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By Andrew Magliozzi
$2,186 pledged of $40,000 goal

Gobble gobble memories

Hi All,

One last holiday memory and photo. The other day I came across this classic picture from Ray Magliozzi's Turkey Farm. That's right, there was another Ray Magliozzi who had a passion for turkeys instead of carburetors. Obviously my father and uncle had to pay him a visit.

This picture also calls to mind Tommy's Deepak Chopra phase. During this period he read lots of new age books on enlightenment and was particularly prone to taking his wife and children on long drives with no destination in mind. During one road trip through Concord, MA, Tommy pulled over at a roadside stand at the behest of his kids, who were probably hoping to make a break for it.

There, Tommy found himself in a conversation with an older gentleman lacking in teeth but apparently not wisdom. I still remember Tommy's excitement days later, when he shared the sage advice he garnered from his new guru: "Don't forget to chew your fluids."

Find whatever meaning in those words that your imagination will allow.

A presto,

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