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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
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New screenshots and progress report

Posted by Studio MONO (Creator)

Hello everyone! Today we will show you some new in-game screenshots and give you more information on where we at right now (click on images to see full resolution). 

Make sure they will stay down
Make sure they will stay down


Much of our work these days consists of testing of all the new game levels and especially the combat system behaviour, light and sound effects (radio, loudspeakers music etc.). 

Desolate pathways of Object 6
Desolate pathways of Object 6


We continue to add unique content such as in-game rewards for backers and also work on balancing the craft system (as you might remember you will need resources to craft stuff and we are heading towards lack of those to make the whole process more complex and rewarding). 

Ghetters always get in trouble
Ghetters always get in trouble


We also started the process of scripting the cut-scenes for the end of the game and lets say there will be quite a few of those. Other than that we are expanding on boss fights which means adding new types of enemies and all necessary animations. 

That should be quite painful
That should be quite painful


Plus we have finally started to work with the publisher who is helping with translating all the text content of the game at the moment. We still have to solve a few legal questions before starting a full-fledged cooperation and as soon as it's done you'll be the first one to know all the details. 

Browse junk and who knows what you might find
Browse junk and who knows what you might find


Other than that the process of character development and achievement system testing has also started. These achievements will not only add some cool looking icons to your Steam account but will also slightly affect the gameplay itself (and not always in a benefiting way). 

Dark are the veils of death
Dark are the veils of death


Generally we feel quite good about the current state of InSomnia and will be able to finish the biggest chunk of development by the end of September. We will continue to tune the balance and improve each and every aspect of the game until it's humanly possible. So it's safe to say we will be ready to name release dates for different versions of the game (closed beta, Steam EA, final release) in September. 

Almost there
Almost there


We do realize the game release has been postponed far more than anyone could expect but we are moving forward to this goal each day. We are very happy to have you as our backers and will do everything possible to satisfy you with the final game. 


More news to be revealed next month, stay tuned! 

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    1. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      2Mat Fleck
      Thank you Mat! Just as you we hope that publisher will cover those sides of the project we are not quite capable of and together we will be able to produce a better game for all of you to play.

      2Random Digits
      Sorry to hear you feel this way. We can understand your frustration and hopefully you will be able to change your mind in the future.

      2Brasseur Frederic & Didita Liviu Cristian
      Thank you! We will continue to showcase some tasty stuff along the way to keep fire growing.


      2Lee Pruitt
      Thank you Lee! This means a lot. This project has been our live for quite a few years and we won't let you people down.

      2 Champion Plague Nexus
      Not yet, sorry. This is the subject that will be addressed along with all other release milestones later in September.

    2. Remember Citadel on

      I'm still excited for the game and wish you all the best seeing this through. Don't let anyone get you down! Good to hear a publisher has been found to support and help with some of the workload.

    3. Random Digits on

      I'm sorry dev team.

      I've been here since the beginning. Have looked forward to this game through all the up's, down's, and changes that have been made. Overlooked a few of these extensions, but after all these years... I'm at a loss.

      A loss of heart, and a loss of interest.
      Too much time has gone by, and little to no 'updates' with anything substantial in them.
      The hype-train ended long ago.

      Now, I have a rather full plate. Pretty doubtful... (even if this comes to fruition) that i'll even come back to play this title.

      Just had to speak my mind, and let you know...
      There have been people who've been paying attention.

      I hope you complete your project, and it bears everything you want it to show.
      I wish you the best of luck,

    4. Didita Liviu Cristian on

      i like what i see, i am glad that i played my part in helping this happen.

    5. Brasseur Frederic on

      Looks good, keep it up guys!

    6. Tugodoomer on

      Заждались, но не спешите, доделайте.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lee Pruitt on

      Hey, the project has taken longer than initially planned, but you guys are working at creating something that looks really good. I sent my money because the idea was great and the art was great and I want to see this game get made. Keep up the good work, it looks good!

    8. Champion Plague Nexus on

      Anything on the Early Access, yet?