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3 Whole Foods buyers want our new specialty food in their stores. Time to scale up for the Sweet Potato Revolution. We're yammin'!

Food made out of sweet potatoes? 

On October 6, 2009, I took a bunch of sweet potato dip to our local Vermont general store, Dan & Whit's, to sample it out and see if it would sell. At the end of the demo, we were completely sold out. (Even with our homemade, taped-on labels!) Despite our homespun and imperfect presentation, our world-wide launch was a happy success.

People said they love the food and the new idea it represents:

  • a brand new food no one has ever sold before
  • main ingredient is a vegetable 
  • tastes outrageously delicious 
  • naturally fat-free
  • wholesome and clean, no junk 
  • nutrient dense, because sweet potato is such a superfood.

                Yummy Yammy dips for sale on day one. "THEN"

Now, 2 1/2 years later, Yummy Yammy is in 20 stores, from Hardwick, Vermont, to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our five delicious, fat-free dips are in shelf-stable glass jars. 

Our exciting, yamalicious goal

Three wonderful Whole Foods Markets buyers are ready to start stocking Yummy Yammy. We've finished the Whole Foods paperwork and have been approved as a vendor to any Whole Foods stores. And buyer #1 has just placed his first order. Yay! 

          Yummy Yammy Roasted Sweet Potato Dips today - "NOW"

To ramp up to successfully meet production levels for Whole Foods, we need $6000 in working capital to scale up our working assets. 

By serving Whole Foods customers, our sales could increase 10%, or 100%, depending on how many stores end up buying from us, and how well it takes off there. We're planning for an increase of about 25%, for now.

Of course, they will pay us for the product they receive, but the challenge for a small business like ours is that we pay for expenses first, and get checks later... AND the bigger the order, the more assets you need to start with. 

We need $6000 to: 

  • finance more raw inventory (yams, beans, corn, and other ingredients), 
  • pre-buy more glass jars & labels, 
  • rent more kitchen time,
  • hire more kitchen help, and
  • have more finished inventory on hand, available to ship

We've built the business so far on savings, family loans, and refinancing of our house. Now we're turning to the people who've told us they love Yummy Yammy and great, wholesome food, to help us raise the next phase through this Kickstarter campaign.

So, this is what you can do:

1. Pledge now for rewards that inspire you (for yourself, or gifts for loved ones). It's quick and easy. Plus, the sooner you become a backer, the sooner you'll start receiving updates. You'll also skootch our pledged amount higher, which will encourage others to pledge, too.

2. Spread our Kickstarter link far and wide to all your foodie friends, tempting them to participate too. Facebook it, e-mail it, then Facebook it again every day. Honest, this is how the "crowd" in "crowd-funding" is built, through steady linking. Follow the excitement by checking on our progress (update tabs at top), pass our link on to your friends in the press, and to friends with loads of contacts. Know that you are making a huge difference in the Sweet Potato Revolution!

New to Kickstarter? 

Don't worry -- it's easy. Here's how to make your first pledge on Kickstarter.
Or just follow along here:

  • PLEDGE -- before May 11, make a pledge to our project. Take a look at the far upper right corner of this page -- that's how many days we have left to accept pledges. Click the green button that says, 'Back This Project.'
  • HOW MUCH? -- that's up to you. Any amount from $5 on up allows you to become part of the yammy joy. The more you pledge, the more rewards (great food, t-shirts, individualized recipe, etc).
  • YOUR CARD ISN'T CHARGED -- when you pledge, your credit card isn't charged. You'll make your pledge (via the green 'Back This Project' button above) through Amazon payments; at this point you're only authorizing a possible future payment.
  • YOUR CARD IS CHARGED ONLY IF WE REACH OUR GOAL -- if we reach our fundraising goal by May 11, then your card is charged. If we don't reach our goal by this deadline, your card is not charged and your pledge is discarded, and we hafta go visit some bankers. 
  • SO PLEASE PLEDGE EARLY -- by pledging early, you'll encourage other backers, too.

A little more about Yummy Yammy

We want to build Yummy Yammy because we want it to be possible to find food that has some food in it, because we believe that food can taste great AND give health, and because we want to make it convenient to eat more vegetables. And after 20+ years of working in food, I got inspired. And as a mommy-entrepreneur, I want Yummy Yammy to be the best example of inspired small business ownership that it can be.

There are lots of reasons why we created sweet potato dips, but the main one is: to help busy people eat better. And our customers find that Yummy Yammy is all three things: delicious, nutritious, and convenient. I mean, how many products can you buy that are a superfood vegetable, ready to open and eat, that taste outrageously good, whether you're a regular Joe or a health-food Susie? 

Our Fiesta Dips (Mild, Medium, Hot) are great on nachos, in a burrito, on your eggs for a savory breakfast. Dipping it right out of the jar is great too - the entire 12 oz jar naturally has only 250 calories! True! Because there's nothing in it but food! We don't add any junk: no sugars, no fats, no binders, no fillers, nothing I wouldn't feed my kids. It's calorie light and nutrient dense. Roasted sweet potato, of course, plus organic corn, organic black beans, organic lime, and Mexican spices.

Our Roasted Sweetpotato Sassy Honey Lemon Ginger Dip

We also have two Honey Lemon Ginger Dips. One is "Sassy", with the yam base, plus Vermont honey, organic lemon, and ginger, and it is fabulous on every sandwich or wrap, especially meats and cheese, and of course on veggies too. It's also great on appetizers and sushi, and slathered on breakfast eggs. 

Our "Fiery" version is the same, but with a smoky heat. It really spices up that drab turkey sandwich. Either one can also inspire your roast chicken or pork. 

All this wholesomeness, plus they taste delicious, are naturally fat-free and nutritious, and are really easy to eat. It's something fun and new, kind of like we have invented guacamole for sweet potatoes. 

They are all vegetarian products, and vegan except for the honey in the two Lemon Ginger Dips. And they are clean -- no junk. Very few ingredients and many of them are organic. 

In July 2011, we were able to move production out of our house and into the brand-new Vermont Food Venture Center in Hardwick Vermont. It's an incubator kitchen built in 2011 just for businesses like Yummy Yammy. Ours was the second business in the door, and we've been happily making food there ever since. We've made four videos of the earliest days, so you can see what transition from a home kitchen to an incubator kitchen is like.

Thank you!!

We really appreciate your enthusiasm for our foods, and we are humbled and delighted every day to hear how our idea helps our friends, neighbors, and customers. Thanks for your efforts to help us spread the revolution!

Y'Ammily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Y'Ambassador, Yummy Yammy


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    Show off your Y'Ambassador status: enjoy our fun Yummy Yammy refrigerator magnet -- "I yam what I yam" with kid's artwork (continental US backers).

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    Our sweet refrigerator magnet plus a set of Yummy Yammy postcards, mailed to you anywhere in the continental US.

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    A four-color Yummy Yammy t-shirt (continental US backers). Note: our t-shirt is so great, one of the Life is Good brothers bought one from me. Yes, the world's best t-shirt maker bought our t-shirt. It's definitely one of a kind. Included in nearly all the bigger rewards, too.

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    Be among the first in the world to taste this outstanding new, fun, delicious food! Get one 12-oz. jar of our most popular flavor Yummy Yammy Roasted Sweet Potato Dip shipped anywhere in the continental US.

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    Three nights of scrumptious, healthful noshing -- get three 12-oz. jars of delicious (yet fat-free) Yummy Yammy Roasted Sweet Potato Dip, our trademark refrigerator magnet, awesome t-shirt, a piece of handmade artisan paper that includes sweet potato fiber, and a set of Yummy Yammy postcards, sent anywhere in the continental US.

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    You will be the hit of every potluck when you receive your full mixed case of 12 jars of Yummy Yammy Roasted Sweet Potato Dip (5 flavors!), cute refrigerator magnet, Yummy Yammy baseball cap, amazing t-shirt, handmade artisan sweet potato paper, and a set of Yummy Yammy postcards, sent anywhere in the continental US.

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    Really be in the know about this brand new company: get all the above rewards, plus a prototype of every new product we add to the company in 2012, mailed to you anywhere in the continental US, including our soon-to-be-released Sweet Potato Pancake Mix. Also, we'll make and send to you a private video tour of the outstanding Vermont incubator kitchen where we make Yummy Yammy dips, answering all your questions.

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    An exclusive: you'll receive all the above rewards, plus a privately commissioned sweet potato recipe for you, to your dietary and flavor specifications. We'll include a video demonstration of how to prepare it. Sweet potato is a wholesome food great for virtually every kind of dietary situation, so let's have some fun!

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    Go all the way with your foodie passion! Get all the above rewards, plus two additional mixed cases (36 jars total!) of Yummy Yammy Roasted Sweet Potato Dips shipped to you in the continental US. Access to forthcoming electronic sweet potato cookbook to share with friends. And the piece de resistance: in-person tour of outstanding incubator kitchen here in Vermont -- you get yourself to Hardwick and we'll feed you at Claire's, put you up overnight in town, and introduce you to some Hardwick luminaries who are at the heart of Vermont's world-class food revolution. You better really love food, farming, and innovation if you want to join in a food conversation with us!

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