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PRAY FOR MERCY: Ron Randall's tough sci-fi bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair treks to the final frontier world of CHAPELTOWN!
PRAY FOR MERCY: Ron Randall's tough sci-fi bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair treks to the final frontier world of CHAPELTOWN!
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    1. Malkira
      5 days ago

      Hi Ron it's ok. Just didn't want to miss out :)

    2. Ron Randall Creator 5 days ago

      Hi guys! Once again, I apologize for the delay in responding. I just sent out-- a bit belatedly-- the Kickstarter update about the Blackbox Survey. I will be filling the Digital Rewards myself, so you don't need to fill in any physical address. I had made that arrangement with Blackbox, and didn't know that you would automatically be included in the survey. That's something I should have been clearer on with the Blackbox folks. I am VERY sorry for any confusing or concerns this caused. You guys are having to pay for me climbing the "learning curve" here a bit.

    3. Malkira
      5 days ago

      In the same boat as below. Digital backer. No rewards showing in rewards section, plus the address is for U.S. Only. All info would be appreciated.

    4. Justin Pinner 5 days ago

      Can someone confirm that the email Sebastien H queried is in fact valid for this project?

      It's strange that there's no recent mention of this (unless I missed it), and I think backed projects are publicly visible so I won't be submitting anything via that route until it's confirmed.


    5. Missing avatar

      Sebastian H.
      5 days ago

      I just got an email from claiming they need my address to fulfill the rewards for this Kickstarter. This all looks very fishy 'cause
      - we were not told that such a company would be involved in the fulfillment,
      - under "Here are your rewards" the email doesn't list my reward,
      - I'm asked for my shipping address even though I backed on a digital only tier.

    6. Ron Randall Creator on

      Ira, I understand your feelings here. I had given thought to this concern—of sort of "scooping" you loyal Kickstarter backers by having the book appear at a convention first. I'm truly sorry if it rankles any of you. Without you backers, this book would not even exist, and my plans to continue the series would be in vain. I owe you every loyalty and consideration.

      At the same time, those same plans become much more achievable as the Trekker audience continues to grow and the series approaches the level of being self-sustaining, of paying for itself. Quite simply, we’re not there yet. So, I’m looking to keep our audience growing. And without having the books on shelves in comic shops for new readers to discover, as has been the case in the past, convention appearances are the most effective way I have to put the books physically in front of new potential Trekker readers. I’m not doing many convention appearances this year, and the chance to connect new readers with a book I’m as proud of as I am of CHAPELTOWN was an opportunity I did not feel I could afford to pass up.

      Again, I’m sorry if this takes some of the luster off of the truly terrific shared experience this campaign has been. That’s the last thing I’d want to do. I’ll do everything I can to deserve and to honor the support you have all shown Mercy and me. And when I do something that undercuts that, I’ll aim to handle things better next time.

      Thanks, Ira.


    7. Ira Schimel on

      I’m really looking forward to getting my copy but am I wrong that it bugs me a little that people that happen to live near Denver can go to the con and buy it before us backers get our copies? I trust you Ron but a couple of years ago I backed an album by a band I love. It became available for purchase on Amazon 2 months before us backers finally got our copies delivered. That bothered me. I apologize if I’m out of line with thinking like this.

    8. Ron Randall Creator on

      Testing to post a photo...does not compute!

    9. Ron Randall Creator on

      Thanks so much, Darren-- I am thrilled and grateful beyond expressing. And excited to keep making Trekker comics! Right after I recover from all this! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Darren Jones on

      30K Congratulations!

    11. Missing avatar

      Art Jury

      thank you It was so nice to meet you at comic con. My wife and I enjoyed talking to you again. Be well and best of luck! You are very kind...

    12. Ron Randall Creator on

      Yo got it, Eric-- thanks!

    13. Eric L. Smith

      Hello Ron. Please add the Digital Bundle to my saddle bag.

    14. Ron Randall Creator on

      Hi April! Welcome to the trail, and to the world of Mercy St. Clair! Hope you'll love the ride as much as I love telling the stories! Got you down for the BUNDLE :) Thanks so much!

    15. Missing avatar

      April Bates on

      Hi, please add the DIGITAL BUNDLE to my saddle bag. I'm a new reader looking forward to getting up to speed with Mercy's adventures!

    16. Ron Randall Creator on

      Hi Isabella-- thank you SO MUCH for backing! And, no, you don't have to do a thing! Those extra "stretch" rewards will be added automatically to your "saddlebags"! Glad to have you on the trail with us :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Isabella Fucinari on

      Hi Ron!

      I read in your update that you are able to add the spot varnish cover and the digital downloads to all the double-shot rewards. I backed the early-backer double barrel reward for prints of both the new and previous issues and the bar fight mercy print, are those eligible for the spot varnish and digital downloads? Or would I need to switch my rewards?

    18. Ron Randall Creator on

      Thanks for the support, Richard! I hope to get back to Baltimore soon! Meanwhile, I WILL be in Denver this yet, another show that's always given Trekker and me a great reception!

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard Dalessandro on

      As always Ron, great to see you at Baltimore Comic Con. Thanks for letting me know about your project Trekker. Looking forward to reading the adventures of Mercy And Molly! See you at the cons!

    20. Ron Randall Creator on

      Thank you, Patrick! Hope you'll enjoy getting to know Mercy and her world :)

    21. Patrick Johnson

      Hi Ron, added $30 for the digital bundle, looking forward to meeting Mercy.

    22. Ron Randall Creator on

      Thanks, Ethan-- consider it done!

    23. Ethan Bartolic

      @creator please add the digital bundle to my saddle bag

    24. Ron Randall Creator on

      Will do, Niall! See? I followed through on YOUR suggestion :) Thanks, saddle mate!

    25. Missing avatar

      Niall Gordon

      Please add the DIGITAL BUNDLE to my saddlebag

    26. Ron Randall Creator on

      You got it. Partner! Thanks, Alan!

    27. Alan Martin

      Please add the DIGITAL BUNDLE to my "saddlebag."

    28. Missing avatar

      Niall Gordon

      Ooooo! Add ons? I do hope so! 🤩

    29. Ron Randall Creator on

      Hi Dave, I'm afraid I have to report that those few "bundles" have already been gobbled up! I'm sorry- they kind of went in the blink of an eye! Just tells me that as soon as we have the next couple of new stories in print, I'll need to make sure those early tales return to the page as well!

    30. Dave Rose on

      Hi Ron,

      How much do I need to add to my pledge to get the Trekker Omnibus and The Train to Avalon Bay paperbacks added to my reward?

      Thanks, Dave

    31. Ron Randall Creator on

      Absolutely, Niall! You have options already, and I might add one here as well. But, for now, let's start with what's already available. On my own Patreon site (, at the $5/mo level, EACH of Mercy's previous adventures is available as a download-able PDF. And yes, this means one can certainly pledge to the Patreon, download ALL of the tales, and then cancel their pledge, being out only $5. Of course, I hope most won't do that, but there you are. Alternatively, the OMNIBUS and AVALON BAY content is also available through, and through Dark Horse Comics' own site. Making the whole digital "bundle" available here is a great option that, frankly, I simply hadn't had in mind! So, look for an announcement about that soon as well! And thanks for the great "poke" :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Niall Gordon

      Any chance of getting digital copies of the early adventures?

    33. Missing avatar

      Juan Carlos Rodríguez García

      Thank you for the answer, 6 usd added to my pledge !!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Hagen on

      Woohoo! I'm on board. All three Mercy n Molly adventures please! Oh and Scuf of course.

    35. Ron Randall Creator on

      You sure can, Dave! Thanks for joining the posse, and when you add the $16, I'll make sure you get the digital books as well as the prints!

    36. Dave Rose on

      Hi Ron,

      I'm an early backer. If I add $16 to my pledge, can I get the two digital books added to my reward?

      Thanks, Dave

    37. Ron Randall Creator on

      I sure do,!

    38. Shad Engkilterra on

      Don't you have a Patreon?

    39. Missing avatar

      Stephen Michael Schumacher on

      Ron - That sounds great... thanks for considering it! - Stephen

    40. Ron Randall Creator on

      Hi Stephen, thanks for supporting the books, first of all! And second, I like your idea. It simply hadn't occurred to me. (I'm a KS nubie!) So, I'll probably add this on to the next stretch goal. I think that will be the easiest way to handle the logistics, as I 'm still figuring out some of the Kickstarter fine points! -Ron

    41. Missing avatar

      Stephen Michael Schumacher on

      Hi Ron - I've long enjoyed your clean art style on Warlord, Barren Earth, Dragonlance, Trekker, Astro City, etc., so was glad to discover your campaign and pledge $26 for the print double-shot. But I was hoping that the PDF would be offered gratis with the print GN or as an inexpensive add-on option. Maybe as part of another stretch goal? Congrats for your meeting your goal so fast with plenty of room to stretch! - Stephen

    42. Ron Randall Creator on

      Yes!-- if you add $6USD to your pledge, I will add the RITES OF PASSAGE PDF :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Juan Carlos Rodríguez García

      Hi, I'm an early backer, then if I add 6 usd to my pledge, I'll get rites of pasaste???

    44. Ron Randall Creator on

      Thanks, Simon-- Yes, I was really lucky to have that as my first regular gig ad DC. It was right up my alley: A sci-fi series featuring a strong female lead character. Sound familiar? And indeed-- in many ways Barren Earth was a precursor to TREKKER. So, I owe a lot to my BE collaborator, the writer Gary Cohn, for helping to break that ground with that. Anyway, it was a blast, and a great "platform" for me. Like I say, I was lucky!

    45. Missing avatar

      Simon White on

      Oh I had completely forgotten about Barren Earth! I need to reread all that again. Such a great series.

      I’m so excited about not only this but the potential for even more adventures for Mercy

    46. Ron Randall Creator on

      Man, that would be SWEET, Raymond! As would getting to tell the rest of that dang series! But, I can't hold my breath waiting for that. So instead, I;ll make myself happy by telling the rest of Mercy's stories. I'll take that deal! Also-- thanks for backing!

    47. Ray Riethmeier on

      I am happy to support this. Now we just have to get DC to release a Barren Earth Omnibus....

    48. Ron Randall Creator on

      Dan! Thank you so much! I'm so gratified that I'm finding both readers who have remembered Mercy all these years, and are happy at her return, and also new readers who have never heard of the character, but find something in the book that works for them as well. That's a pretty great "rush" for a storyteller. Glad to have you on the posse to CHAPELTOWN :)

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