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Introducing HIGH SOCIETY to a new generation of readers while offering something new and exciting for those already familiar with it!
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#34 Check out this Update for HS Scans

Hi Daniel:  I intended the raw potatoes thing as a sort of Irish thing.  I had a vague awareness of the Potato Famine and that potatoes had been a staple.  In my neighbourhood there were kids who ate raw potato slices, which I could never "get".  I mean, they're almost completely tasteless.  Water and vegetable flesh flying in loose formation. It seemed to me to be a very Cerebus thing:  completely degraded tastes.  It makes a pleasing noise, it has a nice texture and it fills you up.  For a Cerebus, that just fits the bill.  I'm a lot that way myself, actually.  Food unless it's home cooked or cordon bleu is just food.  I eat the same thing day after day.  Postnet who is doing all my shipping for me is across from the Frederick Street Mall and Fiore's Supermarket where I buy my food.  I'll say, "Can you print out a copy of this scan? I'm just going to get groceries."  then I'm back five minutes later.  John said, "You should teach a course in grocery shopping."  I said, "Just always buy the same things."  It would be a very easy course to teach. 


    1. Creator Antonio Garcia on June 30, 2012

      I would definitely like the next Kickstarter to offer a difital copy of whatever book you're scanning next, as well as a copy of the HC for High Society. $60 pledge level sounds about right. Doable?

    2. Creator Daniel W. Cisek on June 30, 2012

      Thanks! Really proud to be a part of this Kickstarter, do more and I will support those as well.