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A classic style, hand-drawn adventure game, where the roaring 20s and Scandinavian mythology collide!
A classic style, hand-drawn adventure game, where the roaring 20s and Scandinavian mythology collide!
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    1. Russell Deitch about 13 hours ago

      A few weeks? 4 months later and still no KS update. This isn't really good enough

    2. Kreativespill A/S Creator on

      Writer/designer Brad here. Our hope was to post something after we had more positive news but as a brief update:

      * We've spent the last many months working on animated cutscenes for the game; you can see two examples of the work done at the following links:

      * Last week we made the decision to stop work on said animated cutscenes. As you can see from the above pictures the issue is not quality but instead time and money-related - It will simply take far too long to complete the work needed and we don't have the resources to sustain that sort of work.

      * We've decided to go back to our original plan of presenting the cutscene sections of the game through static comic book-style panels - This approach will (hopefully) be much faster and less expensive. For this we need to find an artist; our plan was to update here on Kickstarter after one had been found and contracted.

      * Good progress has been made on the editing of the intro, though with nothing concrete to share yet. That is entirely my fault as a good chunk of the writing work has been done, just not fully implemented. We don't expect this or the additional recording that'll be needed to be a significant time sink or push the game back further on it's own; securing the art needed is our biggest concern at the moment.

      * Our websites are currently experiencing some issues while we get the domains transferred over to our CEO's name; no eta on when these will be fixed but we are working on it.

      * We're horrible at social media; won't even try to excuse that one. None of the three of us want or really have the time/energy to 'do' social media and odds are that won't be something we latch onto again until we can afford to hire someone to do it for us. Which, at the rate making Norse Noir is going, doesn't appear to be any time soon.

      It's never been our intention to have this drag out as long as it has. While we're certainly not the most communicative bunch we have been doing things as evidenced by the images above. We do understand the frustration, though, and our offer of refunds is still available for any who have backed the title.

      We'll share this alongside more thoughts in a longer update when we have an announcement to make about our artwork, which will hopefully only take a few weeks.

    3. Saodhar

      Half a year without any updates. Game site and social media pages seem abandoned. So I'm moving this page in the "Dead" bookmarks folder and reporting the project.

    4. Russell Deitch on

      It's been too long without an update �

    5. Howard Kistler

      Ha, I did find myself in the game! That's my poster right as you enter the bar. I love that you used all the associated text, too. Thanks much! ^_^

    6. Howard Kistler

      Sorry you are having such a hard slog of it. Thanks for giving us an update as to progress, and don't let it grind you down. In the end it's not worth losing your health or sanity over.

    7. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel Klein on

      As far as I'm concerned, you can keep my money, you worked very hard on this project and even if news were a rare thing you had the decency to tell us and for that you have my respect. I funded a project, I haven't bought a final product and when I signed I knew this wasn't guaranteed. I thank you for staying on this project and having the will to finish it. I say, finish it whatever the time, if only for the missed ones and to be proud of the final result, for all this story to have a sense. The memory will stay all your life : you did a videogame, something real that people will remember.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Good luck after the last update, glad to see things are on the up and up. Get some rest and keep on going. Looking forward to the finished product!

    9. Howard Kistler

      Another one I've given up on. They claimed the game was basically ready except for voiceovers, so many of us suggested they release it without the voiceovers and add those later in an update patch. They didn't respond to that and lapsed back into silence, so it would seem obvious that the game is far from complete, nor is it likely ever to be. A shame.

    10. Russell Deitch on

      Reported to KS under option 4.
      Sadly I seem to be doing this rather a lot lately. �

    11. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      And silence again

    12. SmidgeFidge on

      Are there any updates for this project? Please keep us posted!

    13. themisGR on

      Hey there guys, any updates?

    14. J.A.W.S

      Hope all is going well!

    15. Kreativespill A/S Creator on

      Hi Howard - Excellent timing as we are literally working on an update for Kickstarter *right now*! It's a bit of a lengthy one so expect to see information some time in the next 24/48 hours. =D

    16. Howard Kistler

      Given the last update was Oct 4 2016, it would be nice to know where things stand. I maintain that if everything is ready besides the voiceover, then just release the game in that form. But if things aren't ready and don't look like they ever will be, please do us the courtesy of letting us know nothing further is coming. Thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adventureworlds on

      I just played through the early release of Norse Noir again and I really, really like the idea behind it and the style. Like Chris already said, I wish you good look with everything. Best wishes for Christmas-time and for the New Year. I also want you to know that I am looking forward to the finished game, even if it takes longer. Because its so special!
      Oh I would love to be able to play the WHOLE story one day...

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      The update is very much appreciated. Sometimes life throws you a zinger and you just have to adapt and move on. Good luck with everything; still very much looking forward to the finished project!

    19. Kreativespill A/S Creator on

      Hi Stephen, thank you for your continued support of our title! We're having extreme difficulties with getting our final sound work done and this is continuing to effect our launch date. As soon as we have more information we'll share it publicly here on Kickstarter.

    20. Stephen Mouring on

      Any word on release date? We are up against the "first week in September" worst case release date. :-)

    21. Stephen Mouring on

      Just received this message from the Creator:

      "We've had some technical issues crop up over the last couple of weeks (which have delayed us in sending out a backer build) but we believe we'll still be on track for an August release; it might be toward the end of the month, but we're pretty determined to make sure it's out and available for sale before September starts."

      Appreciate that they are still moving along with things despite the many road bumps! Just wanted folks to know that they have been responsive and courteous on messages! :-)

    22. Kreativespill A/S Creator on

      Hello all; as some of you might have heard our audio engineer, Jory Prum, was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident following GDC this year. Though we are hoping for a full recovery this accident has left him in critical condition. We'd like to ask everyone to keep Jory and his family/loved ones in their thoughts during this time; to be kept up-to-date on his progress the following link is updated frequently with news from his family.

      As for Norse Noir we are working on alternate arrangements for the remaining audio work, and will let everyone know any news as soon as we have it. We thank you all for your continuing patience, and again ask that your thoughts and well-wishes go to Jory and his family.

    23. Howard Kistler

      It's been almost a year since the last post on, and a good while since any update here. Should we assume this is yet another game where the devs outreached themselves and nothing further is forthcoming? I seem to have a knack for funding those.

    24. Kevin Kthulhu on

      It's been a while, how is the process going on? Can't wait to play :)

    25. Stephen Mouring on

      Any word on final release date? Thank you!

    26. Russell Deitch on

      @Kreativespill, thank you for listening.

    27. Frodo

      I would also like to know when the game will be released, as well as an update for why you missed the September release date.

    28. Russell Deitch on

      @Kreativespill, since your hard target in your last update was end September and you failed to meet it, there should be another update with your new intended date - and why you missed the old one.

    29. Kreativespill A/S Creator on

      Hello everyone! As noted before we will not be updating Kickstarter very frequently, particularly when there is no major news to share in the development (as is currently the case). Right now work continues on polishing and prepping the game for launch; our last batch of sound files are being worked on now, and otherwise bug fixing & general cleanup carries forward. Progress was delayed a bit over the last several weeks due several members of the team requiring time away for assorted personal reasons, but all hands are now back on deck and able to continue working on the project.

      When we have more substantial news to post we'll make sure to do so. Until then, as said, unless we have actual news to share we won't be updating Kickstarter with any regular frequency. Hopefully we'll be back with something worth posting soon!

    30. Alexander Lucard

      Two months since your last update! What is going on?

    31. Stephen Mouring on


      Any word on recent progress? :) Looking forward to giving the game a spin!


    32. Kreativespill A/S Creator on

      While we won't try to defend our lack of communication over the last few months as a good thing, calling us "yet another scam" seems a bit harsh, particularly given that there have been builds sent out our backers to show work and progress made on the game. Our plan was (and still is) to offer an update in the next several days with some additional news on the project, which will be mainly saying that sound work is nearing completion, we have a new set of animations we've been implementing for the game, and that we are fairly positive we'll be launching the title for sale within the next two-to-three weeks. Hopefully this helps ease your concerns a bit, and we'll be back before long with the full-fledged post!

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter W. Ritzmann on

      @Howard Kistler: soonish? It's now almost a month ago since you've posted your comment.
      And over 3 month since the last update!
      This is yet another Kickstarter scam!!!

    34. Howard Kistler

      Good news, heard back from the devs as well and work is still in progress. Expect an update here soonish!

    35. Howard Kistler

      A friend of mine passed along a tweet from Melanie Ehrlich, Voice & Casting Director, regarding progress on the game:

      "They are hard at work on the game! Hoping to see more about Norse Noir in the coming weeks though! :)"

      So nothing immediate to report regarding the next status update.

    36. Howard Kistler

      Been a while since an update, either here or on the dev website. I've sent a message here checking on the status. Hopefully we'll hear more soon.

    37. A Martin on

      hi, when is the game out?

    38. Russell Deitch on

      It's nice to see an update here and I look forward to the next alpha.

    39. Russell Deitch on

      "@Kreativespill, you should probably still be posting here once a month. Not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter."

      This hasn't changed since I posted it back in October. :(

    40. Frodo

      Hey Kreativespill. It would be great if you could post updates here, as well. Or at least, link to them here. The campaign was launched here, and it's here that I look for updates. ( :

    41. Asa on

      Thanks for the link, I didn't realize you were posting updates on your blog.

    42. Kreativespill A/S Creator on

      We've been posting the occasional update on our blog ( and have otherwise been busy with getting everything put together - Current big task, voice acting. Still on track for a late March/early April release!

    43. Asa on

      I would like to know how development is going...

    44. Frodo

      Update time? ( :

    45. Frodo

      Yeah, I'm excited about the additional funds. And making a better game is definately better in the long run.

      I was just wanting to know, thanks. ( :

    46. Kreativespill A/S Creator on

      We were hoping to have an announcement out about the state of the game this week, but unfortunately both the team in Oslo and our writer/community manager in the US were hit with sickness, holding back our planned strategy meeting following the most recent cash injection from the NFI.

      Though this isn't exactly the place we were hoping to make an announcement I believe at this point it would be wrong of us to *not* come forward and say we are most likely going to experience some fashion of delay with the launch - With the additional funds received from the Norwegian Film Institute we have several avenues open to us now that were previously closed, and in making a decision between "stick to our original timetable" and "make the game everything it can be", choosing the latter is a painful decision but also one we're glad we have the opportunity to make. As noted elsewhere, more funds mean better game, and though it may take us longer than initially estimated to utilize said funds, it should be worth the effort and time.

      As said, we'll be trying to put out an 'official' notice some time next week, with a new estimated launch for the title. Until then, we hope for the understanding and patience of all of our supporters so far, and will certainly share more news as soon as we are able.

    47. Frodo

      It's now half-way through November. Are we still scheduled for a November release? ( :

    48. Frodo

      Vote for Loki's Exile on the GOG Wishlist here ( :

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