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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
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Extending Beta Access to ALL Backers!

Posted by Studio MONO (Creator)

Hello everyone! Today we want to bring some incredible news that will certainly bring a smile to your face. Ok, ok, you’ve already read the title of this update, but you still need the details, right :D?

Upcoming beta phases

While closed beta has been available to roughly 1000 INSOMNIA backers so far, most of you haven’t had the opportunity to test the game yet. We’ve had an influx of emails and messages on Kickstarter for the past few weeks with people asking when they might get a chance to participate in the beta. And now we have an answer for you.  

Since INSOMNIA’s development took longer than anyone expected, we feel obliged to give something extra in return for all the support and patience you, our backers, have shown throughout these years.

Time to join the party!
Time to join the party!

Long story short - we’ve decided to grant beta access to ALL backers, no matter how much they’ve pledged. We will be distributing additional beta keys starting next week. Here’s an approximate schedule to make the process more clear:

  • Phase 2 - keys distributed to backers who pledged to the “Comrade” and “Sergeant” tiers. We will also send the first batch of keys to “Soldier” tier backers.
  • Phase 3 - the second batch of “Soldier” tier backers will receive beta keys. 
  • Phase 4 - keys will be sent to everyone who pledged to the “Recruit” and “Uniter” tiers + backers with pledges less than $5 or “no reward” backers will also be covered.

This schedule should allow our team to process the feedback after each phase in a timely manner and potentially release a few updates to keep things interesting.  

Let us know what you think!

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    1. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      There will be a new key. Beta key will stay beta key.

    2. Rob Crowther

      I got an email with the key but apparently there's no Linux version yet. Will this key upgrade to the final released version or will there be a new key when the game (and the Linux version) comes out?

    3. Alexandre Cruz Neves on

      Cool! Looking forward to checking it out!

    4. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      We plan to send the rest of the keys by the end of this week.

    5. Alexandre Cruz Neves on

      Have you guys already send all the beta keys? I'm a Soldier tier backer and still haven't receive one.

    6. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      We will do our best to make this happen on launch, if not - as a post-release patch.

    7. Aysir on

      Is gender going to be selectable when the game launches?

    8. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      2W. Andrew Robinson
      No problem!

      You can customize your character. No option to pick gender yet though.

    9. Aysir on

      I would have thought beta would be near-feature complete. There's still no character/gender customisation?

    10. W. Andrew Robinson on

      Thanks Studio MONO -- understand about Windows only in the beta... I'll happily wait for the finished macOS version. Thanks for confirming though, and good luck as you push through this final set of stages.

    11. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      2Victor Glindås
      Thanks, and happy to hear that! Hopefully you will enjoy your beta experience :)

      2W. Andrew Robinson
      Yes, it's still Windows only. We will try to do our best to make it possible for Mac users to play beta as well, however it would be wiser to fix all the bugs in base version first, since our team is not that big to work on both simultaneously.

      2Donna Desborough
      Everyone who pledged $25 and more (including Hardened Veteran tiers) should have received their keys on 31st of May. I suppose you didn't? Will send you a key again, sorry for that!

      2Sgt. Killstreak & Tugodoomer
      We are happy when you are happy :D
      Рады, когда вы рады :D

      2Razvan Florentin Popescu
      You are welcome!

    12. Razvan Florentin Popescu on

      honestly i dont understand why kickstarters see beta as a priviledge. thats how you get your free testers and valuable input.. it makes no sense that users have to pay extra for the developers benefit . thanks for bringing sanity in the scene.

    13. Tugodoomer on

      Отличная новость!

    14. Sgt. Killstreak on

      Yeeeeeeeeees. YES YES YES YES

    15. Donna Desborough on

      What about the hardened veteran and higher tiers?

    16. W. Andrew Robinson on

      I guess it’s still Windows only? Any news on when macOS version will be ready? Thanks

    17. Victor Glindås on

      Nice. I love these updates, and don't mind the game taking long to finish, as long as it's a polished product.