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Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
Atmospheric single-player/co-op RPG set in a "living" dieselpunk sandbox with real-time tactical gameplay
3,559 backers pledged $92,268 to help bring this project to life.

InSomnia status report

Posted by Studio MONO (Creator)

Hello everyone! Today's update is all about the current progress we achieved throughout 2015 along with proper numbers and stats. We will also talk about the new time frame for the release of InSomnia and our future Kickstarter campaign plans. So without further ado here goes...

InSomnia development results 2015

Yay, a new InSomnia art!
Yay, a new InSomnia art!
  • we have transfered the game to Unreal Engine 4 and produced 70.000 lines of code
  • our team has developed an internal system of 3D-model quality control and gave life to more then 3.500 game objects including the elements of architecture, characters, equipment and weapons (all models made for our previous engine Ogre3D in 2014 were rebuilt from scratch) 
  • at this very moment we have finished working on 5 large and 7 middle-scale locations, 10 small levels meant for spontaneous encounters and generated quests, 2 of 3 global maps for station sectors and general global map of Object 6 as a whole
  • now we have almost twice as many of dialogs and dialog trees variations than we did before, increasing the overall word count up to 150.000 with the additional 300.000 words ready to be implemented
  • gameplay time increased up to 30-40 hours vs 15-20 which were stated initially

Other than that our team became 4 times bigger with 22 internal and 24 external developers which made us move faster and more effectively than ever before.

Feeling like crafting some ammo?
Feeling like crafting some ammo?

To even better illustrate our current progress we have put online a special page at our website which shows the actual development progress of the game. Please remember that it's still being tested with official launch planned later next month. You can also expect an updated InSomnia and Studio Mono websites to go live in a few months with lots of cool stuff on board.  

Plans for 2016 anyone?

We have finished developing the main content of the game which means we need a few more months of active work and an additional month to localize the game to all languages we promised, proofread, record voiceovers etc. 

Throughout 2015 we have spent $140.000 of our own funds additionally to $92.000 you helped us collect at Kickstarter. Believing in us and supporting InSomnia made you our heroes forever. You helped us understand we are moving in the right direction.

A short demonstration of one of the sinister bots we were working on lately
A short demonstration of one of the sinister bots we were working on lately

Currently we spend around $18.000 per month out of our own pockets and unfortunately we won't longer be able to continue these investments after this March hits the calendar. We still need at least $80.000 to complete the game without any loss in effectiveness and time so our team can release it until September 2016.

This leads us to a necessity of launching a new crowd-funding campaign for InSomnia in February to make this game come to life asap. During the next month we will also release an updated InSomnia demo for all promised platforms (including Windows, Mac and Linux) to showcase you the overall progress of the game. Expect a better level design, new guns and other 3D marvels along with the improved controls and even a global map:

Stay tuned for more news and see you next time!

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    1. Sphynix on

      But there is no reason to think, that you don't get what they promised. It looks like you will even get way more! The engine upgrade made absolute sense. It not just looks better, it also means porting to linux and mac will be way easier, wich saves them a lot of time later on. They don't expect people who already pledged to give them more money, they count on people who didn't know about this before. And if the second Kickstarter fails, they can still go to early access. The only downside is the later release date. But I tell you I baked a lot of kickstarters and almost every single game was delayed...some months, some years...
      If they made a poll and asked backers if they wanted a game way bigger than before, but to wait a bit longer, Im sure a large part of them voted to wait. The fact, that they are reaching out for ways to get more money doesn't affect you in any way as long as they manage to finish the game in the end.

    2. Deamos on

      Kenny nobody is being nasty or disrespectful, people are simply disappointed since their original amount including the money they originally invested on their own account was enough for the game we was originally promised.
      They decided to upgrade to another engine & add almost double the game time knowing they would need more money when they should of delivered on their original promise.
      Jason was 100% correct with his previous comment regarding this.

      That being said, i wish StudioMono the best of luck & i do hope this game finally gets a release as i will purchase it.

    3. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Even though I'm disappointed that the budget was blown I don't see the point in being nasty. I guess some people just don't know much about crowd funding or game development.

      Personally I'd prefer a better game eventually than a worse game earlier. UE4 is an amazing engine and am glad this game is now using it.

      Really hope second round of funding goes well, I look forward to playing this game one day.

    4. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Just dropped you a message to your Kickstarter inbox.

      You are right, there's really nothing I can add here. The only way to fix things is to complete the game and bring it to you guys.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on


      During the first campaign, I went for physical boxed copy and paid over $100 for that. Seeing how they are currently struggling for funds, I have high doubts that physical rewards will ever be delivered. Finishing the game, however, is, even without a second successful Kickstarter campaign, still possible. There have been many other developers who had raised money on Kickstarter but eventually ran out of funds, yet still mangaging to complete the game. Phsyical rewards were not delivered unless a publisher picked them up and promised to fulfill any remaining items. If I were to really back it a second time, I would only go for a digital copy as I think they are able to pull that off; definitely not for any physical reward though. Hence, I would prefer a refund and then might reconsider picking a digital copy.

    6. Jason on

      "At first we thought that we could cope with that but limitations are limitations - switching to Unreal Engine 4 was a hard but strategic decision that already proves to be the right one."

      the proof is that you guys are out of money and have an incomplete game? that seems a weird way to look at it. To me that proves it was the wrong choice. I think you should have released the game you promised on time and then used that goodwill to kickstart a sequel on the engine you're using now.

      Instead you've burned a ton of people and established that you can't be trusted with a budget or a schedule. This kind of stuff is exactly how Prey or Duke Nukem took 10 years to come out. There is always more to add or a new engine or whatever but you can't just keep starting from scratch every time. At some point you need to produce and here you are, a year over due and you're talking about releasing a demo before you run out of money? Come on

      Saying "yeah we're even more mad that you guys! But that's how it had to be" is garbage. It didnt have to be that way, you chose to ignore your promises and make a much bigger game on a different engine because that's what you wanted. And so here we are

    7. Tracey Craig


      If you plan to pledge in the 2nd campaign then why do you want a refund? there will be a tier for previous backers. So you lose nothing. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      Is there any way to request a refund for my pledge? Even if you manage to finish the game eventually, I'm having doubts that you will be able to fulfill all physical rewards people pledged for. I might pledge again in the second campaign but only for a lower reward (and given I got a refund before).

      Good luck though.

    9. EripmaV on

      Cheers Tracey!

    10. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Please check your Kickstarter inbox for more details regarding your question, thanks.

      These are the good points you've mentioned. Basically yes, when we talk about 30-40 hours vs 15-20, we mean only the main story line while the side quests are still 20-30 hours as was planned before. Talking about when exactly we decided to increase the scope of the game - actually nothing really changed in terms of the original scenario we created for the game. The thing is that when we continued to develop all necessary elements to fulfill this scenario we realized we would need much more dialogs, alternative ways to complete quests etc. So we are still talking about us not being experienced enough at that point of time and the results of this we have to face now.

      We will do our best to secure the funds one way or another with the help of Kickstarter or other means. Thanks for your faith in us!

      Thanks for all the kind words. We are very happy to have you on board and as far as I know you are still on board with our future campaign, so it will be a proper one from the very beginning. I'm a community manager and don't have a bog impact on the development of the game, however as a team member I have an access to many great assets that are being produced for the game all the time including texts, models, music, sketches and concepts etc. I have an opportunity to communicate with Anatoliy and other team members on a daily basis and I always felt that InSomnia is going to happen. As a team we have learnd much over the previous year and will try to avoid old mistakes in the future.

    11. Deamos on

      Real disappointing experience. Haven't been able to keep to your promises then ask for more money & give us new promises.

      Since i'm unhappy with how this has turned out is it possible to get a refund?

    12. Morrandir on

      I'm torn as well and don't yet know if I'll back the next campaign.

      But one thing that' needs to be clarified in the new campaign at the latest:
      In the original campaign you stated that the gameplay time will be "15-20 hours main storyline & 20-30 hours of side quests", which makes it 35-50 hors in total.
      In this update you're saying that the "gameplay time increased up to 30-40 hours vs 15-20 which were stated initially". So this is even less than initially stated.
      You need to clarify that only the main storyline gameplay time increased to 30-40 hours and you need to make an appropriate statement concerning side quests.

      And somewhere you need to explain at which point and why you made the decision to increase the scope which ultimately led to your financial.

    13. EripmaV on

      That's a name I've not seen in a while, hey Tugodoomer!

    14. Rakesh on

      Honestly, I'm a bit torn - not sure how the community is going to look upon a new campaign.
      You stand to loose a lot if the next campaign does not pull through, I've faith in your abilities, but in the absence of funding, talent can only go so far.

      Please consider all other avenues prior to making another Crowd funding attempt.

      Good Luck!

    15. Tracey Craig


      Yeah i remember that. The campaign was definitely better under your management :)

    16. EripmaV on

      I've worked with Studio MONO over the last year or so and I've seen the vision of the game grow exponentially. Unfortunately we (my company) was brought in when the campaign was already underway so we were unable to change anything that was in place. As you can imagine, with growth of scope comes increased costs. The original Kickstarter should have far, far exceeded the total it hit; but the guys were ill advised and too naïve with their costings.

      All original backers will still get the game they backed originally - and I will say that I'm incredibly confident that Anatoliy and his team WILL deliver what they've promised.

    17. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Спасибо за поддержку!

    18. Tugodoomer on

      От первоначального проекта далеко отошли, игра выглядит технологичней, эффектнее, планка поднялась, требуя больше ресурсов и людей, и в итоге больше денег.
      Ждем новую кампанию, постараюсь поддержать!

    19. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      2RODRIGJ, Skevos Mavros and 2ALL
      We do apologize for failing with our initial plans, and we are doing everything possible to make it up to you and everyone else. This update was a tough call and we are sorry it made you upset more then we expected. Thank you for your continuous support!

    20. Missing avatar

      RODRIGJ on

      My faith is withering...

      JPR out!

    21. Skevos Mavros

      Okay, I'll probably back the next kickstarter, but I agree with others' comments below - you got the TONE of your update completely wrong.

      When announcing bad news (and believe me, missing deadlines and beginning an extra kickstarter campaign constitutes "bad news"), announcing it as if it was GOOD news, as if it was an exciting opportunity to give you more money, was a mistake. It came across as disingenuous and unrepentant, as if you had learned no lessons and had no regrets.

      But your response here in the comments was a bit better, you ALMOST apologised, which is progress. I'll probably back you as the game is shaping up and I haven't sunk much money into it.

      Good luck, I think you're going to need it. ;-)

    22. Studio MONO 3-time creator on

      Постараемся что-нибудь придумать, спасибо за идею :).

      2Ferdinand von Schenk
      We didn't expect people to feel super happy about these news, but we couldn't hide this either. It's very important for us making you know how things are. We will do our best to make this new campaign a much better experience, and will certainly show more lore and "text" oriented details about the game. Thank you!

      Thanks, this means a lot.

      Well, this is an interesting way to perceive this Kickstarter campaign. Really hope you will find an updated demo to be an enjoyable experience. And regarding going open-source - this is always remains as the option, however it's in our best interests to make the actual game.

      Thank you for your understanding. There's no excuse for us failing with our plans. Though as an indie studio we try to be better in every way with each day and we accomplished much already. Sure, we will keep everyone up to date with all our plans as you are still the ones who made this thing work.

      2Charles Brandon Adkins
      We have released demo back in 2015. Didn't you receive the links to your Kickstarter inbox? We are very sorry indeed we weren't able to deliver the game in time. There are no ways to fix this but continue the work and bring you what we have promised in the first place.

      Demo feels and plays much better now. Can't wait to show it to you guys, thanks!

      Beign honest and transparent is the only way it's going to work. Talking about the additional stretch goals - we will try to reach the ones that we didn't achieve in the first place like controllable equipment etc. One of the other good things about this new campaign we are planning is not only giving the opportunity for others who missed it initially to jump in but to make a better game for all of you by reaching those goals we weren't able to reach in the first place.

      Currently we continue to work on the game and this won't change. We will continue to develop InSomnia before the campaign, during the campaign and after it's over no mater what. Not succeeding with it will make us search for other ways to secure funds and this might slow us down. Thank you for the support you've shown us, that's quite enough and we don't expect you to pay more for something you already deserve.

      I can totally understand your feelings about this and I am as frustrated about the current situation as you are or any other member of our team. When we first showcased the bit of the game back in 2014 it was powered by a free open source engine that had many limitations. At first we thought that we could cope with that but limitations are limitations - switching to Unreal Engine 4 was a hard but strategic decision that already proves to be the right one. There won't be any switches in the future as this platform covers everything we need.

      We are still making the same game and don't feel comfortable with this situation in any way. Asking for more money after delivering what we have already promised sounds like a logical decision and we would happy to do this, the reality however is that we are not able to give you the final product yet.

      We are sorry, but being sorry won't help and give you what you've deserved by backing us. There's no good way to bring bad news, unfortunately. The only thing we can do is to continue developing this game by any means possible and prove you did the right choice when supported us. Thanks.

      We really don't force or expect anyone amongst our existing backers to back us again, as you have already did an amazing job and put faith in us. If you will, we will be grateful, if not - no one will ever blame you. This new campaign is headed to involve those who missed the initial campaign and will certainly give an opportunity to existing backers to make most of it as you are the only reason all this was possible in the first place. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

      2Didita Liviu Cristian
      Thank you for being positive with this, we will do our best to not let you and other backers down.

      2Philip Atha
      We will certainly seek for alternative ways to drive additional funding for the game in case the future campaign won't meet our goals, thanks. We will finish this game one way or another.

      Please check your Kickstarter inbox for more details regarding your question, thanks.

      Thank you! There will certainly be bonuses for those who backed the original campaign.

      As you might know this was our second attempt to secure funding for our project at Kickstarter. It wasn't successful but made it clear what game people want. This made our second campaign a much better experience as we already knew what we have to change. It is hard to get sufficient funds for an unknown indie studio and we wouldn't be able to get anything close to 1 million as we have no big projects under our belts. Our goal was to be sure that this game is something people would want to play and we always knew we would have to fund it ourself as well.

      Publishing something which doesn't meet yours and our own expectations would be a real disaster. Sure, these news can hardly be classified as "good" but we are still here making the game for you.

      Investors may come and go, but we are the ones who promised you things so we are obliged to continue even if it means we have to spend our own money. We are thankful for the support you've already shown us and hope you will be happy with the final product.

      2Tracey Craig
      In the following updates we will publish more videos demonstrating the current results, this might help to better understand what we were doing, thanks!

      2Jeremy Steinert
      Sorry to hear that, we try our best to meet your expectations and hopefully you will be satisfied with the game when it is ready. Thanks for your feedback!

    23. Asporg on

      Ребят запустите себе на сайте копилку по типу стар ситизен. Только теперь еще и в рублях пожалуйста)))

    24. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand von Schenk

      Hi !
      Don't let the negative comments pull you down. I still think that you have a very unique setting and visual style that could attract more people in a second campaign.
      If you need more money another kickstarter is one possible answer - just try it.
      You need to get some media attention beforehand to get the most of the campaign.
      It would be cool if you post more about the dialog and non-combat elements of the game to showcase that this is a real strong old-school RPG.

    25. Missing avatar

      WintermuteX on

      If you release a demo where I can see that everything looks and FEELS(!) right I would again give you some money to help completing the game.

    26. MannyLaMancha on

      It does a heart good to see how respectful people are being in their anger. Like Sector94, I think what they have looks great, but I figured the low goal and the Dec 2014 delivery date meant they were really on top of things.Considering we pledged for a 15-20 hour game, it was unexpected that they rebuilt the game from the ground up and expanded it to 30-40 hours with a QUADRUPLED team size on the original budget. Part of me wants to think the game can be amazing, but I'm very hesitant in thinking of contributing more at this point. I'd need something tangible now as a show of good faith.

    27. Missing avatar

      Vadrick on

      Honestly, I saw this coming. I saw it coming before the first campaign ended. I pledged light because of it. But.... I don't mind paying for a journey, even if it goes nowhere. I have enjoyed the updates. I love the idea. So far, I'm happy.

      So now what? Put a demo out I can play with (demo, not beta, I get it) and I will back the next round. Show us what you have done and I'll chip in for the next step in the journey.

      A small suggestion for this next round: perhaps promise to open-source it all after a set time if it can't be completed or overall funded. There are escrow options for stuff like this. You would be blazing some trails here.

    28. alcaray on

      Project planning and management is a scary bitch! I don't blame you for being caught short. And I really appreciate your honest pitch for more cash. A lot of other KSs when they came back for another dip, tried to fool people into believing that the reason for the subsequent KS was because there was some sort of new thing they just had to add to their project. That always pisses me off and I generally refuse to play on those terms.

      So just alert me when the new KS shows up and I will scrape together a little bit more. I like you guys and I want to see this game.

    29. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      another campaign?
      - yes. you need money.
      - yes. Wet ALL want to see the game finished.
      you took our money,
      can't deliver the product.
      you have delayed, upgraded, and, enhanced
      at considerable cost of time and money.
      in truth, wet have seen very little our basically no tangible progress...
      still no demo and minimal shared assets.
      NOW you plan to make more promises and take MORE people's money???

      how on earth are we supposed to support this decision???

      to make this worse we have been offered no apology or explanation.

    30. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys! It's great to get a better idea of where things are at, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the game looks when that demo comes out. Good luck with the additional campaign!

    31. Eagle-Man

      Could I advise you, for your new campaign, to be completely honest and transparent about the reasons for the new campaign and the reasons the money from the first campaign was insufficient, and caution you to not offer any stretch goals, add-ons, or extras that will add to the delay of the game?

    32. Sector94 on

      So, what happens if the new campaign isn't successful? The game looks great and I would hate to see it released unfinished because you ran out of funds, but I won't be pledging again, sorry. I always thought this campaign had a very low goal for such an ambitious game, but I figured you knew what you were doing.

    33. Jason on

      When I backed this game, you guys already had a demo and the estimated delivery date was December 2014.

      Then you spent a year making another demo, and you just said you're making a newer version again, and adding numerous features and you have completely ignored any and all deadlines for delivering the game you promised. Instead you basically skipped straight to making "Insomnia 2" as if the first one had already come out and been a big hit.

      Why anyone would look at the above facts and back a 2nd kickstarter involving you for any project, much less this same one, is beyond me. You guys should have delivered what you said when you said and then done a 2nd one with all your new ideas in it if that's what you wanted to do but saying that you've spent twice your budget on the game and it still is months or years from being done, a year after it was supposed to be done, so "more money please" is crazy.

      If we gave you a million dollars all you would do is tear the game down and start over again, I bet.

      Obviously we've all seen this coming but the arrogance in this post is still very disappointing. Was there a "sorry" anywhere in there? I didn't see one.

      Please be sure to link your new project when you launch it so I can pledge a dollar long enough to warn everyone there away from it.

    34. Patrick on

      If you need more money, you need more money. A crowdfunding drive is a good idea to achieve this and push on to make the game you want to make. Many other games have done so to good effect. The people commenting below who don't wish to contribute again dont have to and will still be getting a game 3 times the size of the original scope without having to pay any more, just 10 or 15 dollars in most cases for a 30-40 hour game! Please reign in your expectations folks! This is how kickstarter works!

    35. Didita Liviu Cristian on

      C'mon guys! we all saw this coming! there was no way they could have done not ever 1/4 of the game with the money from kickstarter ! Imagine yourself having a developing team and creating this game, would you do anything to move it forward? even if it's a campaign with low pledge, just to get it going... then who knows?

      The game has great potential, and i love it so far. I will support, as I see the bigger picture.

    36. Philip Atha on

      It's hard to be angry when you only brought in $92k in the first place. This project never had a chance of success and anyone that thought it did is delusional. A minimum for something like this needs to be in the $700k range.

      Try demoing it to a publisher to see if someone will want to pick it up. You likely wont have any luck with another crowdfunder, at least not here.

    37. lokiracer on

      Can you please include a refund of my pledge in your cost estimates for the next campaign?

    38. Sphynix on

      They provided many updates. And the Game looks better than I ever expected..
      I also welcome the increase in playtime. I will definitely support them again!

    39. MannyLaMancha on

      This is certainly the most chipper "Sorry, we're out of money" update I've ever seen. On the one hand you're forthright enough I'm not necessarily angry, but I do wonder why either such a low goal was set or if there's a way you can just polish what you have and call it "good enough" and push it out rather than ask for more money?

    40. Oberon on

      Sorry - no further money from me. I figured this was vaporware and you advised you had an investors before. Now you say you are spending your own money. Sometimes you crowdfund a game that will never be. This maybe one of those.

    41. Tracey Craig

      I don't understand what you've done with the money we gave you. So i'm out as well sorry.

      But good luck.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Steinert on

      I'm sorry to say that I'm very disappointed with this whole experience. This game seemed to have so much potential and after numerous disappointing updates and the lackluster demo released, I've lost all faith in this project. Best of luck to the team, but I certainly won't be contributing anymore money to this.