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Be part of our delicious family tradition! You're helping us bring Patrizi's back, great Italian food, with a growing Italian family
Be part of our delicious family tradition! You're helping us bring Patrizi's back, great Italian food, with a growing Italian family
117 backers pledged $40,062 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Patrizi's is on a Roll


It has been a while since my last update, and I wanted to let you know that things are going great over here at Patrizi's.  We have been open for a little less than 3 months, and so far have been receiving rave reviews. We are still making incremental improvements everyday (adding new finishing salts, infused oils, adding service standards), but we have some great people working for us and are running a smooth operation.  I am extremely excited and optimistic about the future of this restaurant.  

On that smoother note, I want to make sure that I let everyone know that I have not forgotten the people that have made this restaurant possible.  I believe that most of you have received your backer rewards already, and if you haven't it should be soon.  I am still working on the cookbook, and have a few other loose ends to tie up.  If you have not received your rewards, and I do not reach out to each of you personally by the end of next week, please shoot me an e-mail so we can work it out. 

Other than that, I just wanted to reiterate how thankful I am to have a community of friends and family that have helped make this restaurant possible.  I hope to see everyone out soon.

Nic and Matt Patrizi

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Reviews and Photos!

On behalf of myself, Matt, the entire Patrizi clan, and friends of Patrizi's, we thank you for your contribution to helping create a new Austin sensation and bumping up the food truck status to gourmet Italian food on the east side.

The truck is decked-out, ready and making fresh pasta daily. Our location at 2307 Manor Rd is intimate, has great parking, and a wonderful dinning area thanks to Matt and his construction skills. This has been a real family effort.

Our Grand Opening party was on May 18th, and you can see the fun and frivolity here:

Patrizi's also has had some great press and reviews you can read here:
- Austin Chronicle
- A Mike's Life
- SushiATX Blog
- South Austin Foodie Blog
- Impact News
- A Time to Kale Blog

We are putting together all of your rewards in the next few weeks, and are excited to get them to you. We will be contacting each of you shortly.

Again thank you for all your support and generous spirit.  We hope to see you at the restaurant soon.

Ciao, Nic and Matt

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Party Today!

Hello Backers!

This is another reminder that today is our opening party.  We will be having wine and food from 5pm until 12am.  If you are a backer that can't make it out tonight. Don't fret!  We will be having a few more little shindigs that you can attend.  

Patrizi's Grand Opening
at the Vortex
2307 Manor Rd
Austin TX, 78702

Again, thanks for everyone's support.  Patrizi's is going to be amazing.

Nic Patrizi

Grand Opening Party

Hello Everyone,

We are almost ready to rock and roll.  You guys have made this project a reality, and I can't wait to start cooking some food.

We are having our grand opening party on the 18th at the Vortex (2307 Manor Rd) at 5pm.  Attached is the invitation. 

If you can't make it, not to worry, we will be serving up food shortly.  

I wanted to thank everyone who helped back this project as well as all of the assistance we've had with the artwork and the construction. The Vortex is going to be a great location for Patrizi's.  We have some unique synergies in a real burgeoning street in Austin.  

Hope to see you all out,Nic 

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Patrizi's Opening: Backer Party

Hello Everyone,

The last month has been crazy, and we are almost ready to  start cooking out of the truck.  We have moved Patrizi's to its opening location, and the artists are starting to paint.  Our goal is to begin cooking and training new hires the next two weeks, and have a soft opening at the start of the month.  There is inevitably going to be a few hiccups so I am organizing our Grande Opening Party on Saturday May 18th.  It's going to be a great party.  We will have beer, wine, and of course some delicious Italian classics.  The Menu and further details to come soon.

If you cannot make the first party, please don't fret. We will be having several opening parties, and we will of course still have your free food, drinks, and all of your Patrizi's merchandise!

I'll keep everyone updated on the progress, and hope to see you out at the truck soon.

Nic Patrizi