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Tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art. Manage your own sentai TV studio!
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Release date announced!


Yay! Now we mean it!The game will be released on Steam – PC/Mac/Linux – in April 30th this year.

Chroma Squad is 95% ready, and we're dealing with the final bugs and some game play improvements before launch. We have tons of backers that are helping us playing the game, and in the forums, looking for all kinds of bugs and improvements that need to be fixed. Thanks to everyone!

And finally, what happened to Saban?

Saban, the producers of Power Rangers™, approached Behold Studios and realized that Chroma Squad is a homage to their super hero franchise. Quoting one of the Saban’s producers: “Chroma Squad is a flattering compliment to MMPR”. Yay! \o/

We grew up watching Sentai series like Power Rangers, Flashman and Changeman and those TV shows hold big influence to the game. So, we got ourselves a subtitle paying that homage: Chroma Squad: Tactical RPG inspired by Saban's Power Rangers. But the great news is that the content in the game will stay as we intended it to be since the beginning of the project.

SXSW, come check the game out!

The game was nominated for the SXSW Gamers’ Voice prize as one of the best indie games of the year. Everyone will have a chance to play it at the SXSW interactive expo held at Austin Convention Center on March 12th to 15th. Come check us out!

Best regards,
Behold Studios team

No cameras, please! Early access updated...


Hello everyone!

I'm here bringing you just a short update regarding the progress of development. We've just uploaded to Steam the version 0.3 of the game. That means, you got access to 60% of the content in game. We just ask you kindly to not reproduce, share or record it online. We want to make the launch very special for those who aren't playing the early access. 

No spoilers, please!

The remaining 40% content of the game is also done. That means we have all features and content already developed. But we're not launching publicly, until there is no chance to leak and jeopardise the experience for the other players.

With this updated we take our first step towards what we call "Combat 2.0", with significant changes to the feel and pacing of our fights. Our goal is to take Chroma Squad even closer to its Tokusatsu inspiration by making combat faster, flashier and with increasing numbers of enemies. We are also focusing on the long game and making sure that, as you fight your way through Seasons 4, 5 and beyond, you will feel your characters becoming more powerful.

Take a look in all changes in this recent update:

Play it, enjoy it, and gives us your feedback in the forums.

2015 will be our year! Yay _o\ \o/ /o_


Hi Everyone, 2015 will be our year! Yay \o/

Everyone is so excited to get back to working on Chroma Squad! Since Jan 4th, we've decided to start using some new tools to improve our organization and project management, and everything has been running pretty smoothly.

We have completed the story for all 5 seasons of episodes, and have implemented them into the game. You'll have tons of content to play with when the game launches, it's awesome! We're still missing the Final episode of the game, but this week we're going to finish it.

This means we're getting to the end of the Alpha. We're starting Beta very soon. We consider Beta to be all features and content in place, and that's when we can decide how much we want/can improve and set a release date. We're currently looking at a date between March and April. At that point the game will be ready to launch, with some brand new trailers, images, and some other important stuff.

We have the hype train going at full speed, everyone knows about the game, and everyone is expecting it to launch soon, but we need to focus on development as the project nears completion. That's why we're not updating the Kickstarter as much as we’d like to.

But if you're starving for more information about the project, get to our forums, because they're constantly being updated. We also try to get you as many updates as possible on Facebook and Twitter.


Our next big news will be a Steam update for everyone who has early access!
Have fun!

Behold Studios team

Override: QWOP meets Mecha!


What about a QWOP game where you control a Mecha with your friends? If you like Surgeon Simulator, Goat Simulator or Octodad, go help this game on kickstarter now! =D

Season 02, Episode 01


"In a cloudy day, a group of heroes is called upon danger. Their quest is beyond imagination, their task has more drama than soap operas, and their duty is to become legends... They'll code, draw, write, to make Chroma Squad a released game!"

Yay everyone! We have some updates for those not following us in the forums (

- Expanded Beta version -

Everyone who is playing the game on Steam right now has access to the complete set of features included in the 2 seasons of episodes. There is a bunch of monsters, new minions, new items, mecha customization, crafting, marketing, and a lot more.

Go to Steam, update your game, and play it right now!

- IGF 2015 -

In the last week we've been updating the game constantly, so we have a very good version to send to the Independent Games Festival 2015. The deadline is due tomorrow, so we need to hurry up a little. This deadline is really helping us improve the game.

- SONY + Playstation -

Last week we'd officially announced that Chroma Squad is going to be released for Playstation platforms, including PS4, PSVita and hopefully PS3. We're not working on it at this time. We got the dev kits, we're showing the game in some Sony booths around the world, but our main focus is to release the Steam version first. As soon as we can.

Some of you got worried that this announcement could jeopardise our release date, but don't worry. We want to make this game available on Steam for everyone this year. The console release is expected in 2015.

- Level Up -

"By releasing the forces of season 02, the heroes achieve a new level of skills. Now, they need to face a bigger challenge: ... the ... season ... 03."