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Single player/co-op RPG in a retrofuturistic world. Explore a half deserted metropolis, slowly making its way through the universe.
Single player/co-op RPG in a retrofuturistic world. Explore a half deserted metropolis, slowly making its way through the universe.
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InSomnia status update

Posted by Studio MONO (Creator)

Hello everyone! It's February already and it's a high time to update you about our progress regarding completion of InSomnia and other closest plans of ours.

What we up to right now 

Currently we are finalizing all the dialogues, descriptions and names for English translation which is going to be a starting point for all other localisations. We are talking about 3.5 millions of characters here, so you can imagine how important it is to properly handle such an amount of text. After it's all done we will pass everything necessary to the translators so they could deliver this vital chunk of the game in a proper way.  

This floating robot will make your life miserable
This floating robot will make your life miserable


Publishing matters

One other thing we've been working on for quite some time now is finding a partner who will help us with all the things we are not quite familiar with including distribution, additional localization to other languages, QA, bringing the game to Steam and other similar platforms, and basically everything else that is mandatory to satisfy our backers and make InSomnia as good as possible. 

We've already established quite a few promising connections with indie-friendly companies and now internally discussing what would be the best next step for InSomnia. This decision is to be made during February so it's quite possible you'll have an update on this next time we post news on Kickstarter.

Give us your best guess what this is
Give us your best guess what this is

Fighting Arena

As you might have remembered we have promised to deliver the Linux and Mac version of this separate combat testing build. This is still a plan and we have a few people in our studio working on just that. Meanwhile the whole thing continues to get updated:  

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with


Digital rewards

And one last thing we wanted to talk about today: if you are eligible for a digital reward such as a custom weapon / NPC / outfit / avatar etc. and haven't contacted us yet regarding this matter - please hurry. One of the things we are doing right now is finalizing all this additional content for InSomnia, so please let us know your suggestions regarding these custom elements mentioned above. 

This also applies to everyone who took part in "Fallen of the Object 6" initiative and didn't provide us with the name they would want to be used for their own personal cute (or not) corpse on the board of mentioned spaceship.  

Talk to you soon, until next time!

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    1. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Thank you Mat! Will do our best to make it worth waiting.

    2. Remember Citadel on

      I still believe in InSomnia and in the team's ability to deliver. I'll closely monitor this year's launch and wish you the best of success + can't wait to play through the campaign myself :)

    3. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Тут во многом зависит от того, как договоримся с издателем. Нужен опытный глаз, который с независимой точки зрения ознакомиться с продуктом и убедиться, что он соответствуем всем современным требованиям. Не хочется в лужу сесть в этом плане. До конца месяца должны определиться с этим вопросом и как только будут новости - поделимся с вами. Спасибо!

      2Alex S.
      Just send us a message through Kickstarter and we will make this happen, thanks!

      Yes, this is the first time we have voiced this, as the game is close to be finished and we have to launch and distribute it somehow, run it through QA etc. Even inXile who are far more experienced developers than we are had to partner with a publisher to get Wasteland 2 out. There's nothing to be afraid of in this situation, as us partnering with publisher means a better product for you.

      2Mykll Valiant
      You are getting closer to the truth with this guess!

      You are welcome! Yep, the antenna part of your guess is right, although the whole purpose of this thing is more complicated.

    4. Missing avatar

      GoblinPriest on

      Насчет даты релиза уже есть конкретные цифры?

    5. Missing avatar

      Alex S. on

      I must have been out of the loop and missed the announcement. Where and how do people who took part in the Fallen of the Object 6 provide the name they want to be added to a corpse?

    6. Vryl

      Okay... so you originally got funded July 2014. You came back to kickstarter for additional funds in April of 2016. And now is the first time, unless I've missed something, that we've heard you're searching for a publisher?

    7. Mykll Valiant

      For some reason I am reminded a little of The Matrix Squiddy bots.

    8. laracroft on

      Thanks for the update guys. hey "floating robot", who you looking at :)
      "Give us your best guess what this is", looks like some sort of radio antennae to me?