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SHARK wireless charger, a new breed of universal car charger that charges cellphones and encourages good driving habits.
SHARK wireless charger, a new breed of universal car charger that charges cellphones and encourages good driving habits.
SHARK wireless charger, a new breed of universal car charger that charges cellphones and encourages good driving habits.
211 backers pledged $8,018 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      on January 6

      Still no charger

    2. Missing avatar

      on November 17, 2017

      Still nothing

    3. Missing avatar

      on October 23, 2017

      Still no charger

    4. Missing avatar

      on July 6, 2017

      Didn't receive mine

    5. Etienne
      on May 27, 2017

      The product itself is so good that you forget it is there. You just get in the car and slide the phone in the shark and drive...

    6. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bartus on May 1, 2017

      These guys are complete shysters. I contacted them prior to backing to ensure they had tested the device through Otterbox Defender cases, I was assured that they had. I asked to make sure that my Galaxy S7 in its Otterbox Defender case would fit inside of the opening, I was assured it would. Both of these claims were lies to get my money.

      Today I got a new Galaxy S8 and since the Otterbox Defender for the S8 was slimmer due to the lack of an integrated screen protector I figured I'd give it a try. It fit into the slot but, sadly, did not charge. I will never buy another InCarBite product again and will advise everybody I know to avoid them like the plague.

    7. Liao Zhiwei on April 15, 2017

      I guess there's no exchange policy on receiving a spoilt product. Oh well, didn't had high expectations from you guys. At least I was hoping for a decent reply, but no.

    8. Seag on April 8, 2017

      Hey there, I never received any package from you. Where can I send an email to make sure you receive it?

    9. InCarBite USA Creator on March 30, 2017

      @Etienne, Thank you! Glad to hear!! :)

    10. Etienne
      on March 30, 2017

      i cannot live without my shark anymore. Awesome product.

    11. Etienne
      on January 15, 2017

      Mine still works great....

    12. Liao Zhiwei on December 15, 2016

      Mine spoilt after one use. Doesn't light up or charge anymore. Any advise on exchange policy?

    13. Missing avatar

      Alexander on November 22, 2016

      Hi! I am a backer with No102. I have not received anything yet. Have you already sent the package?

    14. Missing avatar

      Kyle G. on November 6, 2016

      @creator, the car plug that goes into the cigarette lighter doesn't work. The device works with the wall plug, and I know the cars cigarette lighter works with other devices, can you please help me?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bartus on November 4, 2016

      Please remove my email address from your marketing email list. Bad enough Eddie here lied to me and I've now got a $40 piece of junk cluttering up my shelf because my phone doesn't fit, I don't need to be reminded of the scam every time you guys decide to email people.

    16. Frank van Kampen
      on November 2, 2016

      I am backer 113 and fom the Netherlands. And as far as I can see I haven't recieved anything yet.
      I wonder if the Shark is on its way...crossing the ocean.....

    17. Kenneth B Leung
      on November 1, 2016

      @creator...just wonder if i'll receive a tracking no. before i receive it? and as i saw some other backer said it's from Hong Kong weeks ago, but seems there is still no news for me in Hong Kong tho....

    18. Etienne
      on October 27, 2016

      installed it before driving back home from work and it worked perfectly. One tiny comment i would like to share. In the darker days of winter and at night i do not like any bright light in the interior of my car, for safety reasons. I want my complete attention on the dark road ahead. So i dimm my navigation screen and my dashboard. I therefore am not a fan of the brightness of the led light on the Shark. Its a simple fix with a marker to dimm it for me but i wanted to share this.

    19. Etienne
      on October 27, 2016

      Received mine yesterday, woohoooo

    20. Daniel
      on October 26, 2016

      I have backed over 30 successful projects & I can say out of those 30+ I have 2 favorites! Shark is 1 of them! I am extremely happy & satisfied with this product. They delivered exactly what they offered & mine works perfect!!! I'm considering buying one for my Mom for the Holidays!!!

      Thank you so much InCarBite!!!

    21. Etienne
      on October 22, 2016

      Anyone from The Netherlands already received there Shark? Just wondering since i will be going on Holiday next Sunday.

    22. Mito-chan on October 22, 2016

      Most phone with cases on will not work unless the case is extremely thin

    23. joe on October 21, 2016

      Got my Shark today. Is anyone having issues with Qi charging, my usb works, but wireless doesn't. Joel on my son's charger, for some reason both mine and my sons phones, we need to remove the phone case to make it work. With the 3 chargers in the unit i thought it wouldn't be a problem. In car brite please take note.

    24. Missing avatar

      on October 20, 2016

      Got my Shark today and was excited to stick my phone in to test out it's QI functionality. I regret to say that the Shark does not fit my phone with it's case on, I would need to completely remove the case everytime I use the shark and that is something I have no intent to do.

      Within the survey I provided my phone model as specified and offered to give specific dimensions of the case (I even specified the case and type of case) but I never heard back from anyone so I guess I'm stuck with a product I sadly doubt I'll use.

    25. InCarBite USA Creator on October 19, 2016

      @Kyle Godfrey, @Michele,@BB, sent you a private message just now.

    26. Michele Fogliazza on October 19, 2016

      Hello, i already sent you a private message 2 days ago. I don't have in my package the adapter for indoor use. Can you refound me or send the adapter?

    27. Missing avatar

      BB on October 18, 2016

      So how do I go about getting my tracking info? I've sent several messages but still no response.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kyle G. on October 18, 2016

      Sadly no, it isn't working for the USB ports either when I tested those either. Waiting to hear from SHARK but understandably there busy getting everything else shipped

    29. Mito-chan on October 18, 2016

      maybe you put ur phone on the wrong side, I did that too, you are supposed to put ur front side of ur phone facing rear side of the "shark"

    30. Missing avatar

      Mozzer on October 15, 2016

      Please can you advise me which is the '+' terminal and which one is '-' terminal on your plug as I need to plug it into a USB port rather than a cigarette lighter socket.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kyle G. on October 14, 2016

      Tried putting everything in the car to use today but it isn't seeming to charge, the light on the adapter turns on but am i missing a step that I need to do other than plug and play?

    32. Mito-chan on October 14, 2016

      Received in Malaysia, won't be able to try it out until next week because im away from my hometown

    33. Missing avatar

      on October 12, 2016

      Reward arrived in Denmark in perfect condition.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mozzer on October 12, 2016

      Received the charger today.
      Looks good but I may have to get a new case.

    35. InCarBite USA Creator on October 12, 2016

      @Peter, @Daniel, @Chocolate, thanks for the support! Please let us know what you think of the charger once you have a chance to try it.

    36. InCarBite USA Creator on October 12, 2016

      @Etienne, thanks for the encouraging words. Appreciate your understanding and your patience! :)

    37. InCarBite USA Creator on October 12, 2016

      @joe, I have sent you your tracking number in a separate message. It's actually been shipped out last week. Hope you like it.

    38. InCarBite USA Creator on October 12, 2016

      @WENSHUO CHENG, @Kyle Godfrey, I will follow up with offline about the order individually.

    39. InCarBite USA Creator on October 12, 2016

      Apologies to everyone that we haven't been able to provide tracking numbers in a more up-to-date manner. The truth is, we did manage to ship ALL packages last week (with the exception of those who didn't provide shipping addresses). Delivery time will depend on your location. If you haven't received you package and would like to know where it is, please send us a message individually. We'd be happy to provide tracking numbers.

    40. joe on October 12, 2016

      @Kyle are you in the US, if so what state? Thanks a bunch!! Doesn't sound like you got complete package, sorry! Hopefully someone is checking this board!!

    41. Missing avatar

      WENSHUO CHENG on October 11, 2016

      The package arrive today, but the female velcro is missing. Please send me the female velcro.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kyle G. on October 11, 2016

      @Creator, reviewing everything it is the fuse box cable that I am looking at, which means the wall plug was not sent out with my package. Can you help me with this?

    43. Missing avatar

      Kyle G. on October 11, 2016

      @joe, I just received my package, it's mailed from Hong Kong and listed as a commercial sample.

      @creator, in the postage was everything I was expecting with the exception of a wall plug, but it had a wire with the two exposed ends and a connector for the shark. Am I to understand that with a bit of fyi I can solder in a plug and this is safe for an outlet? It should it have had the plug attached?

    44. joe on October 11, 2016

      Etienne while your trying to be pleasant I have been part of many projects and I received many emails with status updates. Zero from the shark. All I am trying to do is find out a tracking number due to issues with USPS, they stated shipping started on the 30th, just would like to know if that's from US or another country. Yes it's not a shop, but supporters are the ones who help get the product off the ground. In the amount of time it took me to compose this message, 1 minute, they could do the same. I am looking forward to the shark when it arrives.

    45. Etienne
      on October 9, 2016

      Relax people,
      i am reading disappointments while in fact this is one of the best kickstarter projects, only a brief delay and thats it. For those people who a getting really anxious already please be aware that Kickstarter is NOT a shop. The Shark team informed us on a regular basis, track and trace numbers is not normal at Kickstarter. I have seen projects never really end, moneypits where you finally get absolute @#$#@, totally not what was promised. These guys have done excellent so far. Just be patient. If that is difficult perhaps crowdfunding is not your game.

    46. Missing avatar

      Peter on October 9, 2016

      My shark has arrived all the way to New Zealand on Friday.
      Hope to get it installed later this week but a quick test shows it works great.
      Many thanks

    47. Daniel
      on October 8, 2016

      Really is not bad with the timeline. The fact that they are only a couple weeks behind on delivery schedule is amazing for a kickstarter campaign! I'm looking forward to my product!

    48. Chocolate
      on October 8, 2016

      My backer number is 11.

    49. Chocolate
      on October 8, 2016

      Received my Shark Charger yesterday in Canada. Will install it this weekend.

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