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InSomnia - An RPG Set in a Brutal Dieselpunk Universe's video poster

Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay Read more

Brooklyn, NY Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on July 24, 2014.

Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay

Brooklyn, NY Video Games
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About this project

Please read the accompanying text before downloading TECH DEMO   

This is a technical demo, a work in progress :) Most animations, sound effects, key bindings, even the character's 3D model will be greatly improved in the final build. 

Download Presentation Scene 

Download Playable Tech Demo link 1 

Download Playable Tech Demo link 2

On a colossal spaceship,a character awakens from cryogenic sleep—unknowingly holding humanity’s last best hope in his bare hands. . . .

InSomnia is a Dieselpunk RPG that transports you to a retro-futuristic space station on a 400- year journey in search of a new home. 

Explore the world as a warrior—or hide in the shadows as an outcast. Perhaps you’ll be a charismatic leader—or maybe you’ll become an apex predator with bloodshot eyes and a thrill for the kill. Either way, you will have to muster the strength to survive in order to find out why mankind has embarked on such a risky journey through uncharted space. InSomnia offers an epic, non-linear storyline with many ‘points of no return’ (think of them as forks in the road) and deep, immersive gameplay. The fate of the space station’s many inhabitants will depend on your choices.


  • Platforms: PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Release date: Q4 2015 on PC. Mac and Linux to be determined.
  • Gameplay time: 15-20 hours main storyline & 20-30 hours of side quests (first season/year). More than 20 FREE chapters are planned after release, with 3-6 hours of gameplay each, to tell the whole tale.
  • Languages:French, German, English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Italian

Update #11 The styling and inspiration of InSomnia RPG

Update #10 Mutants & Somniacs nature details

Update #9 The Mysterious SORG Regime

Update #6 Armor Types

Update #5 Randomly generated event and missions\Details

Update #4 Interactive Environments & Shelters

Update #3 Inventory Management

  • Experience a dieselpunk RPG with Noir stylings featuring man made apocalyptic landscapes imbued with a dark, ambient soundtrack and echoes of a post-war civilization 
  • Customize your character - choose your gender, avatar, body shape, preferable skills\perks and story background before starting your journey.
  • Play through the atmospheric single-player campaign alone or co-op with friends
  • Develop your character through tactical real-time combat in single player and co-op scenarios, combining hundreds of skills and abilities, along with managing a huge amount of customizable items and equipment for an experience unique to every player
  • Survive  starvation, extreme weather conditions and injuries directly affecting your character’s well-being. Search for valuable technology and resources and find them in unexpected places
  • Break free from leveling systems, character classes and unwanted grind with a flexible classless system and storytelling encouraging unorthodox approaches.
  • Enjoy randomly generated events and missions in both single player and co-op that makes each of your playthroughs more unique and interesting
  • FREE post-release support - we will regularly release minor content updates, which will allow you to participate in various additional scenarios, each of them will add more depth and details to mysterious world of InSomnia. with rich storylines updated every 2-3 months with both single player and co-op in mind
  • Embark on non-linear quests and missions -each of them can be solved by using a variety of different (and sometimes unexpected) solutions
  • DRM Free & Steam version - backers will recieve both DRM Free and Steam versions of the game

The Story takes place on a gargantuan, half-deserted space station known as "The Ark" that is slowly making its way toward an elusive planet known only as the "Evacuation Point". The Ark is inhabited by the descendants of the Nomans, a race of people who escaped their home planet several centuries earlier when it had become uninhabitable due to a cataclysmic conflict between the "Republic of Noma" and the "SORG Regime"

Most of the station has been abandoned and is now colloquially known by its inhabitants as "The Dump". For the last 400 years, the Nomans have been living in the "Manned Sector" in fear of the SORG—the force that virtually wiped out Noman civilization. The only hope for the Nomans lies in the “Evacuation Point”, a distant planet where they plan to start history again from scratch.

The player begins the game as a Noman whose character emerges from cryogenic sleep and tries to understand what happened on The Ark for the last 20 years after meeting other awakened colonists. Players are on a journey to the future—trying to understand the mistakes (and clues) from the past. When players start their journey, this is the world they find themselves in.

Your hero will face the characters and factions that occupy the station. Some scenarios will send you to the past and allow you to influence the present. The fate of many will be determined by your actions; in fact, the entire fate of this great journey depends on your choices.

The game involves a dramatic storyline conveying mankind’s mistakes and associated consequences with a deep plot structure demanding complexities, and multi-faceted decision-making. 

So, what is InSomnia? It is many things:

  •  A megalithic space station drifting through the universe for 400 years
  • Several post-apocalyptic landscapes imbued with a dark, ambient soundtrack
  • A retro-futuristic Metropolis filled with political intrigue and betrayal
  • Mysteries concealed by the past and the future
  • Mighty armies of the Noma Republic and SORG Legions
  • Realistic melee and long range combat

All of these elements are constructed around the unique game mechanics of a realistic, hardcore RPG built with co-op in mind. We provide the player with:

  • Non-linear quests with a number of gameplay scenarios, mini-games, puzzles and Easter eggs
  • Points of no return situations
  • Branching dialog system
  • A social reputation system and karma affecting the actions of other characters and factions 
  • Multiple resources and skills to combine
  • A powerful crafting system
  • Vast character customization 

InSomnia blends unprecedented player freedom with an epic storyline, rich and dramatic dialog, combined with contemporary graphics and realistic combat in a dynamic world that is acutely responsive to the actions of the player.

InSomnia has an unusual look: a mix of retro-futurism and dieselpunk with elements of Art Deco. The result is a dark, grim world filled with danger and dread. Well-known artists Adrian Smith, Nikolay Eliseyev and John Liew are an integral part of the InSomnia team and are responsible for the game’s unique look. 

The storyline will be split into seasons (years). Each season will include 4-5 free campaigns (chapters) interconnected by the plot. Each chapter has 3-6 hours of gameplay. We’re currently busy working on the first season. We are planning on issuing five seasons on the release date, including more than 20 free separate chapters—unfolding the story of this grandiose journey from beginning to end. 

The narration then happens in real time. Every 2-3 months, a new chapter will be released featuring unique “points of no return” and complex decision-making that will affect the storyline. Your actions will define both the fate of certain characters and the destiny of whole factions, while the location and time will continue to change. Prepare to face the unexpected consequences of your decisions; the fate of The Ark’s residents is in your hands!

The majority of the main campaign will take place aboard the colossal half-abandoned space station known as The Ark as it relentlessly makes its way across the galaxy. This grandiose facility has its own closed ecosystem capable of supporting and transporting millions of inhabitants, although most of the station has been mysteriously abandoned during the past four centuries.

The rusting iron jungles of The Ark hold a lot of secrets, some of which you must travel in to the past to uncover… In these past missions you will discover the native planet of the Nomans several months prior to the Exodus aboard The Ark. Take an active role in the last battles between the Army of the Noma Republic and the SORG Regime among the dying embers of a once great civilization. 

On this dying planet you will try to uncover the answers to many questions amid the chaos of the “Last War”, including the real reasons behind the brutal conflict between the Noma Republic and SORG Regime and what ultimately awaits you at the Evacuation Point.

InSomnia is moving beyond a class system. Your character will grow organically: The more you use a skill, the more it develops. As players gain skills, they can choose different perks and abilities that compliment that particular skill resulting in unique character sets. Other innovations include negative perks (think of them as “battle scars”) that need to be overcome or minimized along the player’s journey.

Skills include Combat (handguns, ballistics, close combat, heavy weaponry) and Vocational (mechanics, electricity, medicine, survival). Each skill contains several specializations to choose from; for example, you may pick “First Aid” in the “Medicine” skill tree or go for “Anatomy knowledge,” which will allow you to deal additional damage (including critical hits). It will not be possible to learn all the available skills, so you’ll need to carefully choose which abilities make a better fit for your character’s goals and/or Faction.

Developing an engaging, ergonomic combat system has always been one of the top priorities for our team. Our combat system is largely based on the real-time actions and tactics. The success of a battle primarily depends on understanding the internal game dynamics—where every action, skill or movement takes time. A thoughtful action can be more effective—and hence more time-consuming: A powerful blow would cause more damage, but it can be intercepted by a fast jab. During a fight, a character gets tired when stamina is depleted—and combat efficiency suffers. Players need to keep stamina at maximum by alternating actions and rest to avoid collapsing from exhaustion.

Much depends on the properly selected outfit. The inventory is limited. Even several cartridges in the inventory have specific weights—needless to mention a heavy machine gun—so you need to be careful when filtering the inventory contents. 

You can put on heavy armor—which will protect you against most blows but will limit your ability to move freely. You will get tired faster and healing yourself in heavy armour gets rather complicated. It’s up to you to decide whether to become a slow, heavily-armored warrior with the ability to cast one or two heavy blows—or be an agile character relying on speed and freedom of movement.

The game features a variety of weaponry, with each type having its own dynamic quality. One type might be effective against the heavily armored but too slow against fast targets. Another may deal damage quickly but be virtually useless on armor

Not only do you need to try and survive against aggressive mobs, but you also face danger from extreme fatigue, environmental injuries, hunger and sleep deprivation. To stay alive you must be alert at all times, even when not engaged in combat.

There is a lot of hardcore content in the game with the commensurate rewards attached. These missions will be optional and will not tie in to the main plot of the game, but those who love a challenge will have plenty to do. Risk versus reward!

In the world of InSomnia you will face a multitude of enemies. Somniacs/Mutants, automated turrets, gangs of marauders, the space station’s own security system and many more. You may also encounter the army of Noma (Ordinates), the battle hardened and tough-to-beat Agents of the Committee or the golems of the SORG army along with their creators. Remember, you are not a ‘superman’ - most enemies are incredibly strong – so choose your fights wisely

InSomnia will be balanced so that you’ll always want more. It will be difficult, sure . . . but not impossible. We’re committed to making the game challenging—but never unfair. Everything that you acquire in InSomnia (e.g., currency, experience, equipment) will be earned fair and square—giving you a true sense of achievement.

The primary goal of the Sandbox portion of the game is to make being present in the world of InSomnia engaging in itself, i.e. - provide players with high quality, multi-faceted gameplay to satisfy them in between plot related campaigns. The NPC’s the player will encounter will be engaged in their own day-to-day tasks, reacting to the changes in the environment and have their own problems that will be placed before the player from time to time. In short, the Sandbox is a living world where the player will always find something interesting to enjoy.

The game also features a system of randomly generated events and missions, along with a crafting and resource management system which includes Medicine, Survival, Mechanics, Electronics and Chemistry. The player will have an opportunity to create, repair, improve or modify items or dismantle them for parts. The outfit and character customization system allows editing the exterior and specs of virtually any item in the game.

InSomnia is a completely independent project involving development professionals from across the globe including Russia, USA, Malaysia, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands and Japan. We are all united by a vision of creating a great RPG – the game of our dreams, something we can all be proud of – and so have been investing everything we have creatively in to this project. Two years ago, Studio MONO was established by just two people who started working on this ambitious project. Today, the studio, its vision and InSomnia have all grown and continue to grow.

We have learnt much over these two years, but in order to move forward we need the support of the gaming community to make this project a reality. There is more work to come, but we are convinced that with your help we will succeed!

For three years, we have invested our artistic resources and our own cash into this project. Most team members can only work on InSomnia during their free time—which is very tough on them and their families. We are incredibly proud of the current state of InSomnia, but its complexity will require us to multiply our development speed by a factor of three (or even four!) in order to complete it. We are investing our own money into the game, and we’re ready to continue to do so— but we won’t be able to carry the entire financial burden. For example, all of us will need to leave our current jobs to devote all of our time to the project very soon. We hereby appeal to independently-minded RPG fans like you to support the development and completion of InSomnia. If the community shows the world that InSomnia has earned the right to exist, it shall be so. Thanks from all of us at Studio MONO!

Downloadable soundtrack Add-on - Every backer from the $15 tier and up can add an additional $5 to their current pledge to get an extra download code for a digital copy of the InSomnia soundtrack  

Additonal digital copy of the game - Every backer from the $15 tier and up can add an additional $10 to their current pledge to receive a second digital copy of the game. Gift it to one of your friends so that you can both enjoy InSomnia!

Limited Edition T-shirt - Every backer from the $15 tier and up can add an additional $35 to get a Limited Edition T-shirt that will be exclusive to backers that pledge for it as an add-on. This T-shirt won't be made available anywhere else, and since we love to hear from you, we’ll put 3 designs up for vote so that backers can pick the one design we’ll do. Free shipping for backers in the US. You will need to add an extra $15 for shipping costs if your reward does not include shipment already (So $50 total per Limited Edition T-Shirt for backers outside of the US).  

(T-Shirts design concepts will be revealed in a future updates, this one are not the final design)

And to make it easier for everyone, we will ask each backer in the survey about what the extra funds pledged (on top of your reward tier) are for.

Forum access and badge
You are welcome to post on our forums with your unique Kickstarter backer's badge.   
You will be able to download and listen to the Season 1 soundtrack, which includes 22 atmospheric tracks. 
In-game item set (Kickstarter backers only)
You will receive a unique item set (link)—which includes several useful, Kickstarter-exclusive items. (These items will not influence game balance.)
Early Beta access
You will become a part of our development team and will be able to access the earliest playable version of InSomnia. Your feedback will help us to make a better game. 
Boxed copy
You will receive your own copy of InSomnia (Season 1) in a standard DVD box.  
You will get a limited steelbook edition of InSomnia that will be the envy of your friends. 
Art book (digital)    
You will be able to download an art book with more than 100 pages in PDF format with illustrations by Adrian Smith, John Lew, and other great artists.
Art book (printed)
You will receive a book containing more than 100 pages printed on quality stock paper with a hard cover. The book will feature the same stunning artwork by Adrian Smith, John Lew and other amazing artists.
Poster (unsigned or signed) You will receive a 24" x 36" full color poster of the game made by Adrian Smith! (link) In higher tiers, this poster will be signed by members of the development team.
Action figure
You will receive a random high-quality action figure of a character in InSomnia designed by our sculptors, Gerusia, U2, and others. You can see the prototypes here (link) (works in progress).  
Seasons 2-5
You will be able to download subsequent seasons of InSomnia once they’re ready. We’re expecting to be able to release a season each year with 4-5 chapters per season.
Name on the memorial - you will find your name on the memorial on the red level as on of great descendents of Noma Republic, between other names of people who were working on the project and who help it to become a reality 
Custom in-game signature and forum badge  
You will get a unique signature designed especially for you by our artists. Use it in-game or as a forum badge.  
Custom in-game skin and avatar
Our artists will make a unique skin and avatar for your in-game character based on your description, and you will get a unique biography perk as well. (Items will not influence game balance.) 
Custom in-game weapon   
One of our artists will design a unique in-game weapon based on your description. (Items will not influence game balance.)  
Custom full outfit pack
One of our artists will design a unique in-game outfit pack based on your description. (Items will not influence game balance.) 
Custom in-game starting biography perk
Upon starting the game, you’ll be able to choose a unique biography for your character— including several skills. One of our designers will create this biography based on your description and make sure it fits the game’s story and gameplay balance.
Hand-forged by our master smith and game designer, this is a real Getier Helmet with an awesome design--plum-colored in the white and blue colors of the Republic of Noma flag. 
Depending on the tier, your name will either be inscribed on an in-game monument—or the monument will be named after you. History will be changed forever as you’re immortalized as one of the great leaders of the of Noma civilization.

Risks and challenges

What are the risks and challenges?
We are in this for the long haul. However, despite our best efforts, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong. Such is the nature of game development: Delays are sometimes unavoidable, even if they often result in better games.

The fact that a large majority of the Studio MONO team will work remotely is a risk. We have taken this into consideration -- and having already worked together for more than two years, we have settled into a productive back-and-forth rhythm.

By keeping our development team lean, we’ve kept costs under control -- and we already own most of the required hardware and tools. We’re doing this in order to avoid exhausting our budget after a year of development.Our manager, is expected to keep things under control :)

Cross-cultural and personal communication issues will always add risk to a project. We can’t prevent “acts of God” and general instability from occurring, but we’re confident that Studio MONO has built a solid foundation and will put InSomnia above all else. With your support, we’ll march forward and get the job done with a minimum of fuss -- and hopefully, enough content to give our backers everything they wanted from InSomnia... and much, much more.

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