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An ethereal film about the secret lives of teenagers set to have its WORLD PREMIERE at SXSW in March 2012.
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tim sutton

200 backers pledged $40,312 to help bring this project to life.



I'll start with stating the obvious:  WOW!  Right out of the gate, your inspiration has filled up this campaign with some serious rocket fuel!  It is almost overwhelming to take in.  Thank you all so much for your support and friendship and, together, we move forward!  Together, we're staking a claim.  I believe in PAVILION, I truly do, and I am sincerely touched by your generosity.  Because now we are BELIEVERS, together.

You're all probably busy and surely ready for the weekend but stay with me for a few more lines, I promise to keep it brief.  None of you will be surprised that I have a tendency to be quite dramatic (ahem) but, really, you took a risk with your contribution.  You took a chance.  Making PAVILION has been a constant risk and SXSW is a film festival that takes on films that take on these risks and, well, our entire country is at risk these days so, you know, we take a risk together.  

It was risk that allowed for PAVILION to develop its own look and feel and style and rhythm and the risk is paying off.   Not only are we making great headway just under 3 days on this long and winding road to funding, we're already getting great press.  FILMMAKER MAGAZINE noted us as part of their SXSW HIGHLIGHTS.  THE AWL gave us love, calling PAVILION a 'beautiful film' and especially noted Sam Prekop's awesome score.  It doesn't hurt that KICKSTARTER itself (themselves?) popped us immediately into their STAFF PICKS.  it's all great news.  BELIEVERS too.

So my deepest thank you for believing in PAVILION.  I must say, it is so important to keep spreading the word.  We've started strong, but have a ways to go!  Please let me know your thoughts, advice, concerns - anything.  I'm all ears. 

Leaving you with an early collaboration between me and Sam Prekop and a bushy haired little 13 year old derelict named Max. Shot on a wind-up 16mm camera, it turned out to be a sketch for what eventually became PAVILION.  Almost 300,000 hits on YOUTUBE got me thinking that this kind of film could really connect, dreamy as it was.