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Made with reused windows and art glass, it will give us a warm place to start our baby plants for the 2012 growing season.

This greenhouse idea is born from our desire to start our own crops from seed and extend our growing season a little bit.  A greenhouse makes it possible to increase and regulate the temperature to allow for better germination even when our Seattle spring decides to revert to winter.  Plants like tomatoes, corn, eggplants and peppers need a head start in this Maritime climate.  

We decided on the reclaimed glass window greenhouse idea for a couple of reasons: one, we have access to old windows, both through friends and family and through the awesome resource that is the Re-Store…two, the handmade, upcycled aesthetic is one that we really enjoy, and beauty is always important…and three, glass helps to increase interior temperatures a little more than plastic.   

Our plans include a fully glassed ceiling and south facing wall, windows on the east and west facing sides and a solid north wall with interior built-in shelving.  Portions of the side walls are custom windows that we will make with scrap art glass.  The flooring will be loose-laid, heat-absorbing brick.  The structure will be moveable, with walls put together like a set in a play, so that in later seasons we can relocate around the city.  Your generous support will go towards purchasing the materials needed to complete our greenhouse.

Not only will this space give us a leg up as spring comes limping along here in Seattle, it will also be a home base, a place for Flying Bear Farm to begin, through tiny little seeds bursting out into the support and warmth of a good home.  This relatively small greenhouse will give us the opportunity to be more sustainable as a business, be creative with the varieties of foods and flowers we can start, and extend our harvests.  

The $650 covers the bare minimum needed to build a functional greenhouse. It does not cover our labor or furnishings like trays, pots, grow lamps, seed warmers, soil/compost, and the seeds themselves. Every extra amount helps our urban farm flourish. Thank you for all of your support!


  • The $650 was the bare minimum of materials to build the greenhouse. The extra funds will help us furnish the greenhouse with paint, trays, pots, shelves, plant warmers and grow lights. We will also be able fund our large compost and seed orders, fruiting plants like our kiwi vines, and flower bulbs for our flower business. In short, there is no shortage of needs for our budding urban farm, so everything helps a great deal.

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