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Showcasing local artists from the 2016 season. Bringing DiD to a broader audience. Bridging our art communities at HiFi Music Hall.
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Dance in Dialogue (D.i.D.) The bridge between process and product. Join us as we support improvisation, cross-disciplinary collaboration, the creative process, raw and fresh new work. We need your help to build this ongoing project to keep dance vital in our community.

Dance in Dialogue is a quarterly series aimed at presenting local performers and providing a forum for discussion as part of each free-to-the-public event.

Established in 2014, DiD has produced eight shows, one formal ticketed event, presented twenty-eight artists, encouraged countless hours of productive and supportive discussion of dance, and provided a safe space to present new, experimental ideas in various stages of process. Many artists have gone on to finish and improve their work using DiD as a launchpad, and it has slowly grown to be a logical next step for many new choreographers both in the university and local arts communities.

We are proud to say our events have been well attended and regarded, and as organizers, our expectations of engagement between audience and artist have been greatly exceeded.

As DiD continues to grow, our vision is to increase visibility and growth while maintaining our accessibility by keeping our shows free. As a way to continue to encourage dance as an event for all people and strengthen its role as part of Eugene's common artistic offerings, we are GETTING OUR ACT TOGETHER AND THROWING A BIG SHOW.

To bridge arts communities, we're throwing our show at HiFi Music Hall, a locally-owned and centrally-located venue with major support for dance. We are presenting key artists that represent our 2016 season, including Button Will, Jana Meszaros/Vitamin Dance, Patsy Morris & Jana Zahler, Stephanie Schaaf, Dakota Bouher, Jodi James, Shannon Mockli, and Mariah Melson. 

In a city where there are limited opportunities for dance artists to present work or get paid for it, or connect with a receptive and contemplative audience, Dance in Dialogue's mission is clear. 

This culminating show will be an opportunity to compound our mission. To present good work. To pay the artists. To provide the opportunity for full production at a cutting edge venue. To do all of this while maintaining the atmosphere we are known for...and of course, the DIALOGUE. 

We are lucky enough to be a recipient of the 2016 Lane Arts Council Grant, so already we are well on our way to realize this project. The cost breakdown is shared below so you can get an idea of how our financial path is laid out. We made our funding goal slightly higher than our base need to account for any overlooked budget items that may turn up. In the event that we receive more funding than we are asking for, the surplus will go to paying the artists and to funding future Dance in Dialogue events. The organizers do not receive compensation for their work. 

THE VIDEO ABOVE highlights the experimental tone of Dance in Dialogue and the kind of conversation that ensues between artists and audience members to illuminate diverse ways of making dances and the process of performance. This program is intended to enhance the creative process for dance artists and performers, to encourage risk-taking in order to expand possibilities for dance and to be on the cutting edge of discovery.

HERE'S A BREAKDOWN of our costs

You'll notice a few generous donations of service which further prove that support and enthusiasm for this project has been apparent from the start!!

Rental/Venue/Crew for two nights: $4000 (HiFi In-Kind $1000)

Documentation: $450 (Photo In-kind D.Bouher $150, Vid S.Mockli $300)

Stage Management: $300 (In-kind J. Meszaros)

PR: $100

Artists fee: $600



Contribution from the organizers: $700

Lane Arts Council Grant Assistance: $1500

NEED: $1500

Risks and challenges

We have dates on hold at HiFi Music Hall during the first week of December.
We have volunteer and staff hired for documentation and house management.
We are in the process of hiring artists from the 2016 season.

As all of the pieces come together, we invite you to be a part of this project as a benefactor.

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