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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
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    1. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Armor and other bonus equipment will stay inside the game, and we will find the way to provide everyone with other stuff (ost, artbook, comics) separately out of Steam ecosystem.

    2. Missing avatar

      Christian Peters on

      I've activated my key today, but I guess I won't have access to the Deluxe content until the Linux version is actually released?

    3. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      2SteveW & kilobug
      We will let you know when we have more details regarding this.

      Уже отправили.

      2Remember Citadel & kilobug
      Not yet, unfortunately.

      2Michael Sully, Ryan Kent, Darken, Nick Brueggemann
      Yes, you should get Deluxe Version content by now. Look here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Insomnia The Ark\Insomnia_v2\Content

      Thank you! We will have an update regarding rewards soon.

      2Liahim, Godewijn, Alpha Patch
      Thanks for your support!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick Brueggemann on

      As others have stated, I got my steam key on Monday and activated as soon as I saw the email that night. As far as I can tell, I haven't gotten the deluxe.

    5. Darken on

      In the same situation as Ryan :(

    6. Ryan Kent

      Is there another steam code I should be looking for on the deluxe item set? I had already activated the code you guys sent out for the game before your announcement on the deluxe stuff and wanted to make sure.

    7. Macharius on

      Congratulations on finishing and releasing! It was a busy few years for you guys, and I can't wait to finally dig into the full product, and I can't wait to hear about the backer rewards as well!

      I hope this game turns into a great success!

    8. Red Carbon on

      Nice, thank you!! I hope game is a huge success!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      So good, thank you, I hope the game becomes a huge success! :)

    10. Mihail A.

      Thank you! :) Gratz for the release!

    11. Missing avatar

      kilobug on

      Congrats for your release !

      Any idea of ETA for the non-Windows (Linux for me) versions ? And for the DRM-free (be it GOG or something else) release ?

      Thanks !

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Sully on

      What happens as I activated my Key on the 26th, Will I still get the deluxe edition?

    13. Remember Citadel on

      Congratulations! Any updates regarding the GOG situation?

    14. Asporg on

      А мне ключ полагается?

    15. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Looking forward to the Linux release!

    16. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      You should get one, no worries.

    17. Rudi

      oO Hope, I still get the Deluxe one, because I already activated the key.... :/