything from Leamington Ontario to Kitchener to Fayetteville then to you, the cost of packaging and mailing everything securely, compensating Deni and Kevin Eastman, paying me for the autographs -- I don't know what or if I'll be charging for the drawings and sketches -- paying John on a per package basis and then a "lump sum to be determined by John" (no pressure, John) and paying Sandeep to scan everything having to do with HIGH SOCIETY...

[you might have picked up on my hesitation about adding in the 1981-83 news clippings: when does it become "overkill"?  I'm HOPING the answer is: it DOESN'T. If you get it and aren't interested...PLEASE just ignore that part of your package as a small inconvenience to you AND courtesy to those who want EVERYTHING]

...which we're actually getting very close to now, to the point where John is now thinking of waiting until all of the expenses are invoiced before meeting with his Certified Public Accountant -- which will be the official Point B, the bottom line on PRIMARY expenses.  At the rate those guys charge per hour, that's an EXCELLENT thought.  Try to keep it to an hour or two at the most. 

Now that we're closer to Point B than Point A, I'm starting to get some ideas of what Point C might look like.  It really depends on how much of your money is left by then, but I think we have to SERIOUSLY consider banner ads on comics websites timed for the release of the digital version of HIGH SOCIETY in mid-September.  WHICH websites and HOW much of the money should go to advertising and HOW LONG we advertise is something we'd obviously like to get feedback on from all of you. 

[I kind of favour the Hollywood model where two days before a movie comes out that you never previously heard of you can't look anywhere without seeing an ad for it.  'Bunker Buster" Theatre Nuclear Weapon Advertising  as opposed to Extended Carpet Bombing (pardon the violent metaphors) Advertising] 

Which comics websites do you think are the best bets?  BIG ads? LITTLE ads? 

On a related subject, having decided to make the first issue, No.26, a FREE download everywhere with links to all of the participating digital downloads sites and obviously linked to the banner ads and -- taking it as a given that we want a mid-September release so the "Election Night/Deciding Vote" issues come out at the same time as the US election is happening -- when does it make sense to release the FREE No.26?  It's what I've come to think of as "The Unknown Internet Slide Rule".  You don't want to launch too early so it's "old hat" by mid-September, but it would be nice to have it out there circulating far enough ahead of time to really boost interest in the introductory No.27 to 30 $3.99 package.  But how far ahead of time is "far enough ahead of time"?  I don't know.  I'm Electric Typewriter Man, remember. 

Do YOU spend LOTS of time on comics websites?  If you wanted to advertise something on them, which ones and what kind of ads?   

  Next update, I hope, on Friday!   


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    1. Stephen on July 19, 2012

      I don't spend a ton of time on comics sites. Actually, I spend zero time on comics sites. I also use adblock software, so I never see banners. I don't think I'm a good person to ask about where to advertise!

      On a side note, if you do custom artwork for the banner ads.... how about including the original artwork (scanned) with the next digital package? So say you do banner ads for issue #26 and also for #27-#30. In the #32-#34 package, how about including the artwork for the ads from the previous release? Might make the whole process a big PITA I guess.

      I'm one of those completionist kind of people that you're scanning "everything" for, in case you couldn't tell.

    2. Robert Coleman on July 12, 2012

      My home comics site is iFanboy and I think a lot of the others there would respond to an ad. I'd also recommend Comic Vine as a smart site that's more superhero oriented, but with good taste. They'd be good for turning on new readers to Cerebus. One of my favorite blogs is Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin run by a very witty LCS proprieter in Southern California. His site would fit hand in glove with this project since he's all about eighties comics like Grendel, Swamp Thing, off brand Role Playing games, the silver age, etc. The readers there would definitely want to know about a digital version of Cerebus since they probably bought the single issues when they came out or would've if they were old enough. Also, the Comics Journal (obviously) unless there's some sort of political reason not to, but you'll have to pardon me for not keeping up with all the pertinent gossip over the years.

    3. John Osmon on July 12, 2012

      I see Penny Arcade a couple times a day (but they're running a Kickstarter to go ad free.) Also, and The Trenches. The comics subReddit might be a good place for an ad.

    4. jimcripps
      on July 12, 2012

      If I were to advertise, it would be a top or side banner, most likely on and

    5. Gabriel McCann on July 11, 2012

      I always look at ComiXology but that's just a personal bias. On another note I meant ot ask Dave and forgot when he was answering questions Apart from Wilde, Fitzgerald and Hemingway were there any other literary giants you would have liked to include in Cerebus?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jon Bergdoll on July 11, 2012

      I'll second the recommendation for Project Wonderful ( ). A nice way to reach the webcomic scene, their rates are reasonable, and they charge by-day (which is, it sounds like, what you're looking for). Plus, as a bonus, they're owned/created/ran by a fellow Canadian comic creator.

      A bit different, but if you're OK with being personally a bit gauche (not sure what the etiquette is for this), a reference from a comic creator on twitter can be really effective. Plenty of people found this kickstarter through that (especially Neil Gaiman's); a reminder from them when the product comes out (especially the free issue) could work well. Not sure this is something creators already do of their own kind-hearts, or if their are favors asked, but worth keeping an open mind about it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jon Marvin on July 11, 2012


    8. Edward Kaye on July 11, 2012

      Also try If I were still running my old site I would suggest there too :)

    9. Cory Foster on July 11, 2012 would be a good choice. They've already run a news story or two about this project.

    10. Missing avatar

      Derik Badman on July 11, 2012


    11. Jake A. Capps on July 11, 2012

      I read the CBR forums, and I found out about this Kickstarter project on Bleeding Cool. Those might be some good sites to advertise on. Feel free to add me to a mailing list. I would hate to miss out on the next Cerebus Kickstarter if I wasn't reading comic web sites, and the story gets buried.

    12. Michael Ragiel on July 11, 2012

      My 2 cents. This part of my life I am focusing on very small portion of purchasing comic books and comic related items. I really do not visit any comic websites, but that's just me. When I am curious about a creator I go to Amazon will have something " new for me", "more items to consider", etc. Dave Sim and Cerebus do "pop" up. Maybe John can put a little commercial on Amazon when someone does "click" on Dave Sim or Cerebus it show not only the digital/audio downloads, but also a chance to purchase the phone books, as well.

    13. Carma Chan on July 11, 2012

      John - how could you not approve Cerebus hitting the theaters and NOT looking like Disney, Pixar or ANYONE else?!?! My goodness, you comic book guys have no concept how tough animating is. If you had a clue how hard these guys are working on nothing but hope and creative passion, you would be inspired!

    14. Carma Chan on July 11, 2012

      For anyone interested in what I write, please visit - there is a free story there about the Cerebus Film project as well as my fiction and non-fiction ebooks. Smashwords is a safe server for all ereaders, including Win/Mac PCs and tablets. I'm also at the Kindle, Nook, SonyReader, Kobo and other ebook stores. I write primarily for young readers, but also to inspire survivors of childhood misfortune. Carpe Diem!

    15. Story Luck on July 11, 2012

      I suggest looking into web comics. Send famous web comics an advanced copy, ask them to read it and plug if they like it. Penny Arcade reviews have a strong effect on sales. But so do a lot of other web comics.

      I also suggest taking it to web comics forums if the artists themselves don't bite.

    16. Elad Lerner on July 11, 2012

      The largest webcomics right now are MSPA, SMBC, xkcd, PvP and such. Some of them use Project Wonderful as a shared ad resource - You should look into it. It'll be good to look at Gutters - They have rotating artists making strips about recent news in the comic industry.

    17. Poet Mase on July 11, 2012

      The best website is, of course, the one I write for: IGN Comics. The other ones that I visit regularly are (in descending order of quality): Comic Book Resources, Comic Vine, iFanboy, Newsarama, Major Spoilers, Unleash the Fanboy, Crave Online, and Bleeding Cool.