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Seeking $5 million in film financing for comedy w/ notable actresses THORA BIRCH, HEATHER MATARAZZO and JENNIFER ELISE COX.

I'm LINDA STUART, author of the book GETTING YOUR SCRIPT THROUGH THE HOLLYWOOD MAZE.  I have lectured at the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles, and worked as a story analyst for five years at Paramount Pictures.

I am seeking $5,000,000 in film financing for KATE ALLEN IS GETTING A LIFE,  comedy with romance in the vein of WORKING GIRL and HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING.  The theme is never giving up on your dreams.

I'm the writer/producer/director who is playing the comedic supporting role of "Aunt Bunny."  The story is set in Los Angeles.

LOGLINE: When her wealthy parents won't financially support her anymore, a fiercely passionate young writer finds executive success and romance in the business world, only to realize that she has sold out her creative dreams for corporate success.

Award-winning actress THORA BIRCH from the Oscar-winning film AMERICAN BEAUTY as Kate Allen, an aspiring novelist who is financially cut off by her wealthy parents, and finds success as a corporate book publishing executive at the expense of her creative dreams.

Award-winning actress HEATHER MATARAZZO (THE PRINCESS DIARIES) as Suzanne Parker, Kate Allen's best friend who's a charismatic rock band drummer in the vein of Mary Stuart Masterson's memorable character in the John Hughes film SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL.

Talented actress JENNIFER ELISE COX (THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE) as Kate Backler, a comically neurotic corporate book publishing executive who is Kate Allen's rival.

KATE ALLEN IS GETTING A LIFE will feature a terrific music soundtrack that includes Natalie Merchant's hit song "Wonder" and Tracy Chapman's classic song "Fast Car."

KATE ALLEN IS GETTING A LIFE will be a funny, heartfelt comedy with mainstream audience appeal.  PLEASE help me raise the financing to bring KATE ALLEN IS GETTING A LIFE to the screen. 

Without your help, I won't be able to make KATE ALLEN IS GETTING A LIFE because the big studios won't allow me to direct.  I recently turned down a film distribution contract that gave everything to the distributor and practically nothing for me. I could not sign that kind of contract.  My heart and soul are in KATE ALLEN IS GETTING A LIFE, and I cannot allow other people to take my creation and make it their own.


Linda Stuart

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The risks of film financing are such that no one knows if a particular film will be successful, but I am seeking a very reasonable amount of film financing in Hollywood terms. Steven Soderbergh's recent hit film MAGIC MIKE was budgeted at $7 million and has made well over $100 million, so the financial and creative rewards can be great.

I have secured letters of interest from Thora Birch, Heather Matarazzo and Jennifer Elise Cox on my own for my romantic comedy KATE ALLEN IS GETTING A LIFE, but the challenges I am facing are mainly that the big film studios and production companies are highly exclusive and insular. For the most part, they will only accept screenplays from people they know, and will only do business with people they know.

But what I know is that I have a funny, enjoyable, marketable feature comedy that offers terrific roles, will have a great music soundtrack, and will have widespread audience appeal.


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