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Tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art. Manage your own sentai TV studio!
Tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art. Manage your own sentai TV studio!
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    1. joedpa82 on

      If delays means more polished game then i'll accept the delay. Not that theres much that i can do except cracking the whip if i was employed as the Ultra BadAssness of Whipping Frenzy.

    2. Lucas on

      @Mark Venturelli I'm too not crazy about wentai shows, but I have to recommend Gokaiger as it stands on top of my short sentai shows list, and on the side of kamen rider I liked very much kamen rider ryuki, even though it's story is a little odd(my opinion anyway), the series was fun and very attention grabbing.

    3. Frank Bueckert on

      Well, at least you're owning up to it before the deadline passed. That's major props in my books, since my problem project didn't do that at all. While I'm disappointed I don't get a chance to save the world quite yet, I can patiently wait a few more months for this to become reality.

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      @Mark Venturelli
      Especially as there are rider episodes being planned, I'd recommend Kamen Rider Black/Black RX, the original Kamen Rider (Ichigo and Nigo, and V3 if you have time) for Showa era.
      Heisei era, Kamen Rider Kouga up to Kabuto (Den-O is good if you don't mind a more childish style) are really good, but Ryuki/Kabuto/Blade are probably the top 3 riders.

      The neo-heisei (post-decade) are pretty good but less important to the style that this game is trying to achieve.

    5. Joey Wong on

      @Mark Venturelli
      I absolutely recommend Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger.

    6. Christopher Koeppel on

      More time means more quality. If you need more time, then by all means go for it. In the end, it's still a great game. Good luck to you all. ^_^

    7. Missing avatar

      Ricardo André Gomes Kislitsyn on

      No problem, just take the time needed and do your best guys!

    8. Jay Koottarappallil on

      Take your time and make it awesome, boys! From one developer to another, I totally understand and encourage the move! Good luck!

    9. stx06 on

      As just about everyone else has said, please do take the time you need to make this game fun!

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      I'd much rather you release an awesome game way behind schedule than release a crappy, half finished game on schedule.
      Take your time and make this the most awesome sentai show simulator / RPG ever made.

    11. Taylor Ratike on

      Honestly I thought you guys were rushing the release too much anyways, kinda glad to hear more time is being put into it.

    12. Pierre Nilsson on

      Phew! With "bomb" I thought you meant you lost all the code. Well, no worries then! :)

      So the beta is due sometime next year then?

    13. Aiden/Alice Carroll on

      Seriously, it's ok. You guys take your time to reach your milestones. I can wait. Besides, I've played your other game enough to know you guys are worth the wait. I backed you guys up not because "ZOMG!!!!! I'M A SENTAI FAN!!!!!!!!" (.....I am.....) but you guys have something that I reckon will sell very well. A game thats worth putting on the market.

      So, take your time. We'll be waiting :)

    14. Steven Varner on

      @Mark Venturelli I'm not a huge Sentai nerd either, but I did enjoy shows like Big Bad Beetle Borgs, the first couple of season of Power Rangers, and probably my favorite was Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (the original japeneese ones were better, when they redid it with english dub, the wording changed meanings a lot and wasn't as good) and VR Troopers. I know you don't have tons of time to watch all of them, but I'd at least check out Gatchaman!

    15. Nick Kirsch on

      If I got my panties in a bunch over a three month delay I'd have sworn off kickstarter after my first, second, third, and fourth big investments. A three month delay on a successful kickstarter is not only acceptable, is pretty much expected at this point. Just make it a good game and don't worry too much about delays.

    16. Brad Keller on

      Take your time, make an awesome game, no worries! =)

      I just think its great you actually are looking for those gems of idea in all our ramblings/questions!

    17. Terry Douglas on

      3 month delay? Totally fine with that :)

    18. Marcelo Hirota on

      Boa sorte amigos! Espero que dê tudo certo com a entrada deste novo integrante, no final, quanto maior o cuidado, maior o ganho para todos. :)

    19. Mark Venturelli Collaborator on

      Hi KS people!

      Really happy and honored to be working on Chroma Squad and building this game together with you guys and gals!

      I'm not a huge Super Sentai nerd, but I'm correcting this mistake RIGHT NOW. My free time is already being swallowed by all episodes from Liveman, Jetman, Gokaiger and Dekaranger! What other series do you think I absolutely MUST watch?

      Let's make a bad ass game! _o \o \o/ o/ o_

    20. Jonathon Gorlinsky on

      A three month delay is hardly what I'd call a bomb (don't scare us like that). Take the time you need to make a good game, we won't break out the torches and pitchforks just yet.

    21. Imban

      Making games is hard :(((

      Best of luck with not needing (m)any more delays and making a great game, though!

    22. Steven Varner on

      There's a wiki?! Didn't know that! Cool, thank you for that!

    23. Voror on

      It's cool. Pretty much used to it with these projects by now and as far as I am concerned, if it results in a better product then that's just fine.

    24. Francesco A. Accomando on

      Bit of a buzzkill, but I am happy as long you get the game as polished as you can. I hope you get some proper rest now :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher DeAngelus on

      @Saulo Great to hear! I'm dying to play the game, take as long as you guys need!

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Saulo Camarotti Creator on

      @Steven you could start using the official wiki:

      @Christopher and @Benjamin All text in the game is not final, they're all place holders, but once we have the final lockit (localization texts) we'll send it to a specialized studio.

      thanks for your support guys!

    28. Missing avatar

      Christopher DeAngelus on

      No offense is intended by this at all since the game looks great so far, but is there any chance you're going to get a proofreader/editor for the text that appears in the game? So far the English is certainly understandable but very awkward. A lot of the dialogue in the video you posted really seems like it could use a once-over by an editor. I'm sure I'll enjoy it either way but I think it'd be helped a lot just by having someone cleaning up the dialogue a bit.

    29. Steven Varner on

      Question, when are you guys putting together your forums? I know that the game is put back another 3 months, but it'd be cool if the other beta people could get started talking now. We could start building our community now and early before beta so that we've got friends to play with once the game goes to beta. Doesn't have to be tomorrow or anything, but a month or two early would be pretty cool. And... you could feed us some awesome beta videos there too ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      Crunchman61 on

      Well I was looking forward to the beta this month but hey if you guys need more time to make the game great then i got no problem with that at all. I'm still just as excited or even more excited to see what else you guys put in the game from the suggestions and such in the extra 3 months.

    31. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      I'm sure you guys are, but just in case, just make sure you proofread your dialogue and descriptions, there were several typos (ex: I saw courage as corage a few times).

    32. Missing avatar

      Abeyant Flux on

      It's cool man, take your time to make the game you want.

    33. QUESTRON on

      Well, that's how crowdfundings work! :)