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I'm chronicling a brutal zombie attack on the State of Illinois. I need your help to raise this book from the dead! Read more

Chicago, IL Fiction
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This project was successfully funded on July 10, 2011.

I'm chronicling a brutal zombie attack on the State of Illinois. I need your help to raise this book from the dead!

Chicago, IL Fiction
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I'm Scott Kenemore, the author of The Zen of Zombie and several other books about the undead.

I'm working on Zombie, Illinois the follow-up to my last book Zombie, Ohio It's the story of a gruesome zombie attack on Chicago, Chicagoland, and outlying areas.

Specifically, I am looking for funds that will allow me to travel to locations all across the state to do research on settings for different parts of the story.  There are many potential locations I want to scout firsthand.  I have a good, working knowledge of Chicagoland, but Illinois is big!  I'd like to be able travel to all of the locations I'm thinking of using for this book. . .and consider how they might be attacked by horrible, bloodthirsty zombies. 

An amount of around $900 (or more!) would allow me do this handily, and fund several trips to different parts of the state.

Plus, I love engaging friends and readers, and I feel like my backer awards are designed to make this project a two-way street in a fun way.  Have you ever wanted to be a part of a zombie book?  If this Kickstarter works, this book will have input from people who care about zombie fiction, and I will get traveling funds for a thorough survey of the state.  That's a kickass deal!

To conclude, I think my last novel-- Zombie, Ohio-- really showed a lot of promise. 

Publisher's Weekly called it "darkly humorous." 

ALA Booklist went whole-hog and said: "George Romero, director of the original Night of the Living Dead and its sequels, should snap up the rights to this novel. It has everything: zombies, gore, brain-eating, love, death, even a murder mystery." 

And The Cleveland Plain Dealer said "Scott Kenemore writes with a deadpan wit that makes you keep turning pages."

(Here's a link to a page where you can see a bunch of other reviews I've gotten.)

I'm excited to write something set in my adopted home state of Illinois.  A place so interesting, exciting, and dynamic deserves a really good zombie novel.  These funds will help me complete the research I need to pen something really awesome, terrifying, and-- above all-- authentic. 

If I receive these funds, I expect to be done with a draft of Zombie, Illinois by early 2012.


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