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To fund a trip to Uganda in order to further The Family of Man in Watercolor, and to teach art classes to the children of Masaka.

We will be teaching art to impoverished Ugandan children in a summer program created by our friend, Michael Ssenfuma, Youth Minister for the Diocese of Masaka. Our teaching will focus on, watercolor painting, found object art, collage, and book making, all of which provide artistic mediums that are readily available to these children. From the works produced, a show will be organized to be brought back to the U.S. for exhibition, wherein all sales benefit the orphanage.

At the same time, we will also be working on our own art.

Natalya Kochak - My current work is A Temporal Slice, a multimedia exhibition that involves both large-scale canvas paintings and a three-walled video installation. The Temporal Slice paintings are part of a larger series entitled The Family of Man in Watercolor, paying tribute to the collection of photographs assembled by Edward Steichen for the Museum of Modern Art. Like the photography exhibition, my paintings depict scenes from everyday life that simultaneously demonstrate the diversity and unity of mankind.

Thus far I have been able to reflect the cultures and settings of both the United States and China, giving the project a global perspective absolutely integral to the message. With scenes from Uganda, the series becomes complete, capturing three very different regions of the world and its people. The goal is to reflect the unity of man in my own particular method of artistic expression, large-scale canvas and paper watercolor paintings implementing silkscreen techniques.

The second part of the Temporal Slice exhibition is a three-walled video installation where two-dimensional images of each location will bear striking similarity to the same size paintings. Like the paintings, each wall will contain a scene from one of the three locations, and by overlapping footage of people moving through the space, I will demonstrate through video what each of the paintings does through pigment.

I am creating a new kind of three-dimensional experience; the works are two-dimensional in the sense of a painting or video image on a screen, three-dimensional in that Man is moving through space, and four-dimensional with the inclusion of time. Combining and playing with the dimensions suggests both the substantial and the ephemeral natures of Man, qualities that transcend geographic and cultural distinctions. Please check out my website to see more artwork from The Temporal Slice art project.

Leticia Mireles - My work involves found objects and earthen media to compose sculptural and mixed media pieces. The natural matter of an area, be it the sand, tree bark, or dried leaves, are rich in inspiration for each piece of work I do. I look forward to what lies ahead in Uganda, both the elements I will use as well as the art that will result.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the community of Masaka through this art program.

What will the money be used for?
If we raise enough money on Kickstarter, the two of us will travel to Masaka, Uganda, at the beginning of January, 2011 and immediately start the program. Before this happens, we need your help to raise money for—
• Lots of art supplies including watercolor paper, canvas, pencils, acceptable paint brushes, and much more. We will use this for us and the children.
• Modest living expenses for the two of us
• Travel expenses for two to Uganda
• Equipment and other needed supplies for recording the project
• The end product of developing, editing film/video, and framing for the gallery show,
Donating is a way for you to be a part of all this! Let’s do something to help. We don’t get a penny unless we reach our goal. Our goal is the minimum amount we need; remember, the more the better!


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