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Tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art. Manage your own sentai TV studio!
3,964 backers pledged $97,148 to help bring this project to life.

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New Release Trailer is sing-along and live action!


Music: "Power of Love, Chroma Squad!"
composition by Raphael Müller and Washington Rayk
performed by Shuu Koyama
lyrics by Atsumi and Nana Masuda

April 30th is right there! Get ready!

1 - Invite your friends to join Thunderclap Release Campaign

2 - If anyone asks, pre-order is available at

3 - Steam store page link is

4 - Want to talk with the community? or

5 - Want to stay in touch with us?

6 - Want to send a message to the devs?

Exciting Upcoming days!


Hi Everyone!

We've just recorded our launch trailer! Here is a pic of the photo shoot. 

The interesting thing about this photo is that the team did the recording. In the yellow suit is Hugo Vaz, the pixel artist. In red Bruno Briseno the monster animator. In blue our lovely Sae Sawanoguchi, our press relations. Holding the camera, Saulo Camarotti, the Producer/Programmer, and Marcos Venturelli, the game designer, shouting the poses behind the camera! ;)

So, here is our plan for the next days:

- Wrap up the final build for the game. It's live now on Steam, if you're Early Access backer, go test it right now!
- Finish the Launch Trailer and release it publicly with a press kit;
- Send reviews codes to press right before Launch;
- Make the pre-order available on Steam Store;
- Launch the game on April 30th!
- You'll all automatically receive a Steam Key through Humble Store;
- If bought Collector or Soundtrack pack you'll receive a key that automatically activates both DLCs.

And last, here is a sample of music from the game, made by our amazing sound artist Raphael Müller, with the help of Washington Rayk. Enjoy!

_o\ \o/ /o_

Help us make some noise on launch day!!!


Hey folks!

Help us make some noise on launch day!!!

The game finally releases on April 30th. If you want to help us make a lot of noise in social networks, please click the link below.

On Thunderclap everyone syncs their accounts to make a huge synchronized noise on Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr. The website will share through your account a message about our launch, on April 30th, at the same time as everyone else's.

We got so far thanks to your support! Can you give us this one last push to launch Chroma Squad?

Thanks! \o\ \o/ /o/
Behold Studios team

Beta testers: the full version is on Steam!

Chroma Squad's complete version is UP for all beta testers! 

\o/ So go go to Steam and check it out.

For the first time you will be able to play the entire game, start to finish!  

Keep in mind that this is still incomplete and VERY buggy. If you choose to experience the entire game right now, you will have an inferior experience than you would on release day - but you will help us make a much better game for everyone! 


- Seasons 4, 5 and 6 are now available; 
- Quality of life improvements to Studio interface;
- Completely redone Crafting system;
- Major overhaul in items and economy;
- Drops and items now have color-coded rarity;
- Major overhaul in story and dialogue;
- Cutscenes;
- Several new playable companion characters; 
- New and rebalanced actors;
- Complete overhaul in skills; 


- Armor Customization has a few wrong icon-to-sprite relationships; 
- Boss Fights unbalanced and unpolished, will change greatly;
- All companion characters lack balance and skills;
- Kaiju bosses are currently only activating one of their skills;
- Economy requires further balancing, especially Season 4-6;
- Several Director Instructions are currently broken;
- A few skills don't work as intended;
- Camera behaving badly at some dialogue sections (you might want to click in the scene to skip a dialogue that is currently missing if that's the case);
- Only one of the different endings in the game has a cutscene;
- Combat HUD lacks a lot of information, especially status effects;
- Last Episode (Season 6) is incomplete and buggy;
- Special suprises after the ending are missing;

Release date announced!


Yay! Now we mean it!The game will be released on Steam – PC/Mac/Linux – in April 30th this year.

Chroma Squad is 95% ready, and we're dealing with the final bugs and some game play improvements before launch. We have tons of backers that are helping us playing the game, and in the forums, looking for all kinds of bugs and improvements that need to be fixed. Thanks to everyone!

And finally, what happened to Saban?

Saban, the producers of Power Rangers™, approached Behold Studios and realized that Chroma Squad is a homage to their super hero franchise. Quoting one of the Saban’s producers: “Chroma Squad is a flattering compliment to MMPR”. Yay! \o/

We grew up watching Sentai series like Power Rangers, Flashman and Changeman and those TV shows hold big influence to the game. So, we got ourselves a subtitle paying that homage: Chroma Squad: Tactical RPG inspired by Saban's Power Rangers. But the great news is that the content in the game will stay as we intended it to be since the beginning of the project.

SXSW, come check the game out!

The game was nominated for the SXSW Gamers’ Voice prize as one of the best indie games of the year. Everyone will have a chance to play it at the SXSW interactive expo held at Austin Convention Center on March 12th to 15th. Come check us out!

Best regards,
Behold Studios team