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Tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art. Manage your own sentai TV studio!
Tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art. Manage your own sentai TV studio!
Tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art. Manage your own sentai TV studio!
3,964 backers pledged $97,148 to help bring this project to life.

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Colored Tees!


Your Kickstarter t-shirts have been shipped! Weeeeee _o\ \o/ /o_

We’re really sorry for the delay caused by several problems with our previous suppliers. We had problems with 3 different suppliers, and now, finally, the tees are printed and have been shipped!

The Art Book and Comic Book soon are also getting ready for shipping along with other physical rewards. We can’t wait to have everything done and delivered. Thank you guys a lot for your constant support and amazing patience during this entire journey.

Best regards, Chroma Squad Team

What has changed since the KS?


Hello everyone! 

We've decided to make a huge update for you, our backers, to openly explain everything that has changed in Chroma Squad since we first announced our Kickstarter project. Some of these things have changed because we lacked resources, and some have changed because they didn’t make sense with the current game state. In the end, we all agree that these changes were for the benefit of the game.

What has changed since the KS?

Launch Date

Initial idea: Dec 2013. 
We’ve been working on Chroma Squad since April 2013. Up to that point, all of our games were small projects that took between 4 to 8 months to develop. If we were to make the game as it was originally intended, we would finish in time. But that game would be much simpler than it is today. Because of the KS campaign, we realized that we could and should go further, so we started changing the project and the estimated release date as well. In the end, we have a game that we're proud to show to you all. A game that all Tokusatsu fans deserve. We hope you agree!

Helmets and outfits 

The initial idea was to make helmets and outfits very similar to the TV shows that inspired us. But it would make more sense for the story if the actors in the game began with home-made-looking costumes (DIY gear matches the tone of our game perfectly). So, we realized that this is a very strong iconical image for our game to stand-out from other sentai shows. So we have the bucket helmet which we are pretty fond of, but later in the game you have more high-end options that look more like classic Sentai!

Fans Mini-Game

Initial idea: "Take care of your fans, in a very cute mini-game, listening to their distinct stories and deciding if they deserve what they're asking for. Like a little boy who asks to visit the studio, but once you let him, you can't tell if he might break anything valuable." :D

We had this idea of having this outside view of your studio, where you could see fans interacting with your episodes and tv show. We transformed that into the e-mail system that is currently in the game. You get some random messages from the fans or service providers, and you get some scripted messages based on the decisions you make during the story. Everything that you reply in the e-mail system is important for the game as a whole. So, be wise on answering them! There are no right or wrong answers.


Initial Idea: "Record episodes with other studios online. Fight for audience in cooperative and competitive modes." and "Single player and multiplayer campaigns."

Since we started this project we came out with this idea: "Wow, multiplayer! That would be awesome". With that idea in mind, we had a programmer fully dedicated to this task. But since he became a father in 2014, he couldn't work with us anymore. Since that day, we had to make a hard decision:

1 - We would make the multiplayer, but the game launch would be postponed even more. 
2 - We could launch the game without multiplayer, and work on it after release.

We thought that the second option would make people happier. Now, after release, let's evaluate the need for a multiplayer mode and the idea of having an Episode Editor for the community. 

Level Editor

This was an idea that popped up during the KS campaign. This could be a huge thing to the game and to its presence in the community. But it would take a LOT of work to make this happen. So, we didn't get the Stretch goal for this one, but this idea is in our hearts still. <3

Rider Episodes

This was another idea that popped-up during the KS campaign. We have a lot of Kamen Rider fans that asked for a version of the game with a rider. So, we came out with this idea: Since we have a branching story in the game, there is one of the paths that lead you to a bunch of Rider episodes. 

Without spoiling the story, you get a Bike (with three skills attached) to fight the monsters by yourself in special episodes created just for the Rider. After these episodes, you may combine Rider and Sentai skills in the “regular” story. It's a whole lot of fun!


During the KS, we'd partnered with a small company that did these amazing t-shirts designs and printing. But this company ran into many problems and had to shut down. After that, we did some new designs, but the original designers offered us their design so we could deliver what we promised to you. So, we took back a step, and started all over again.

We would make the t-shirts here in Brazil, but now we have closed a new deal with an American printing company. Now we can get the tees faster to you all, since most of you live in the North of the planet. ;)

Comic Book

Oh, this is a hard topic to talk about. Since the visual art of the comic is so different from the game, we had a lot of legal problems with it. We're still working on a new solution. We only can say that, after the April 30th release, we're working on the comics again with a new art style. We are as disappointed as you are about this, but we will make the best of it - the new comic will be even better!

Logo and Subtitle

At first we had "Chroma Squad: Indie Sentai Studio". That actually was pretty cool, but it didn't make any sense to someone that saw the game for the first time. So, we had to change it to something more technical. We changed to "Chroma Squad: Tactical RPG". Now, if someone would see the logo for the first time, would understand that is an RPG game with tactical elements on it.

After we talked to SABAN (the owner's of the brand Mighty Morphing Power Rangers), we got in an agreement that we would explicitly show in the title one of our references in the game. This is actually a good thing because all the press was comparing our game to the MMPR show anyway. After the agreement we can freely talk about our inspirations for the game without any problems.


We're very experienced with Mobile games. We've launched some PC games as well. But we've not launched a Console game yet.

With that in mind, when we first started the project, we decided to focus on PC platforms. But we said in the KS campaign that other platforms would be considered as well. During development, Sony and Microsoft approached us and gave us greenlight to launch on their platforms. So, now we're seriously considering launching Chroma Squad to the consoles by the end of 2015. (They have a very strictly approval process, that's why it might take that long.)

For mobile, we don't think this game would work for small screens. Then we decided, based on design and ergonomics, that it would make sense as a Tablet-exclusive title, both Android and iOS'. The idea is to launch for mobile on the second half of 2015.

Now we have a new upcoming game for PC. After launch we're going to update it frequently until we have a very smooth and beautiful game. When the time comes, we’ll starting porting it for mobile and consoles. When the game gets to these other platforms, it will be much more polished.

Nintendo, OUYA, or any other platform is not a possibility for now.

Consumable items

Initial Idea: “The player needs to buy some consumable items to improve his battle skills during the recording of an episode. For example: Fireworks, Food, Band-aids. “ 

The game already had so many features that we realised could removed this one without jeopardizing the overall experience. We've consolidated these ideas in the "Studio Upgrades"' section of the game, where you get passive stats to your party, but without needing to use consumable items during episodes. We also diluted this feature into new skills for our actors. So, not much was lost in the end and we got a leaner, meaner game.


Exclusive Backer's jumpsuits and armored jumpsuits 

This haven't changed much, but it was decided only at the end of the project. Now we have 4 items (One pair of gloves, one pair of boots, one helmet and one armor) with unique stats that you don’t see anywhere else in the game. These items will appear for the Backer's who plays in the Kickstarter Initial Episode. (see below) 

Exclusive Backer's Kickstarter initial episode 

This is an option that you may select when creating a new game if you’re a backer. Without spoiling the story, the idea is that, when you play the KS mode, the actors decide to make a crowdfunding campaign when they create their indie studio. 

Collector's edition Exclusive Mecha armor set 

We had this idea of having exclusive armor set for the mecha, but we wanted to give you something to be used at any time in the gameplay, and especially in the very first episodes. This was impossible to make for the Mecha, so we decided to give some special weapons for the actors instead. There are 3 Unique weapons for the Collector's edition (one Sword, one Pistol and one Bow). 

Game Price $15

Is the price going to change? No! 

We respect those who helped us in the campaign, and we're keeping this price even on launch day. There will be no discounts or anything like that, at least for a while.

How do I look in the game? 

We have some backers that opted for the actor tier in the KS. Here is how they will appear during the episodes and in the Actor Selection screen. (the pink color is swapped by the Role color in the game)

Looking for the backers that become NPCs in the game? Here they are!

How does my monster looks in the game? 

We had some backers that purchased the Create your Monster or Villain tier, and here are the monsters and the name of those who created them.

Thank you for this amazing journey!

You Backers are responsible for making this project a reality!

We've been struggling with development for a while, using everything we have in our reach, sometimes being sleep deprived, or eating what we have in front of us, so we can finish our projects. The idea of the Kickstarter is to have some cashflow, to pay for rent, buy licenses, or to buy anything that is needed in a project.

The Kickstarter indeed help us with this budget, but we think that the most important thing we got out of this campaign was to build a very good community behind a game that didn’t even exist at the time. We got tons of ideas, feedback, and support from a lot of backers. You have used our forums, you have sent us emails, you have cheered us on with your tweets. This was one of the reasons behind this project being released this thursday: we had you as motivation. And now, we get to play what we've built together.

Look at it. It's almost like a child that is born. And it’s already going to college.

GAME KEY for Everyone!


ACTION NEEDED! (Game Key, OST, Backer's items, Collector's in-game Items)


Every backer deserves to play the game right now!!!!!! After all, it has been 1 year and 8 months since you guys and girls backed us on Kickstarter!

The game's official release will be on April 30th, but you’ll get to play it today with this special game key redeemable on Steam. See the info below to get the game running.

I hope you have tons of fun! =)

1 - Open the link:
2 - Enter your kickstarter e-mail address in the form
3 - Open your e-mail inbox and search for the Keys in the Humble Store e-mail sent to you.
4 - Redeem the keys on Steam!

- Soundtrack DLC, Backer DLC and Collector DLC also included.
- Feel free to post screenshots, record videos, and talk about the game on the internet.
- DRM-FREE version will only be available on April 30th.

Cheers! _o\ \o/ /o_
Chroma regards,
Behold Studios team

New Release Trailer is sing-along and live action!


Music: "Power of Love, Chroma Squad!"
composition by Raphael Müller and Washington Rayk
performed by Shuu Koyama
lyrics by Atsumi and Nana Masuda

April 30th is right there! Get ready!

1 - Invite your friends to join Thunderclap Release Campaign

2 - If anyone asks, pre-order is available at

3 - Steam store page link is

4 - Want to talk with the community? or

5 - Want to stay in touch with us?

6 - Want to send a message to the devs?

Exciting Upcoming days!


Hi Everyone!

We've just recorded our launch trailer! Here is a pic of the photo shoot. 

The interesting thing about this photo is that the team did the recording. In the yellow suit is Hugo Vaz, the pixel artist. In red Bruno Briseno the monster animator. In blue our lovely Sae Sawanoguchi, our press relations. Holding the camera, Saulo Camarotti, the Producer/Programmer, and Marcos Venturelli, the game designer, shouting the poses behind the camera! ;)

So, here is our plan for the next days:

- Wrap up the final build for the game. It's live now on Steam, if you're Early Access backer, go test it right now!
- Finish the Launch Trailer and release it publicly with a press kit;
- Send reviews codes to press right before Launch;
- Make the pre-order available on Steam Store;
- Launch the game on April 30th!
- You'll all automatically receive a Steam Key through Humble Store;
- If bought Collector or Soundtrack pack you'll receive a key that automatically activates both DLCs.

And last, here is a sample of music from the game, made by our amazing sound artist Raphael Müller, with the help of Washington Rayk. Enjoy!

_o\ \o/ /o_