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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
3,559 backers pledged $92,268 to help bring this project to life.

New Campaign Update and Join The Fallen of Object 6 Initiative!


Hello everyone! Last time we spoke of the new Kickstarter campaign for InSomnia had just gone live, to secure the last bit of funding required to release the game. Today we have entered the final 72 hours of the campaign, and are currently sitting at 90% funded. We are incredibly grateful to the number of original backers who have showed their support to us again, and we can’t thank you enough for believing in us!

We've also created a new initiative at the current Kickstarter, that can give you the bonus of getting your name included in InSomnia - as the name of a corpse! If you follow the simple steps listed here you will join The Fallen of Object 6.

On top of that, we have great news! Every single backer who pledged to InSomnia either in this Kickstarter, by PayPal or at the new campaign will have their name added to the in-game Credits! This is our way of saying thank you for all the support, love and sheer enthusiasm you've given us.

We have already produced more than 20 updates. These cover new material that we have never showcased and you can check all of it right here.

And remember, as original backers you still have a few days left to get a bonus if you decide to back us again. This way we will double ALL of the digital rewards that you would get at the reward tier, should you decide to back us at again. This means that you’ll have additional Steam keys and DRM-free copies of the game that you're able to share with your friends and family, extra copies of the digital soundtrack and more! The higher you go, the more awesome (double) stuff you get!

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    1. Tugodoomer on

      I supported project again, the InSomnia RPG is significant event in game development in Russia. Big companies don't want create games of this genre, because MMO, social nets games and mobile games are bring more benefits, and that games don't require so many resources as AAA projects. We are in a deadlock, our gamers say that our gamedev is dead. Studio Mono cans show another way for this companies and our players.
      After this successful campaign i worked for InSomnia as freelance concept designer, and this is great experience for me. So i can say that this game is my child, and i want to see how gamers will meet the InSomnia RPG on their computer.
      You can help project again and we will see how this game will grow and evolve.

    2. Contemplar on

      @Antonio Garcia
      There's nothing wrong with treating kickstarter as a pre-order service. Money is money, and while one effective pre-order may just be a drop in the ocean, the boat still needs something to float on. It all adds up!

      That's game development in a nutshell : A constant barrage of hurdles and setbacks. As someone who admits they have backed so many campaigns, you should already understand this by now, and factor this into your risk assessment. Yes, a vast majority of projects underestimate the amount of time they require to make a fully fledged product, but your own insight despite being aware of that holding pattern fares no better. There are also kickstarter projects that shipped on time (or ahead of time) only to be buggy and badly put together due to being rushed.

      Backing a crowdfunding project for a game that is in early development means there is a good chance of core mechanics being reworked, sometimes even total engine overhauls or rebuilds. The course to completion is seldom a straight line, and by being passive aggressive rather than stating your dissatisfaction in a more mature manner, you only devalue your opinion and are more likely to be swept aside. Given your feelings, I would suggest that in future you should abstain from crowdfunding and instead consider the finished product.

    3. Antonio Garcia

      I'd rather have a delayed game that is bigger and better than a game released ahead of schedule that ends up as a disappointment.

      @lokiracer: Depends on what you're backing. I've backed over 500 campaigns an only a handful never delivered.

      Remember Kickstarter is not a store, and you're not buying anything. You're pledging money to a project you believe in, and are in return receiving a gift as a thank you. You're basically donating money to a project and hope it can be completed.

    4. lokiracer on

      Campaign update: we have excuses for everything.

      On another note, Insomnia is another prime example of why I have stopped backing anything. 60 backed campaigns less than 5% delivered pledges on time. Of that 5%, most pledges either didn't function as advertised or were significantly different from the original campaign.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael J on

      It is hard for me to think it is behind schedule because the scope of the game has changed so much since the initial Kickstarter, it is like a different project. I can understand people being mad about Mono changing what they promised in the original KS because it created a longer schedule. I really do feel bad, but I would encourage those people to stick with it. As a backer of the first KS, I am more than happy the scope of this game has evolved to be much larger than was offered in the initial KS. I am happy to get a bigger game later, as opposed to a smaller game sooner, for the same price :)

    6. EripmaV on

      Lokiracer - delays happen. Whether it's an indie, home brew of AAA title.

    7. lokiracer on

      Campaign update: we are not 5 to 6 months behind schedule.