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Descend into a dark world where action platforming meets traditional adventure gaming to create something new for you to explore.
Descend into a dark world where action platforming meets traditional adventure gaming to create something new for you to explore.
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Wii U launch confirmed

Posted by Over The Moon (Creator)
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As of yesterday afternoon, Over The Moon is now an official Nintendo developer. That means that The Fall will be coming to the Wii U, potentially around the same time as our initial PC/Mac launch, and probably just slightly after.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a dev kit and getting The Fall up and running on Nintendo's fine platform. Huzzah! 

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    1. Over The Moon Creator on

      Hey Thomas, Yeah, I'm considering it -- it turns out there are some costs associated with each Wii U key - so if the backer wants a Wii U copy, part of that moolah need to go to Nintendo - however its hardly fair for me to charge extra to people who supported the project as opposed to just waiting until release. It's a very difficult decision, to be honest. I'll do some research today.

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Swift on

      That's awesome. Hope you enjoy playing around with the dev kit.

      Are you considering adding a Wii U release reward tier? Even if the final release is delayed and if you have to charge a tiny extra for the comfort I'm sure some people (myself included) would be prepared to back this further.

    3. Over The Moon Creator on

      Yeah, having the map on that screen is a great idea. Also, I'd be willing to bet that off-screen play is perfectly feasible. The Fall is already running on a number of different aspect ratios, so barring any unforeseen technical hurdles, it should work fine.

    4. Nick Evans on

      On the fly Inventory or status screens is always a good idea. Perhaps utilizing a map screen on there (although please do not always have it on there). Supporting off screen play would be a bonus as well. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the game to know if certain aspects would work or not.

    5. Over The Moon Creator on

      Thanks guys :)

      Timothy - I'e got a few ideas. Inventory management is the obvious choice.. but I've been thinking about doing some sort of informational display -- so when ARID scans a point of interest, the data point will show up on the screen. I'm brainstorming some options for the motion sensors. There might be a good way that can be used as well.

      Do you have any thoughts on how we could use the Wii U controller? :)

    6. Timothy Tideswell King on

      That's really great news! I hope you can give us some thoughts on how you want to use the Wii U controller. :D