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EatMe. DateMe. WakeMe. Creating nutrient-dense, grain-free, hype-free foods. Remember, real food is perishable, Ours is.

Who We Are/What We Do:

WholeMe is the partnership of Krista Steinbach and Mary Kosir. Two smart, passionate women who realized the power that food has on their daily lives and want to make eating real, delicious food convenient and easy.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously(as you can tell by our product names), but we do take creating nutrient-dense, whole foods based snacks seriously.  All our current products are gluten-free, grain-free, paleo-friendly, and delicious.

Our Current Products:

 Here's the Deal:

We are all in.

Krista and Mary are working hard to make eating real, whole foods that are convenient and delicious easier for you. Through our own personal investment, we’ve come so far and need your help to take us to the next level.

We are currently a modest Minneapolis/St. Paul based company with aspirations to be a national player in the healthy foods industry. To play with the big boys and girls, we need to evolve our packaging for grocery store shelves and attend key tradeshow events to get in front of the buyers that pick the products that show up at your local grocery or co-op.

To do this, we need you, our COMMUNITY of believers. The ME team that will help take us to the next level.

With a fully funded kickstarter, we will be able to:

1.  Print our first run of new EatMe cereal pouches

2.  Print our second run of DateMe and WakeMe labels

3.  Attend one of the largest Natural Food Shows in the country

4.  Develop the next few products we have in the hopper with tentative launches later this year.

What's in it for You?

Well for starters, you get the warm fuzzy feeling from supporting two driven, passionate women. We’ve also incorporated fun into our plan and (we hope) created rewards that reflect that. 

The most exciting of all our rewards(well, we think) is exclusive access to our newest product, NewMe!  

What is NewMe you ask?

NewMe is not a static item, but a placeholder for products WholeMe is testing, limited edition re-releases of old favorites, or fun seasonal flavor items. Future NewMe products will be available exclusively online.  But this one is available only to Kickstarter backers.

We encourage you to contribute and feel free to check us out at if you have further questions about us or our product line.  

What People are Saying About Us:

 “It told me to eat it, so I did and now it's all gone. Good thing I can order online. Whoo hooo!” – Stephanie Cantu

“Dangerously Delicious! Tried your product for the first time this weekend thanks to Mike at CrossFit St. Louis Park!! I think I may be addicted already!” – Moa Enotsyrrehc

 “Tried my first 'Date Me' bar yesterday and sweet Jesus was it good! I'll definitely be placing another order soon!” – Amy Ridenour Thomas

“I just got the best delivery! WholeMe cereal and bars are amazing! Perfect way to fuel me for my classes! Thank you!” – Lisa G. Owner of Twin Cities PaddleBoard

A special THANKS to a four amazingly, talented individuals...

Matt Jasper for an incredible video, Dave Schmit for the beautiful photos, Ryan Lake for your graphic design genious-ness, and Katie Mangan for your witty banter.  You guys ROCK!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

In starting any new business, there are lots of risks involved. For us, that translates into making sure our sales can support our packaging needs and upgrades, as well as the publicity needed to generate widespread enthusiasm for our great products. We know we’ve got something great here. We need this Kickstarter to be successful to allow us to literally kickstart the next phase of our business development, which is new packaging and the continued development of our network of supporters to build our brand across the US.


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    WholeMe KickstartMe sticker + a great big THANK YOU from us + your name on our custom KickstartMe poster (domestic shipping included)

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    1 DateMe bar + 1 WakeMe bar + 1 EatMe Cereal + the goods in $15 reward level (domestic shipping included)

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    NewMe (yes, it is a new product for all you current WholeMe fans!) A Kickstarter exclusive--- All the goods previously, plus exclusive access to our FIRST EVER NewMe product! What’s NewMe you ask? Read more to the left. (domestic shipping included)

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    Who doesn't love a great grocery-go-getter bag? All the goods in $50 plus a WholeMe market bag. Believe us, you want this bag. (domestic shipping included)

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    Looking for a little splash for your wardrobe? An EatMe or DateMe t-shirt plus all the goods listed in $100 (domestic shipping included)

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    Early delivery of every NewMe product launch for the next 2 years. One gift basket containing 2 dozen bars and 2 bags of cereal, and a WholeMe branded market bag and t-shirt as our thanks to you. (domestic shipping included)

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    A WholeMe breakfast delivered to your door for you and 5 friends. Featuring fresh brewed coffee from Equal Exchange, Zula Juice, something savory and delicious from Sassy Spoon Food Truck and our favorite accompaniments for your EatMe cereal. Plus a WholeMe branded thermos and market bag. If not within Twin Cities area, everything mentioned above will be shipped to you with a bag of coffee beans, fresh organic fruit, and extra bars and cereal to replace the Zula Juice, Sassy Spoon fare and coffee.

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    Put your face on WholeMe’s first magazine ad. Plus all the goods in reward level $120.

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    Lets collaborate to make a product inspired by YOU. We’ll get to know you; learn your likes and dislikes and based off that, create a tasty grain free snack. After that, we'll put our heads together to come up with a righteous name! Plus, all the goods in reward level $120.

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